20 MAR2018
  Private Sector
Private Sector pune-maharashtra
Ref. No : 12948822
3/5/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Non Diversified

Auction Sale Of M.S./Ci Scrap Consisting Of : Body Shells With Or Without Seat Assemblies, Chassis, Doors And Pieces, Etc. Turning/Burr, Sheets, Angles, Channels, Shutters, Strips, Fixtures, Spring Leaves, Axels, Hardware Items, G.I. Ducting, Forging Items, Crank Shaft, Connecting Rod, Square Tubes, Chassis, Coupling, Housing, Etc. Assorted Seat, Seat Assemblies, With Or Without Foam, Etc., Scrap Wood/Plywood Etc., Scrap Empty Ms/Pvc Barrels 205 Ltrs Cap, Scrapped Mould Growth Test Chamber - 1 No., Consisting Of Compressor, Motor, And Tea/Coffee Vending Machines-2 Nos Etc., Scrapped L&T Make Z-Line Preset Dispenser Heavy Duty, Metering & Dispensing Pumps 2 Nos. Along With Opw Shear Valves 2 Nos., Scrapped Dispensing Pump Flowmeter Along With Flameproof Pulser & Mechanical Totaliser, Scrapped Fan Assembly For Blower With 25Hp Motor-1 No, Electrical Panel, 5 Kva Transformer, Scrapped Airotek Make Variable Speed Centrifugal Fan - 1 No. Complete Unit Mounted On Trolley With 25Hp Ac Motor, Controller And Cooling Fan, Transformer, Electrical Panel Etc., Scrapped Chassis Dynamometer 1 No Consisting Of : 1. Asia Make Motor-70 Kw-1 No. 2. Motor- 1.3 Kw- 1 No. 3. Motor-5.5 Kw- 1 No. 4. Instrument Panels - 2 Nos. Shakleton System Drives, Froude Hofman-Uk, 5. Bolwer Assembly With 7.5 Kw Motor & Transformer 01 No., Scrapped/Tested 6 Cylinder Engine Assembly - 1 No, Scrapped Enging Parts:Turbochargers, Cylinder Heads, Ecu Assembly, Cng Kits, Filters Etc, Scrapped/Tested Compressor 1.5 Ton & 2 Ton, Blowers, Motor, Copper Piping, Automotive Clusters, A/C System Etc., Scrapped/Tested Aluminium Scrap With Or Without Attachments, Scrapped/Tested Plastic Assorted, Automotive Fuel Tanks, Coolant Tank Etc. Scrapped/Tested Ms Automotive Fuel Tanks & Accessories, . Scrapped/Tested Assorted Automotive, Seat Belts, Door Latches & Hinges, Air Bag Assemblies Etc. At Two Locations, Various Assorted Scrapped/Tested Automotive Light Assys. Consisting, Head Lamp, Tail Lamps, Indicators, Scrapped/Tested Electrical Scrap: Mainly Cables Aluminum/Copper Mix, Wires, Panel, Fittings, Chokes Etc., Scrapped/Tested Assorted Cut Tyres Without Wheel/Disc, Scrapped/Tested Various Light/Heavy Vehicle 4/2 Wheelers, Good Condition Tyres With Wheel Disc/Rim Etc, Scrapped/Tested 4/2-Wheelers Good Condition Wheel Disc/Rim Only, Scrapped/Tested Automotive Music Systems, Scrapped/Tested Automotive Horns And Bulbs, Scrapped/Tested Computers & Hardwares Consisting Cpu, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Printers, Barcode, Printer/ Plotter/ Scanner/ Docking Station, Calculators, Keyboard Wedge, Dvd/Cd Duplicator, Digital Video Recorder, E-Book Reader, Combo Binding Machine Etc., Scrapped/Tested Various Assorted Bumpers And Miscellaneous Plastic, Various Assorted Scrapped/Tested Automotive Light Assys. Consisting Head Lamp, Tail Lamps, Indicators, Mirrors Etc., Scrapped/Tested Various Assorted Dash Borads, Scrapped/Tested Various Light/Heavy Vehicle 4/2 Wheelers, Good Condition Tyres With Or Without Wheel Disc/Rim & Rubber Bidding Etc., Scrapped/Tested Assorted Steering Wheels, Scrapped Batteries,

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