Supply Of Medical/Dental Materials - Powder Free Gloves Nitrile Medium Powder Free Gloves Latex Medium Box Of 100 Powder Free Gloves Latex Large Box Of 100 Mask Disposable Pkt Of 50 Ethyl Alcohol Bott Of 01 Ltr Sterilium Bott Of 500 Ml Material Impression Alginate Pkt Of 450 Gms Spirit For Spirit Lamp Bott Of 01 Ltr Articulating Paper Sheet Of 10 Metal Post Box Of 240 Post Gauze Ribbon Absorbent Folded 2.5X100 Mtr Suction Tips Pkt Of 100 Vicryl 3/0 Absorbable Sututre Material Plastic Glass Ionomer Photo Cure For Lining & Luting Powder 10-15 And Liq Bur Tungsten Carbide For Straight Hand Piece 7Mm Bur Flat Fissure Cross Cut Tungsten Carbide For Straight Hand Piece Size 1.6Mm Cloth Glass Polishingbleached Cotton White 1 X ½ Metres Hand Piece Lubricant Spray Bott Of 500Ml Medicament Root Canal Formocresol Bott Of 10-15Ml Root Canal Spreaders Pkt Of 06 Glyde Root Canal Paste Pkt Of 03 Syr Hyflex Cm File 25 Mm Pkt Of 06 08/25 19Mm, 04/20 25 Mm, 04/25 25 Mm, 06/20 25Mm, 04/30 25 Mm, 04/ Mm Set Of Six Rotary Niti Tapered Files 25Mm Length With Corres Gp Points Gates Glidden Drill Sizes 1-6, Endodontic Access Burs Set Of 06 Imf Screw 10 Mm Wire Ss Steel Round 21 Gauge 1 Ounce Rapid Repair Powder Clear Bott Of 110 Ml Cold Mould Seal Bott Of 500Ml Wax Modelingbaseplate Wax Box Of 226.85 Gm Pkt Of 12 Pcs Cold Cure Liquid Bott Of 400 Ml Vulcanite Bur Teeth Posterior Cross Linked, Acrylic Set Of 16 Upper And Lower Bur Surgical Oral Round Tungsten Carbide For Straight Hand Piece Bur Surgical Oral Tapered Fissure Tungsten Carbide, For Straight Hand Piece Lingual Bracket 7Th Generation Kobayasi Ties Ss Pkt Of 100 Preformed Ligature Long Ss Pkt Of 1000 Transbond Xt Pkt Of 02 Syringe With 01 Primer Dentos Ortho Implant Preformed Molar Band With Pre Welded Molar Tube Triple/ Double.018 Box Of 200 Rene Clips For Heamostat Pkt Of 100 Powerscope Class Ii Corrector Lt & Rt 05 Pkt Kit With Screw Driver;

This is a tender for Supply Of Medical/Dental Materials - Powder Free Gloves Nitrile Medium Powder Free Gloves Latex Medium Box Of 100 Powder....
It was published on 30-03-2019 for the work to be done in Jaipur - Rajasthan. This tender was published in Security Services sector by the Central Government And Public Sector of India .
For more details call us on +91 92743 15555 for help, support and liaison.

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