12 DEC2018
  State Government
State Government kolkata-west bengal
Ref. No : 14714122
12/8/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Construction

Supply And Installation Of New Air Conditioner Machine And Replacement Of Damaged Spares Including Through Servicing Of All The Ac Machines Installed At Ct Scan Room Of Radiology Department

2 NOV2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector gurgaon-haryana
Ref. No : 14431609
10/22/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Ecg-12 Channel Equipment And Its Accessories For Diagnostic Lab Facility - Brand New 12 Channel Digital Ecg Machine With Simultaneous Acquisition Of All Leads And Preferably Lcd/Tft Display 7 Inches Or More Prior To Printing With Alarm Message, Printing Should Be On Inbuilt Thermal Printer And Also Possible On A4 Sized Laser, The Unit Should Be Light Weight, It Must Be Less Than 5 Kg And Portable, Preferably Be Capable Of Storing At Least 100 Electrocardiograms And Allow For Usb/Lan Transfer Of This Data To A Computer, Machine Should Run On Ac Current & Also On Rechargeable Batteries Independently And Should Be Provided With A Proper Bag/Stand To Carry The Equipment And Its Ancillaries, The Ecg Machine Should Conform To Current Aha, Acc Guidelines For Ecg Machine For All Age Group, The Unit Should Have The Capability For Proper Self Check& Calibration, One Set Of Adult And Pediatric Clip Type Electrodes For Limb Leads And Chest Leads Along With Necessary Cables Should Be Provided, The Output Should Have The Name, Date & Time Of Ecg Printed And Have The Option To Print In Multiple Formats, Analysis Software May Be Quoted As Optional, The Unit Should Preferably Be Capable Of Providing Continuous Single/Three/Six Channel Output In Any Combination In Case Of Necessity Of Long Rhythm Strips, All Spares Should Also Be Quoted Separately I.E Battery, Ecg Clips, Bulbs, Ecg Cables, Added Para, System Should Be Capable Of Being Interfaced With His/Ris/ Pacs, Boq, Ecg Machine As Specified Above, Ecg Paper, Adult Clips, Pediatric Clip,

1 OCT2018
  State Government
State Government kolkata-west bengal
Ref. No : 14265955
9/26/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Warehousing And Storage

Emergent Repairing, Servicing, Replacement Of Spares For Existing A.C Machine At Ro West Bengal For The Year 2018-19.

18 JUN2018
  State Government
State Government kolkata-west bengal
Ref. No : 13547030
6/11/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Construction

Operation Of Pump, Lift And Ac Machine And Maintenance Of Electrical Installation Including Supply Of Essential Spares Etc

7 JUN2018
Co-operative latur-maharashtra
Ref. No : 13457266
5/29/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Sugar

