6 FEB2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector pondicherry-puducherry
Ref. No : 15086400
01-02-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Supply Of Consumables - A7250 : N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 10Gm, Absorbent Cotton Roll, Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Weighing Boat 100Nos/Pk, Amber Narrow Mouth Bottle 30M1, Amber Narrow Mouth Bottle 8M1 72Nos/Pk, Antiseptic Urinary Towelette, Apron White Lab Coat Full Medium, Apron White Lab Coat Full Small, Apron White Lab Coat Half Sleeve Medium, Apron White Lab Coat Half Sleeve Small, Ast 2 Tube Cariier Set, Pack Of 3, Ast 5 Tube Carrier Set, Pack Of 3, Ast Carrier Rack 8 Set, Ast Carrier Set -5 Tube, Auto Clave Label, Autoclavable Biohazard Bags Or Specimen 12X24 Inches 100, Bd Serum Vacutainer-4Ml, Bd Serum Vacutainer-6M1, Bd Vacutainer Edta Tube-4Ml Cbc And Hbalc, Bd Vacutainer Safety Lock Blood Collection Sets, 21G, 23Gx3/4Xl 2 0.8X19mmx305mm 50N0s Bd Vacutainer Safety Lock Blood Collection Sets, 23G, 23Gx3/4X12 0:6X19mmx305mm 50N0s, Beaker 1000M1 20 Per Case, Beaker 100M1 20 Per Case, Beaker 500M1 40 Per Case, Biohazard Waste Container- 5Ltr, Blotting Paper Sheet, Bottle With Screw Cap 1000M1, Bottle With Screw Cap 500M1, Bottle With Screw Cap 50M1, Bp Handle- Long & Medium, 1°C Cooler Capacity 1 Or 1.8, Carbolfuchsin Practical Grade Card Board Cryo Box 36 Places For 15M1 Centrifuge Tubes 8 Channel Multi Pipette Variable Increment I Ul With Digital Display, Cello Chiller Box 3L, 8L, Collapsible Space Saver Rack 2 Nos/Pk, Combilok 4 Nos/Pk, Conical Centrifuge Tube Rack 1/Pack, Conical Flask 500 Ml, Cryo Apron 42, Cryo Cube Box 100 Places 4Nos/Pk, Cryo Cube Box 25 Places 8Nos/Pk, Cryo Cube Box 81 Places 4Nos/ Pk, Cryo Cube Box 81 Places 4Nos/Pk, Cryo Label Nitro Tag, Cryo Laser Babies 1.28X0.50Mm, Cryo Marker, Cryo Racks, 50 Place, Cryo Tags 1.50X0.75, Cryogenic Barcode Label, Cryogenic Permanent Marker Blue, Cryogloves Medium, Cryovials 1.0M1 500Nos/Pk, Cryovials 1.8Ml 500Nos/Pk, Cutarub, 1% Dithiothreitol Dtt, Di Ethyl Ether, Digital Thermometer Dual Sensor, Digital Thermometer Single Sensor, Digital Weighing Scale, Digital Vernier Calliper, Di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, Disposable Alcohol Swaps/ Wipes, Disposable Gloves Non Sterile 6.5 Size, Disposable Gloves Non Sterile 7 Size, Disposable Gown, Disposable Hemocytometer, Disposable Mask, Syringe Filter 0.2214M, Disposable Plastic Test Tubes 500Nos/Pk, Disposable Plastic Test Tubes Cap 500Nos/Pk, Dmso Cell Culture Grade, Dmso Cell Culture Grade, Dmso Cell Culture Grade, Dropping Bottle -60M1 12 Nos/Pk, Easy Seal Plaster, Elisa Plate Flat Bottomed 50Nos/Pk, Ethanol 1.5M1 Float Rack- 8 Places, Fetal Bovine Serum, Syringe Filter - Steriledia-25Mm, Pore Size 0.45 Inn-50/Pk, Fetal Bovine Serum, Heat Inactivated, Non-Usa Origin, Sterile- Ifltered, Suitable For Cell Culture, Fetal Bovine Serum, Usa Origin, Sterile-Filtered, Suitable For Cell, Culture, Fetal Bovine Serum-500M1, Heat Inactivated, Ficoll/Histopaque At A Grade Of 1.077 Sterile Filtered 100 Ml, Ficoll/Histopaque At A Grade Of 1.077 Sterile Filtered 500 Ml, Forceps Autoclavable 12Nos/Pk, Formaldehyde 5L, Freezer Thermorneter, Funnel 90Mm 12 Nos/Pack, Gauze Pack Sterile 7.5X 7.5Cm, Glass Test Tube With Culture 30M1 100/ Case, Glass Test Tube With Culture 60M1 50/ Case, Glass Test Tubes, Water Proof Round Plaster, Weighing Balancel 0 Microgram- 50 Microgram, White Adhesive Surgical Plaster, Wide Mouth Bottle- 500M1, Wide Mouth Tips 1000P1 500/Pk, Wide Mouth Wash Bottle 500M16 Nos/Pk, Ixphosphate Buffered Saline Ca& Mg Free 500M1, X-Ray Lobby Led Additional, X-Ray Lobby Single Viewer,

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