23 JAN2020
corporations/Associations/Others betul-madhya pradesh
Ref. No : 17600550
20-01-2020 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of U S And Scrap Split Ac With O D Unit, Window Ac Etc

4 FEB2020
corporations/Associations/Others tirunelvelli-tamil nadu
Ref. No : 17562096
16-01-2020 00:00:00 Tender Value : 57.35 Lacs 5735000.00 Sector : Power Plant

Sale Of Scrap Materials - Dirty Engine Oil, M.S.Empty Barrel, Condemned Station Battery, M.S Scrap, Stainless Steel Scrap, Auto Parts Scrap, Tube Light Fitting Scrap, Condenmend Type-Writter, Aluminium Scrap, Acsr Scrap, Ug Aluminium Cable Scrap, Bronze Scrap, Aluminium Cable Scrap, Condemned Wall Clock, Condemned Mv/Sv Lamp Choke, Condemned Pedestal Fan, Condemned Tubelight Choke, Condemned Megger, Condemned Air Conditioner, Condemned Exhaust Fan Motor, Condemned Rhoneo Machine, Condemned Stabilizer, Mv/Sv Lamp Fitting Scrap, M.S.Scrap, M.S / Steel Wire Rope Scrap, Stainless Steel Scrap, Bearing Scrap, Auto Scrap, Tools & Plants Scrap, Tube Light Fitting Scrap, Cast Iron Scrap, Aluminum Scrap, Lead Scrap, Deal Wood / Country Wood Scrap, Waste Paper Scrap, Condemned Tube Light Choke, Ms Empty Drum Leaky 200/210 Litre Capacity, Condemned Ceiling Fan Without Regulator, Ug Aluminum Cable Cut Bit Scrap, Condemned S.V / M.V Lamp Choke, Condemned A.C Unit Window Type-2-Ton Cap, Condemned Motor For Exhaust Fan, Condemned Submergible Pump Motor 25Hp, Condemned Thickness Measurement Gauge, Ac Induction Motor 400 V, 72Hp Bth Make Sh, Ac Induction Motor 400V, 156A, 11Hp Sh, Transformer Oil Pump Motor 4.3 Hp Sh, Ac Induction Motor 10Hp 400V. Sh, Ac Induction Motor 400V, 18.5Hp Sh, Dc Generator Type Dy 11 Kv, 100/63A Sh, Oil Starter Hp 18.5 Sh W/O Oil, 22Kv Pt Insulator Sh, Hv Busing Sh, Star – Delta Starter Suitable 72Hp Sh W/O Oil, C.G Make 75Hp Oil Starter Without Oil - Sh, T.W. Tray Sh, Empty Wooden Drum 2 X 3, T. W. Sc Table With Drawer Sh, T.W. Dining Table Sh 4 1/2 X 2 1/2, T.W Sc Table Sh, T.W Sc Table Without Drawer Sh, T.W Jc Table Without Drawer Sh, Tw. Form Rack Sh, Form Rack Cw Sh, Magnetic Level Oil Indicator Sh, Interapting Champer Sh, Supporting Insulator Sh, Breaking Champer Insulaters Sh, Distance Ring For Guide Vane Servomotor, Piston Ring For Relief Valve, Ci Piston For Pressure Relief Valve 180/169, Metal Sealing Ring For Relief Valve, Flange For Guide Vane Bearing Bushing, Valve Seat Sluice Valve, Distance Ring For Guide Vane Servomotor, Metallic Ring, Cup Seal For Guide Vane 200/155Mm Servo Motor, Sealing For Draft Ball Valve, Strainer Disc As Per Drawing, Lamination Filter Element, Gm Retaining Cup, Pb Bush 70X85x155, Packing Ring 164X100x45mm, Sealing Ring 164/100Q, Plunger 120X45x105mm, Control Piston 230X50mm, Plunger 120Mm Dia Of Spl Brass Alloy, Shear Pin Mst 50/2, Bolts 20X35m Ss Coated, Guide Vane Key, Coupling Bolt For Shaft, Steel Coupling Bolt 195Mm X 2 ¾, Piston Ring For Gate Servomotor 425X408x18mm, Sealing Ring For Relief Valve, Ball Bearing F A G 6212, Gauge Glass For Governor Tank, Pilot Sleeves Actuator Piston, Piston Valve 200X120mm, Gear Oil Pump W/O Ac Motor 1400Rpm, Steel Sleeve, Gun Metal Safety Valve ½’’, Thrust Ball Bearing Skf 51111, Ci Piston For Pressure Relief Valve 100/93Mm, Piston For Non-Return Valve 40Mm, Valve Pin 210X28mm, Pilot Valve Pin 12Mm Dia, Pilot Piston Of Actuator, Taper Roller Bearing Skf 30204, Sealing Ring For Impulse Valve, Guide Van Lever, Pilot Piston For The Unloaded Valve, Runner Diaphragm Rayon, Spring Charging Handle, Guide Vane Link, Phosphor Bronze Bush, Ss Impeller 6 Kw, Steel Gauge Clutches, Buna Cup Seal For Guide Vane, 137X110x10mm, Buna Cup Seal For Guide Vane B Type

3 JAN2020
corporations/Associations/Others new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 17425811
30-12-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Iron Cable Drums No Gas Cutting Allowed In Store Premises, Choke All Size, Ignitor, Hpsv Fittings, Aluminium, Plastic Meter Box, Ct & Pt Combiend Unit, Metering Cubical, Scrap Ac Split 1.5 Ton, 1 Nos, Etc

2 JAN2020
corporations/Associations/Others jaipur-rajasthan
Ref. No : 17392762
26-12-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap Items, E Waste Itmes, Modular Power System, 1000 Ah Battery Set, 1X400 Ah Battery Set Make Hbl, Water Cooler, 2 Tr Split Type Ac Unit Etc., Power Plant, Hht 2000 1X Voice And Data, 100 Amp Ador Make 6 Module, Smps Power Plant, 100X6 Amp Smps

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