Supply Of T – 1 Induction Motor, T – 2 Vfd Panel Material, T – 3 Vfd Drive, T – 4 Distribution Panel Spares, T – 5 Consumable Over Switches Material, T – 6 L And T Make Power Contactor And Relays T – 7 Power Tpn Fn And Change Over Switches Material T – 8 Ac Vfd Drive And Crane Controlling Spares T – 9 Spares For Motor Termination And Controls T – 10 Air Conditioner Spares T – 11 Dc Motors Slipring Electro Controlling Material T – 15 Electrical Termination And Controls T – 10 Air Conditioner Spares T – 11 Dc Motors Slipring And Carbon Brush Material T – 12 Dg Set Spares T -13 Siemens Make Fuse And Contactor Spares T – 14 Electro Controlling Material, T – 12 Dg Set Spares, T – 13 Siemens Make Fuse And Contactor Spares, T – 14 Electro Control Panel, T – 19 Spares For 1000Kv Ht Motor, T – 20 Instrumentations Spares, T – 16 Power Cables And Lead Wires, T – 17 Lighting Material Cfl, Led, Mcb, Sv, Mvlamp Etc. T – 18 Mill Dc Drive Control Panel, T – 19 Spares For 1000Kw Ht Motor, T – 20 Instrumentation Spares, T – 21 Spares For Jasubhi Make Automatic Sugar Silo Weighing Machine, T – 22 Pressure, Temperature And Vacuum Gauges, T – 23 Ci Coupling, T – 24 Flow And Pressure Transmitter Piping Material T – 25 Rosemount Wika Make Transmitters For Prd Station And Boiler, T – 26 Gm Material, T – 27 Spares For Ease Make Sugar Cane Weighing Scales, T – 28 Spare For Suviron Make Rotary Juice Screen, T- 29 Simplex Roller Chain And Spares, T – 30 Trash Plates And Scraper Plates, T – 34 Mill Hydraulic System Spares, T- 35 Spares For Hydraulic Bagasse Bailing Machine, T – 36 Ms Nut And Bolts, T – 37 Mill Spares, T – 38 Spare For Hydraulic Kirloskar Make Pump Spares, T – 40 Chain And Chine Spares, T – 41 Air Compressor Spares, T- 42 Indo Pump Make Spare, T – 43 Ss Material T – 44 Ms Pipe And Pipe Fitting, T – 45 Ci Material, T – 46 Rubber Material, T – 47 Schneider Make Power Contactor And Relay, T – 48 Fire Fighting Equipments, M – 49 Sugar Bag Stacker, T – 50 Auto Control Value Spares, T – 51 Mill Lubrication And Hydraulic System Pipe Fittings, T – 52 Spares Of Cenlub Make Centralized Mill Lubrication System, T – 53 Ravalgaon Make Pump Spares, T – 54 Spares Of Cenlub Make Centralized Mill T – 54 Ropman Make Pump Spares, T – 55 Spares For Ac Fc System T – 56 Hopper Material, T – 57 Boiler Refractory Material, T – 58 High Tension Nut And Bolts, T – 59 Positive Metric Pump Spares, T – 60 Prd Pump Spares, T -61 Boiler Tube Cleaning Material, T – 62 Spiral Gaskets, T- 63 V Belts, T – 64 Hoisting Material, T – 65 Spares For Boiler Furnace Dumping Grate, T – 66 Welding Material, T – 67 General Purpose Welding Rod, T – 68 Industrial Gas, T – 69 Skf Make Bearings And Sibco Make Bearing Sleeve T – 70 Spares For Kirloskar Ebara Make Boiler Feed Pump, T – 71 Ksb Make Pump Spares T – 72 Consumable Material, T – 73 Boiler Gauge Glass Assembly And Gauge Glass, T – 74 Ibr Valves, Pedestals, T – 79 Ci Spares For Boiler Furnace Dumping Grate, T – 80 Pan Discharge Valve Hydraulic Spares, For Sugar Bag Stacker, T – 82 Ci Pulley, T – 83 Cf Machine Spares, T – 84 Butterfly Valve With Air Actuator, T – 85 Sugar Bag Stacked, T – 82 Ci Pulley T 83 Cf Machine Spares, T – 84 Butterfly Valve With Air Actuator, T – 85 Sugar Sizer Material, T – 86 Gm Valve, T – 90 Oil Seals, T – 91 Sugar Elevator Bucket And Polymer Runner Of Vacancy Make, T – 89 Work Shop Spares, T – 90 Oil Seals, T – 91 Sugar Elevator Bucket And Polymer Runner, T – 92 Air Plate For Sugar Hopper, T – 93 Molasses Lifting Pump, T – 94 Spare For Thermax Make Esp, T – 95 Rubber Belt, T – 96 Ms Fabricated Pipe And Fittings, T – 97 Sugar Silo Machine, T – 98 Butterfly Valve, T – 99 Ci Valve, D – 100 Ms And Ss Nut Bolt, D – 101 Ss Pipe And Fitting Material, D – 102 Ms Pipe And Fitting Material, D – 102 Ms Pipe And Fitting Material, D – 103, Pump Spares, D – 104 Packing And Jointing, D – 105 Butterfly Valve And Ss Ball Valve, D – 106 Epdm Gasket, D – 107 Hdpe And Gi Pipeline Material, D – 108 Electric, Material, D – 109 Lt Breaker And Cables, D – 110 Instruments Spares, D – 111 Control Valve And Spares, D – 112 Flow Meter, D – 113 Air Compressor Spares, D – 114 Pump, D – 115 General Consumable Material, D – 116 Dry Seal, D – 117, Plc Spares

23 MAY2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector indore-madhya pradesh
Ref. No : 13313283
5/7/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Scientific Research/Instruments

Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Ac/Dc Tig Welding Machine Suitable For Welding Titanium With Standard Accessories And Spares

10 FEB2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector medinipur-west bengal
Ref. No : 12615318
1/13/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Printing Work

