10 SEP2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 14066576
8/28/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 8.00 Lacs 800000.00 Sector : Security Services

Supply Of Dental Expendable Material - Gic High Strength Pkt Of 15Gm, Restorative Material Gic Ix Pkt Of 15Gm, Luting & Lining Cement Pkt Of 25Gm, Alloy Fine Grain Pkt Of 30Gm Bott, Miracle Mix Filling Material Pkt Of 30Gm, Dental Restorative Kit Photo Cure Consisting Of 4, Composite Syringes Of Different Shade Comp Kit, Intermediate Restorative Material Type Iii Cl I 38Gm, Etchent Gel Pkt Of 2 Syringes, Choline Salicylate Benzalkonium Chloride And Lignocaine Hcl, Mouth Wash Sodium Fluoride Content Bott Of 160Ml, Inter Dental Brush Pkt Of 5 Brushes Narrow, Bleaching Agent Kit For Teeth, Edta Gel For Root Canal Preparation Pkt Of 3Ml, Metal Alloy Pkt Of 1 Kg, Posterior Composite Syringe, Bonding Agent Bott Of 5.0Ml, Triamcinoline Acetate 0.1% Oral Gel, Dual Cure Luting Resin Cement, Zink Polycarboxylate Cement Pkt Of 70Gm, Base Paste Opaque Tube Of 2Ml C3, Pulp Devitaliser Non Arsenic, Fibre Post Size .8Mm & 1.1Mm, Scaler Tip Set Of 3 Wood Pecker, Gutta Percha 6% Size-21, Gutta Percha 6% Size 25, Gutta Percha 6% Size-30, Gutta Percha 4% Size-21, Gutta Percha 4% Size-25, Gutta Percha 15-40 Pkt Of 150, Gutta Percha 45-80 Pkt Of 150, Paper Point 45-80, Outfix Matrix Retainer Ivory With Band Pkt Of 12, Gum Astringent Gel Pkt Of 15Ml, Wooden Wedges Box Of 100 Assorted, Disposable Caps Pkt Of 25, Dental Plaster Pkt Of 3Kg, K-File 15-40 S-21Mm, K-File 15-40 S-25Mm, K-File 45-80 S-21Mm, K-File 45-80 S-25Mm, K-File No 6 Size-21 Mm, K-File No 6 Size-25Mm, K-File No 15 Size-21 Mm, K-File No 15 Size-25Mm, K-File No 30 Size-21 Mm, K-File No 30 Size-25Mm, Spreader 15-40 Pkt Of 6, Pluger 15-40Pkt Of 6, Wire 26 Gauge Pkt Of, Liquid Antiseptic Hospital Concentration 500Ml Bott, Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Bott Of 500Ml 6 %, Tab Amoxycillin 500Mg + Clavulanic Acid125mg, Syringe Disposable Plastic Sterile 10Ml, Mouth Ulcer Gel 10Gm, Cold Mould Seal Bott Of 500Ml, Medicament Root Canal Formocresol, Betadine Gargle 2%, Gingival Retraction Cord Size 00, Gingival Retraction Cord Size 000, Chlorhexidine 2% Irrigation Bott Of 100Ml, Dappen Dish, Mouth Mirror Top, B.P Blade Size-11Pkt Of 6 Sterile, Absorbent Gelatine Sponge Haemostatic 80X50x10cm, Desensitising Agent Liquid Of 5Ml Photocure/Selfcure Erich Arch Bar, Dental Floss With Holder Pkt Of 50, Carbon Free Wax For Patterns White17gm, E.Max Press Ingots Ht Pkt Of 5 Pieces Ht -A1, E.Max Press Ingots Ht Pkt Of 5 Pieces Ht –A2, Automatic Temperature Checking Set 2 Atk-2, Thermoplastic Gutta Core System, Endo Ultrasonic Tips Buc 3, Endo Ultrasonic Tips Buc 3A,

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