Auction Sale Of Ms/ Ci/ Gi Scrap, Scrapped Cs Intallox Saddles F302 Of Co2 Absorber, Scrapped Machinery Parts, Scrapped Railway Items, Scrapped Ms Scrap, Scrapped Aluminium Sheet Pieces, Scrapped Brass And Bronze Items, Scrapped Assorted Automobile Parts, Scrapped Bearings, Scrapped Aluminium Alloy Bearing Pieces, Used/ Scrapped Automobile Tyres, Used/ Scrapped Automobile Radiators, Scrapped Empty Ms Paint Tins Of 20 Litre Capacity, Used Ms Drums, Used/ Scrapped Aluminium Window Frames, Used Canteen Utensils, Used/ Scrapped Bicycles With Accessories, Scrapped Ac Compressor Motor Of Various Sizes, Scrapped Assorted Ac Condenser With Copper Coil, Scrapped Ms Electrical Panel Board, Scrapped Circuit Breaker And Parts, Salvaged Hdpe Wrappers Ad Cut Pieces, Scrapped Aluminium Cables, Scrapped Pvc And Glass Bottles, Scrapped Electrical Panel Insulation, Scrapped Ms Helmets, Scrapped Empty Plastic Carboys Of 20-35 Litre Capacity, Used/ Scrapped Conveyor Belt, Used/ Scrapped Electrical Light Fittings, Scraped Assorted Cables Of Copper And Aluminium, Ms, Cs, Gi, Scraps, Scrapped Pvc Carboys Of Assorted Sizes, Scrapped Aluminium Sheet / Cut Pieces, Scrapped Ss Materials, Scrapped Empty Paint Tins Of 20 L Cap, Scrapped Fire Hoses / Fire Rubber Hoses/ Extinguisher Hoses, Scraped Frp Boxes, Scrapped Brass, Cast Aluminium Covers/Boxes, Empty Pvc Drum- 30 L Capacity, Used Rubber Tyres Of Fire Tender, Old/ Used Cs Heat Exchanger;

This is a tender for Auction Sale Of Ms/ Ci/ Gi Scrap, Scrapped Cs Intallox Saddles F302 Of Co2 Absorber, Scrapped Machinery Parts, Scrapped....
It was published on 31/03/2018 for the work to be done in Cochin - Kerala. This tender was published in Metals And Minerals sector by the Corporations And Associations And Others of Kerala .
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