2 AUG2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector bangalore-karnataka
Ref. No : 13860969
7/26/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 3.00 Lacs 300000.00 Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Lab Items- Acetaldehyde Acetic Acid Glacial Acetone Aluminium Sulphate Ammonium Bromide Ammonium Oxalate Amonium Sulphate Barium Carbonate Barium Chloride Barium Nitrate Capillary Tube For Melting Point Carbon Di-Sulphide Carbon Tetra Chloride Cobalt Nitrate Copper Sulphate Distilled Water Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate Fusion Tube Hydrochloric Acid Con. Iodine Resublimed Iso Amyl Alcohol Lead Acetate Magnesium Carbonate Magnesium Sulphate Methanol Nickel Chloride Nickel Sulphate Nitric Acid Paraffin Liquid Phenol Potassium Dichromate Potassium Ferrocynade Potassium Thiocynate Silver Nitrate Sodium Bi-Carbonate Sodium Hydroxide Sodium Sulphide Strontium Carbonate Strontium Chloride Sulphuric Acid Test Tube Brush Test Tube Holder Wash Bottle, Polythene Weighing Balance Weighing Bottle, Plastic Zinc Nitrate Chemistry Lab Safety Habers Process Charts Hallsproces Extraction Of Aluminium Blast Furnace For Extraction Of Iron Froth Floatation Of Sulhide Ores Photos Of Chemistry Scientist Laser Light Green & Red 5Mw C Regulated Power Supply 0-12V C Regulated Power Supply 0-12V Voltmeter 0-5V Voltmeter 0-10V Ammeter 0-3A Ammeter 0-5A Milli Ammeter 0-100 Micro Ammeter 0-500A Spring Balance Mercury Olive Oil Cylinderical Body Porus Pot Co-Eff. Of Viscosity Appglass Daniel Set Lechlanche Cell Set Porus Pot For Lechlanche Cell Porus Pot For Daniel Cell Connecting Wire Sulpheric Acid Ammonium Chloride Prism Convex Lens 10Cm Concave Lens 10Cm Multimeter Digital Soldering Lead Sonometer Wire Resistance Constant 1 Ohm, 2 Ohm, 3Ohm, 5 Ohm Hypometer With Lead Shots Bell Jar Expt With Vaccum Lancet Packet Empty Plastic Slide Box Formaldehyde Urease Yeast Sod.Hypobromide Millions Reagent Copper Sulphate Benedicts Reagent Potasium Chloride Leishman Stain Crystal Violet Basic Fuschin Borax Petroleum Ether Boric Acid Agaricus Sulphosalicyclic Acid Phenol Red Distilled Water Hydra Slide Methanol Nesslers Reagent Acetone Chart Stand Spirit Lamp Wick Iso Propyl Alcohol Anti Sera A, B, Rh Human Blood Groups Ph Tablets 4, 7, 9 Acetic Acid Stop Clock Fehling Solution A Fehling Solution B Spirit For Spirit Lamp Nin Hydrin Solution Graduated Measuring Jar Borosil Glass Graduated Measuring Jar Foreceps Filter Paper No: 1 Chloroform Nickel Chloride Copper Turnings Aluminium Chloride Magnesium Phosphate Nickel Nitrate Calcium Chloride Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Potassium Dichromate Magnesium Chloride Formaldehyde Ferric Chloride Fusion Tubes Ammonium Nitrate Litmus Solution Blue Potassium Chlorate Ammonium Iodide Potassium Iodide Lead Nitrate Universal Indicator Solution Eriochrome Black - T Glacial Acetic Acid Sodium Chloride Concentrated Sulphuric Acid Barium Chloride Cupric Chloride Concentrated Nitric Acid Ammonium Chloride Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid Litmus Paper Blue Amyl Alcohol Lead Acetate Ferric Sulphate Silver Nitrate Zinc Granules Ammonium Sulphate Micro Balance

19 APR2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector port blair-andaman and nicobar islands
Ref. No : 13062264
3/20/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 20.00 Lacs 2000000.00 Sector : Non Classified

Supply Of Lab Instruments - The Classic Student Micoroscope, Monocular Dissecting Microscopy Solution, Elite Pathological Research Microscope, Advance Manual Rotary Micortome, Microtome Accessories, Linear Slide Stainer, Slide Storage Cabinet, Knife Sharpener, Hot Air Oven, Microscopy Camera, Manesty Pattern Water Still Plant Wall Mounting, Global Positioning System, Sledge Microtome, Laboratory Centrifuges Lcd Display, Spectrophotometer, Ph Analyser, 2, 4-Dichloro Acetic Acid, 2, 6-Dichlorophenol Indophenol, 3, 5-Dinitro Salicylate, Acetaldehyde, Acetic Anhydrate, Acetocarmine, Acetone, Agar, Agarose, Agarose Gel, Alanine Amino Acid, Amino Acid Kit, Aniline, Anthrone, Ascorbic Acid, Barium Chloride, Barium Hydroxide, Benzylamino Purine Bap, Biuret Reagent, Bovine Serum Albumin, Bromine Solution, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Hypochlorite, Caustic Potash, Charcoal Activated, Chloroform, Citric Acid, Cobalt Chloride, Colchicine, Copper Sulphate, Cotton Blue, Crystal Violet, Cupric Acetate, D - – Mannitol, Dextrose, Dextrose Anhydrous, Diphenylamine, Egg Albumin Powder, Eosin, Ethanol, Ether, Ethyl Acetate, Ferric Ammonium Sulphate, Ferric Chloride, Folic Acid, Formaldehyde Solution, Fructose, Furfurylamine Purine Kinetin, Gibberellic Acid, Glucose, Glycerin, Glycine, Gram Stains – Kit, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, Indole Acetic Acid, Inositol, Iodine Mono Bromide, Iodine Solution, Isopropyl Alcohol, Potassium Iodide, Lactophenol, Manganese Hydroxide, Manganese Sulphate, Methanol

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