Supply Of Chemicals And Printing Consumables-Activated Carbon, Acid Copper Additive, Blankets For Offset, Intaglio & Numbering Machine, Blanket Revivarol Deglazer, Blanket Wash Solution, Blue Trial Printing Paper, Boric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Chloride, Calibrated Press Pan Sheet, Cleanzol Acid, Cobex Sheet, Copper Anodes For Electroplating, Deep Cleaner, Defoaming Agent, Deoplex 904, Descaling Agent, Desiccant, Di-Octyl Phthalate, Ethyl Methyl Solution, Ferric Chloride, Filter Aids, Fumitrol, Graphite Powder, Hardness Re Agent, Hydrochloric Acid, Nickel ‘S’ Rounds, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Dbtl Stabilizer, Mek, Monomer X 980, Nickel Additive A5, Nickel Carbonate Lr Grade, Nickel Sulphamate, Non-Woven Abrasive Products: Grindwell Norton Make 99Nt Or Scotch Brite, Make: 3M/ Equivalent, Nova Wash Universal, Nylo Plates, Polishing Soap, Poly Electrotype Regeant, Potassium Dichromate Lr Grade, Potassium Hydroxide, Press Pan Board, Pvc Resin 121/ 120, Rankleen Hi Power Detergent, Refrigerant Gas – R11, R12, R22, R123 Etc., Rustlick Anti Corrosive Spray, Silicon Spray, Silver Nitrate Lr Grade Powder Form, Sodium Aluminate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide Flakes, Sodium Hypo Chlorite, Sodium Meta Bisulphate, Stop Oxy, Sulphamic Acid, Sulphonated Castor Oil, Throat Seal Liquid, Delivery Boards, Packing Materials-Block Board Boxes, Corrugated Packing Box, Hdpe Woven Bags, Hdpe Woven Self-Adhesive Sealing Tapes, Ldpe Shrink Wrap Film/ Polythene Bags Of Assorted Sizes, Pet Straps, Pre-Printed Stickers, Consumables-Cotton Tapes, Double Side Gum Tape - 1” & 1.5”, Emery Paper Of Assorted Grades, Finishing Stones Of Different Sizes, French Chalk Powder, Hand Gloves Asbestos, Cotton, Pvc, Surgical, Heat Resistant Tape, Hosiery Cloths Cotton Rags, Lables/ Self Adhesive Labels, Nails – 2”, Nylon Brush, Paper Gum Tapes, Plastic Anvils, Plastic / Pvc Band Film, Plastic Wedges, Polishing Mops Of Different Sizes - 2, 6 Soft, Pvc Gum Tape, Rubber Bands, Rubber Finger Guards, Rubber Gloves Acid Proof, Scotch Tape, Mechanical Engineering, Hardware, Plumbing Items-Air Filters, Bearings, Blades For Ink Wash, Belts / Timing Belts, Clutch Assembly, Cutting Insert, Die Holder, Engineering Spares, Gaskets, Hydraulic Items, Ink Stopper, Mechanical Seal, Nut, Bolts, Fasteners, Oil Filters, Oil Seals, O-Ring, Piston Rod Assembly, Pneumatic Items, Pumps, Pvc Saddles, Hose And Pipes, Springs, Strainers, Torque Wrench, V-Belts, Electrical And Electronics Items-All Types Of Electrical Switches, Aluminum Inline Connectors, Aluminum Tube Terminal, Armoured Cable, Battery Of Different Volts Lead Acid Battery, Rechargeable Battery, Smf Type, Calling Bell, Capacitors, Contactors, Copper Cable Lugs Of Different Sizes, Copper Chokes, Digital Panel Meters, Electronic Chokes, Electronic Components Like Diode, Transistors, Ic, Etc., Electronic Regulator Suitable For Ceiling Fan, Fans Of Different Sizes, Fiber Optic Amplifier, Fiber Optic Sensor, Fluorescent Lamps, Fuse Links, Hpsv/ Hpmv Lamps, Hrc Fuse, Insulation Tape, Led Lamps, Mcbs, Micro Switches, Photo Electric Sensor, Pvc Switch Board, Relays, Sensors, Solenoid Valve, Telephone Cable, Thermostat, Timers, Electric Motors / Stepper Motor, Tube Lights & Its Fittings, Tube Light Starters, Water Heaters, Computer Spares, Petrol, Oil & Lubricants-Hydrol – 46, Oil, Rocol High Temp Grease, Servo Gem Ep 0 / Mobilux Ep 0, Grease, Servo Gem/ Mobilux Ep - 2, Grease, Servokool Plus, Servo System Hlp 68, Oil, Servo Ultra 40, Oil, Synthesso Ht – 220, Oil, Superior Kerosene Oil Sko, Mineral Turpentine Oil Mto, H.S Diesel, Stationery And General Items-Assorted Office Stationeries. Booklets, Different Types Of Files Like Spring File, Box File Etc., Duplicating Paper, Forms, Greeting Cards, Letter Head Pads, Registers, Visiting Cards, Xerox Papers Of Different Sizes Like A4, A3, Legal Etc., Cleaning Items Like Soap, Odonil, Detergent, Etc, Disposable Paper Tea Cups, Milk Powder, Tea Bags, Tissue Papers, Various Brushes, Fire Fighting Equipment., Safety & Security Items., Computer Peripherals, Computer Stationeries Like Printer Cartridges Black/ Colour, Toner, Papers Etc., Annual Maintenance And Rate Contracts-Computers, Computer Peripherals, Printers And Photocopier Machines., Power Station, Dg Station, Ac Plant, Air Compressor, Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Labour Supply Contracts., Auditing/ Consulting Services., Material Handling Eqpt. Like Trollies, Electric Forklift Trucks, Stackers., House Keeping And Cleaning Machines, Machinery & Mechanical Items., Hiring Vehicles, Fire And Safety Equipment., Security Agencies, Engineering Manufacturing Works Having Cnc Machines, Scrap Dealers Plastic, Wood, Paper Trims And Metal.

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