11 DEC2018
corporations/Associations/Others kanpur-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 14647542
11/29/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap - Hdpe Link 6Mm Dia, Oil Tank Assembly Drg No.Se - 286 Sheetno.1, Spreader, Button Plastic, Eyelet Brass We Patt, Bent Link Galv. Drop Forged For Shackle N0 1, Snap Fastner Four Pieces Spring Type Brass 7/7 Cap Covere, Eyelet Brass We Pattern 37, Both Side Pvc Coated Nylon Fabric Light Green Shade No. 218 Of I, Both Side Pvc Coated Nylon Fabric Dark Brown Shade No. 412 Of Is, Both Side Pvc Coated 650 Gsm Fire Retardant Fabric 150 Cm W, Both Side Pvc Coated Nylon Fabric Olive Green Shade No. 220 Of I, Cloth Cotton Rubberised One Side 91 Cms White For Tent Repair, Rope Sissal H/L 3 Strands 12Mm Dia, Net Nylon Twine Sand Colour F.R.Treated Size 16M X 11M, Tack Lasting 5/16X3/8 M/C Lasting 8Mm Rp, Steel Flat 30X15mm In Multiple Length Of 1470Mm, Aluminium Alloy Strip 20Mm Wide X 0.23 Mm Thick, Manganise And /Or Iron Base Phosphating Chemical, Phosphating Chem. Zinc Based Class Ii Including Starter If Any In, Hooks Brass 57Mm, Pollyster Sheet Transparent Qualiyty Garcoted 100 Mic Size 410, Card Board Sheet Size-370X310x3mm Thick, Straw Board Size 340 X 800 X 1.5Mm Thick, Euderm Binder Ac 2006, Reel Of Sewing Thread Cotton 165 D/Tex 6 White One Reel Contains, Lt.Wt.Web Cotton Og Thick Thin Off Sizesfor Holster Pistol 9Mm Be, Lt.Wt.Web Cottn White Thin 300 Mm-Af, Web Cotton Og Thick 76Mm, Web Cotton White Thin 345Mm, Web Cotton Sulphur Khaki Thick Thin Off Sizes For Pouches Utility, Pe Foam Sheet 100 Cm X 120 Cms Wide 5Mm Thick, Web Cotton White Thick 25Mm Bleached-Af, Lt. Wt. Web Cotton Thick Og Off Sizes For Brace Long, Web Cotton White Thin 63Mm, Web Cotton Og Thin 102Mm, Lt Wt Web Cotton Og Thick 51Mm, Top Complete For Box P.T. Mk-1 Bren Gun Inf-24 Mag Pouches Near, Arc Bearing No. 3 Mk-1, Piton Mountain Horizontal, Dee Double Barred Galv. Drop Forged For Shackle No. 1, Printed White Tuffa Silik Tape Lable Of Size 7.5 Cm X 6 Cm For Nbc, Paint Pre Treament Primer Etching Primer Type Spraying To Specn, Band With Hinge With Suspension Eye And With Link Extension For B, Rivet Ms Csk Hd 3/16 X 1/2, Fin Assembly Det-14, Pivot Artilary Boards No. 2 Mk 1 Cat No. 1220-000487, Cross Piece, Wick Raising Mechanism Drg No-286 No, Rivet Ms Csk Hd 3/16 X 7/16

30 NOV2018
corporations/Associations/Others bathinda-punjab
Ref. No : 14622249
11/24/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of 7 Tr Ac Package Units Complete With Condenser Units With Gi Sheet Ducting & Electrical Pannelsetc, Dea Set Of Kirloskar Make Capacity 125 Kva Etc.

27 NOV2018
corporations/Associations/Others chandigarh ut-chandigarh
Ref. No : 14619631
11/23/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Ac 1 Ton 3.5 Kva, 04 Nos Unsv, Alluminum Scrap, 700 Kgs, Alternator O/S, 20 Nos, Armature O/S, 60 Nos, Self Starter, 30 Nos, Fip Assy/Rotary Pump, 05 Nos, Bicycle Old, 02 Nos, Bucket Water Steel, 100 Nos, Helmet Steel, 23 Nos, Helmet Combat Fiber, 75 Nos Unsv, Boot Ankle / Dms, 1500 Prs, Bty 12V 100 Ah, 14 Nos, Bty 12V 120 Ah, 80 Nos, Bty 12V 130 Ah, 10 Nos, Bty 12V 180 Ah, 40 Nos, Bty 12V 200 Ah, 06 Nos, Bty 12V 32 Ah, 10 Nos, Bty 12V 88 Ah, 50 Nos, Bty 12V 92 Ah, 10 Nos, Bty Bsp 12V 75 Ah Plastic Body, 15 Nos Unsv, Bty Dry O/S Scrap, 1000 Kgs Unsv, Bty Scrap, 500 Kgs Unsv, Computer Scrap, 2000 Kgs Unsv Eng Assy T-72: U07at0716, 01 Nos, Eng Assy Als : Vph 487339, Fdh 354544, 02 Nos Unsv, Ms Scrap, 4000 Kgs Unsv, Plastic Scrap, 2000 Kgs Unsv, Sig & Wireless Scrap, 500 Kgs Unsv, Wheel Disc Large, 40 Nos Unsv, Wheel Disc Small, 20 Nos Unsv, Tarpaulin Rags, 10000 Kgs Unsv, Alternator O/S, 25 No, Armature O/S, 60 Nos, Self Starter, 35 Nos, Fip Assy/Rotary Pump, 15 Nos Unsv, Jack Lifting O/S, 100 Nos, Axes Pick Head O/S, 200 Nos, Unsv, Bicycle Old, 10 Nos, Bucket Water Steel, 150 Nos, Helmet Combat Fibre, 230 Nos, Kettle Camp Oval Body, 7 Nos Unsv, Overall Combination, 250 Nos, Blanket Bk/Ei Old, 750 Nos, Cap Water Proof Og, 300 Nos, Ground Sheet, 100 Nos, Net Mosquito Old, 700 Nos Unsv, Boot Ankle/Dms, 1500 Prs, Unsv, Eng Assy 155Mm Bofors, 14 Nos, Unsv

1 NOV2018
  State Government
State Government new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 14459410
10/26/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 10.5 Thousand 10529.00 Sector : Construction

Sale And Demolishing Of Existing Ac Sheet Shed Roofing Toilets And Old Store Under Gskv Nangloi

6 JUN2018
corporations/Associations/Others bharuch-gujarat
Ref. No : 13478348
5/31/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Ms Scrap, Scrap Ac - 1 Ton, Rubber Scrap, Scrap Aluminium Cable, Frp Scrap, Waste Furnace Oil, Scrap Refinary Cell, Used Refractory Bricks, Used Asbestos Sheet Broken, Scrap Gypsum, Old And Used Hydraulic Oil.

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