31 DEC2018
  State Government
State Government bhubneshwar-orissa
Ref. No : 14596563
11/20/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Services

Supply Of Facility Technology Lab Equipment – Residential And Commercial Air Conditioning - Vacuum Pumps, Air-Cooled Condensing Units, Refrigerant Recycling Machines, Hand Valves ¼ Inches, Hand Valves ½ Inches, Thermostatic Expansion Valves: Internal-Equalised Type For Cooling Capacity Of About 1.75 Kw, Filters Dryers, Fittings & Accessories Sight Glass, Tee, Unions, Elbows, Seal Plugs, Electronic Thermometers From - 20°C To 50°C, Weighing Scale, Automatic Charging Weighing Scale For Refrigerant, Sound Level Meters Range From 40 - 120 Db A, Fan Motors, Hermetic Compressor, Split Unit 1 To 1, Window-Casement Type Room Air- Conditioners C/W Stainless Steel Brackets, Window-Mounted Type Room Air-Conditioners C/W Stainless Steel Brackets, Chilled Water Balancing Distribution System Trainer Complete With: Chilled Water Balancing Distribution System Trainer Complete With: Centrifugal Pump, - Water Tank - Flow Meter And Flow Switch C/W Valves -Chiller Unit -Cooling Coil, Commercial Airconditioning - Vacuum Pumps, Air-Cooled Packaged Air-Conditioning Equipment Complete With Installation, Water-Cooled Packaged Air- Conditioning Equipment Complete With Installation, Vrv/#Vrf Airconditioning System, Hermetic Compressor, Open-Type Compressor Cw Motor - Reciprocating Type, Approximate Capacity - 5 Kw, Pipe Threading Machine, Vrv/#Vrf Piping Components, Commercial Type Split Air-Conditioner, Commercial Type Fan Coil Unit, Pipe Fittings Æ 25 Mm, Pipe Vise With Stand, Pipe Die & Stock, Pipe Cutter And Roller ½” – 2”, Engineering Bench Vise, Refrigerant Recycling Machines, Magnetic Contactor C/W Thermal Overload - For Up To Star-Delta Connection Time Delay Relay, Electrical Accessories Aluminium 10 Tier, Mobile Rack Low Pressure Safety Switch, High Pressure Safety Switch, Oil Pressure Protection Switch, Electrical Control Panel Board, Air-Conditioning Trainer, Commercial Refrigeration - Air-Cooled Condensing Units, Defrost Timers, Fan Coils Units C/W Defrost Heater, Pressure Gauges, Refrigerant Charging Machine, Refrigerant Recycling Machine, Commercial Refrigerator Fan Motors, Thermostats, Compressor < 1/2 Hp, Defrost Heater, Heater-Coil/Glass Type, Check Valves, Evaporator Pressure Regulators:, Hand Valves, Liquid Suction Heat Exchangers, Oil Separators, Expansion Valves, Sight Glasses, Solenoid Valves 1/4, Electrical Supply : 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase, Magnetic Contactor W/O Thermal Overload, Magnetic Contactor, Flare Fittings Accessories, Suction Accumulator, Filter Drier, Crankcase Pressure Regulator, Strainer, Low Pressure Switcheshigh Pressure Switches, Dual Pressure Switches, Oil Pressure Control, Relays, Capacitors, Overload Protectors, Computerised Industrial Refrigeration Fault Simulator Laptop + Software, Mobile Commercial Refrigerator, Mobile Cold Room Training Unit

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