20 DEC2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 14644612
11/28/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 100.00 Crore 1000000000.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Procurement Of Medicine- Delteparin Inj. 5000Iu Pfs Acamprosate Tab. 333 Mcg Strip Of 10 Alteplase Inj. 20Mg Vial Alteplase Inj. 50Mg Vial Ambroxol Hydrochloride+ N- Acetyl L Cysteine Tab. 30Mg + 200Mg Strip Of 10 Amisulpride Tab. 100Mg Strip Of 10 Apixaban Tab. 5Mg Strip Of 10 Artemether+Lumifantrin Tab. 20Mg +120Mg Kit Artemether+Lumifantrin Tab. 80Mg+480Mg Kit Bimatoprost Eye Drop Opthalmic Solution, 0.01% 3Ml Bottle Brivaracetam Tab. 50Mg Strip Of 14 Tab Calcium Pidolate+ Vitamin D3 Sachet 500Mg + 250Iu 7.5Gm Sachet Calcium Polystyrene Sulphonate Powder 15Gm Sachet Carboxy Methyl Cellulose + Glyceerin + Electrolyte Eye Drop 10Ml 10Ml Bottle Ceftriaxone Sodium +Sulbactum Edta Inj. 1Gm+500Mg Vial Cholecalciferol Nano Droplet Syrup Ip Syrup 60000Iu 5Ml Bottle Cryptomphalus Aspersa Secretion Cream 0.04 150Gram Tube Darbepoetin Alpha R-Dna Origin Inj. 60Mcg 1Ml Vial Denusumab Inj. 60Mg Pfs Dexamethasone Intravitreal Inj. 0.7Mg Pack Pack Dexibuprofen Tab. 200Mg Strip Of 10 Dinoprostone Vaginal Pessary 10Mg Strip Of 1 Duloxetine Tab. 20Mg Strip Of 10 Dutastride + Alfuosin Hydrocloride Cap. 0.5Mg +10Mg Strip Of 10 Dydrogestone Tab. 10Mg Strip Of 10 Elemental Calcium + Vitamin D3 Tab. 500Mg + 250Iu Strip Of 15 Empagliflozin Tab. 25Mg Strip Of 10 Empagliflozin Tab. 10Mg Strip Of 10 Entacapone Tab. 200Mg Strip Of 10 Estriol Cream 0.01 15Gm Tube Estrodiol Valerate Tab. 2Mg Strip Of 10 Fenticonazole Nitrate Ph Eur Cap. 600Mg Strip Of 10 Feracrylum Gel 0.01 15 Gm Tube Ferrous Ascorbate Equivalent To Element Iron 100Mg+Folic Acid + Methylcobalamine + Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate Equivalent To Elemental Zinc 22.5Mg Cap. 100Mg+1.1Mg+ 1.5Mg+22.5Mg Strip Of 10 Ferrous Sulphate Sr+ Folic Acid Tab. 150Mg+0.5Mg Strip Of 10 Fibrin Glue With Synthetic Aprotinin Glue 2Ml Kit Fibrin Glue With Synthetic Aprotinin Glue 4Ml Kit Fondaparinux Inj. 2.5Mg/0.5Ml Pfs Fondaparinux Inj. 7.5Mg/0.6Ml Pfs Formoterol Fumarate+Budesonide Inhaler 6Mcg+400Mcg 150 Mdi Formoterolfumarat +Fluticasone Propionate Inhaler 6Mcg+250Mcg 150 Mdi Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate+ Budesonide Inhaler 6Mcg+200Mcg Inhaler Gamma Benzine Hcl+Benzocaine Cream 1%+2% 25Gm Tube Glucose Sachet Sachet 75Gms 75Gm Sachet Gnrh Analog Triptoreline Acetate Inj. 3.75Mg Single Vial Hcg Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Inj. 10000Iu Vial Hemostatic Matrix With Human Thrombin 10Ml Kit Hmg Human Menopausal Genadotrophin Fsh+Lh Inj. 75Iu+75Iu Vial Human Albumin Collapsible Bag Inj. 0.25 100Ml Human Normal Albumin Inj. 0.05 100Ml Hyaluronic Acid Implant Inj. 20Mg/Ml Pfs 3Ml Hydralazine Inj. 20Mg/Ml Vial Hylan G-F20 Inj. G-F20 Pfs Insulin Degludec Inj. 100Iu/Ml 3Ml Pen/Cartridge Insulin Lispro Protamine Suspension Inj. 0.75 Vial Lactobacillus Plantarum Cap. 229V 10 Billioncfu Strip Of 10 L-Arginine + Proanthocyanidin Sachet 3 Gm + 75 Mg 10 Gm Sachet L-Carnitine +Methylcobalamin + Folic Acid Ip Tab. 500 Mg + 1500 Mcg + 1.5 Mg Strip Of 10 Levetricacetam Syrup 100 Mg 30 Ml Bottle Levonorgestrol Hormone Iud Each Releasing 52 Mcg Loteprednol Low Strength Eye Drop 0.001 10 Ml Bottle Lyophilized R-Huerythropoietin Inj. 4000Iu Vial Mecobalamin Orally Disintegrating Tab . 1500Mcg Strip Of 1 Memantine Tab. 10Mg Strip Of 10 Mesalazine Granules Granules 2 Gram 2Gm Sachet Mesna Inj. 600Mg 3Ml Amp Methyl Salicylate +Menthol+Camhphor Cream 30%+10%+4% 30Gm Tube Methyldopa Tab. 500Mg Strip Of 10 Methylene Blue Iv Inj. Vial Methylphenidate Oros Tab. 18Mg Bottle Of 30 Methylphenidate Oros Tab. 54Mg Bottle Of 30 Metolazone Usp Tab. 5Mg Strip Of 10 Micafungin Sodium Iv+Sodium Chloride Inj. 50Mg +5Ml Ffs Combipack Amp Multiple Entymatic Concentrate Solution With Lipases, Cellulases, Proteases Andamylases, Film Based Polymer Technology With Controller Enzyme Releae . Should Be Usable For Manual, Ultra Sonic And Automatic Cleaning Systems. Should Have Scale Inhibition, Rust Inhibition & Shine Retention Properties. Dilution Rte Should Be 4-6 Ml/Ltr For Cost Effective Cleaning Bottle 1Ltr Mycophenolate Mofetil Suspension 1Gm/5Ml Bottle Nilotibib Cap. 150Mg Strip Of 4 Nilotinib Cap. 200Mg Strip Of 4 Octenidine Hydrochloride Mouthwash 250Ml Bottle Ofloxacin + Dexamethazone Eye Drop 10Ml Vial Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters Eicosapentaenoic Acid + Docosahexaenoic Acid Cap. 460Mg+380Mg Strip Of 10 Penicillamine Cap. 250Mg Strip Of 10 Perampanel Tab. 2Mg Strip Of 7 Platelet Derived Growth Factor Pdgf Cream 7.5Gm Tube Polymyxin B Sulphate + Neomycine Sulphate + Hydrocortisone Ear Drop 10000 Unit+3400 Units+10Mg 5Ml Drops Polymyxin B Sulphate + Neomycine Sulphate + Bacitracin Zin +Hydrocontisone Eye Ointment 5000 +3400+400Units+10Mg 5Mg Tube Posaconazole Oral Suspension Oral Suspension 100Mg/5Ml 105 Ml Bottle Potassium Binding Resin Sachet 15Gm Sachet Povidoine Iodine Vaginal Pessaries Tab. 200Mg Strip Of 10 Povidone Iodine Spray 75G 0.05 Propofol 2% W/V I.V. Infusion With Mct 50Ml Infusion Pyridostigmine Tab. 60Mg Strip Of 10 Rasburicase Inj. 1.5Mg Vial Recombinant Tissue Plassminogen Activator Tnk Tpa Inj. 40Mg Vial/Amp. Resagiline Tab. 1Mg Strip Of 10 Ribociclib Tab. 200Mg Strip Of 21 Ruxolitinib Tab. 5Mg Strip Of 14 Tab Saccharomyces Boulardii Lyophilzed Cncm I-745 250Mg, Sachet/Tab. Strip Of 5 Caps Sacubitril + Valsartar 24Mg+26Mg Strip Of 14 Tabs Salmetrol + Fluticasone Propionate Inhaler 25Mcg+250Mg Inhaler Saroglitazar Tab. 4Mg Strip Of 10 S- Metoprol Tartrate Tab. 50Mg Strip Of 10 Super Oxidized Gel Containing Hypochlorous Acid + Sodium Hypochlorite In Neutral Ph Spray Pump 0.008% +0.002% Bottle Of 60Gm Super Oxidized Gel Containing Hypochlorous Acid + Sodium Hypochlorite In Neutral Ph Spray Pump 0.003%+0.004% Bottle Of 100Ml Teriparatide Inj. 750Mcg 3Ml Cartridge Tertrabenzine Tab. 25Mg Strip Of 10 Tolperison Tab. 150Mg Strip Of 10 Triptoprelin Lyophilized Sterile Inj. 11.25Mg Vial Valganocyclovir Hcl Tab. 450Mg Bottle Of 60 Venlafexine Tab 75Mg Strip Of 10 Vermiciine As Tartarate Tab. 0.5Mg Strip Of 10 Vermiciine As Tartarate Tab. 1Mg Strip Of 10 Zuclopenthixol Acetate Inj. 50Mg Vial Recombinant Rabies Human Monclonal Antibody Inj. 100Iu/2.5Ml Vial Ferrous Furmarate Ip Eqv. To Elemental Iron 30Mg, Folic Acid Ip + Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Bp Eqv. To Zinc 20Mg + Thimaine Mononitrate Ip +Riboflavin Ip + Pyridioxine Hydrochlorideip + Cynanocobalamin Ip + Ascorbic Acid Caoted Ip Tab./Cap. 30Mg + 250Mcg + 20Mg + 1.2Mg +10Mg+ 1Mg+2.5Mcg+40Mcg Strip Of 10 Metadoxine +Silymarin +L-Omithine +L-Aspartate +Pyridoxine Hcl +Folic Acid Tab. 500Mg+140Mg+150Mg+ 3Mg+1.5Mg Strip Of 10 Colistin Sulphate Equivalent To Colistin 25Mg Syrup 25Mg/5Ml Bottle 60Ml Adaplene Bp +Cindamycine Phosphate Ip Equivalent To Clindamycin 1.0% W/W In An Aqueous Gel Base, Qs. Methylparaben Ip +Phenoxyethanollp +Microsphere Tech Gel 0.1%W/W + 1%W/W + 0.1%W/W 0.25% 15 Gram Tube Iron Folic Acid Contain Elemental Iron 25Mg & Folic Acid 500Mcg Syrup 25Mg+500Mcg 60Ml Bottle Iron Folic Acid Tab Ferous Sulphate Exsiccated Ip 67Mg Equiv To 20Mg Of Elemental Iron + Folic Acid Ip 0.1Mg Eneteric Coated Tab. 67+0.1 Strip Of 10 Nepafenac Eye Drop 0.001 10Ml Polymyxin B+Bacitracin +Neomycin Cream 5000 Units+400 Units+3400 Units 20Gm Tube Ranibizumab Soln. Pfs Of 0.165Ml Solution Containing Ranibizumab 1.650 Mg Inj. 10Mg/Ml Pfs Sertaconazolen Nitrate Bp Cream 2% W/V Tube Of 30 Gm Vitamin K1 Phytomenadione Injection Emulsion Inj. 1Mg/0.5Ml Vial Ferric Carboxy Maltose Inj. 50Mg/Ml 2Ml Vial Vial

22 OCT2018
Co-operative balod-chhattisgarh
Ref. No : 14366714
10/10/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Sugar

Supply Of Brix Hydrometer, Glass With Thermometer, Calibrated At 27.5 Degree C With Npl Certificate. Range 0° - 10° Bx Range 10° - 20° Bx Range 20° - 30° Bx Pen Type Ph Meter Digital Volumetric Flask 100 Ml, Narrow Mouth With Stopper & One Mark, Glass Volumetric Flask 250 Ml, Narrow Mouth With Stopper & One Mark, Glass Borosilicate Glass Burate Reagent Bottels Rack Three Stories Rubber Pipet Bulb Mortar And Pestle Burate Support With Clump Borosilicate Glass Pipet 100 Ml Borosilicate Glass Pipet 50 Ml Borosilicate Glass Pipet 25 Ml Borosilicate Glass Pipet 10 Ml Borosilicate Glass Pipet 5 Ml Wash Bottel 1 Lit. Cap. Borosilicate Glass Burate Conical Flask 250 Ml, Glass Borosilicate Glass Test Tube 150 Mm Length X 10 Mmdia Borosilicate Glass Test Tube 150 Mm Length X 20 Mmdia Measuring Cylinder 500 Ml, P.T.F.E. Measuring Cylinder 1000 Ml, P.T.F.E. Borosilicate Glass Biker 50 Ml Borosilicate Glass Biker 100 Ml Borosilicate Glass Biker 250 Ml Jugs Enameled With Handle, Capacity 1 Ltr Nylon Brush For Test-Tube Cleaning Tds Meter Hi 70032P Calibration Solution. Boiler Water Test Kit Rubber Hand Glooves Laboratory Use Appron For For Laboratory Analysis Sodium Hydraoxide Pellets Naoh-40.00 Edta Solution N/50 Eriochrome Black T C20h12n3nao7s Bromothymal Blue Indicator Gr C27h28br2o5s Acetic Acid Glacial Ch3cooh Amonium Buffer Solution Levoline Con. Hcl, Sp.Gr. 1.18 Con. H2so4, Sp. Gr. 1.84 Uranium Acetate Lead Acetate Basic Anhydrous Lead Sub Accetate Extra Pure Ch3coo2 Pb.Pboh Absolute Alcohol 99.9 % Pure 500 Ml Bottle Universal Ph Indicator Solution, 500 Ml Bottle Fehlings Solution A Fehlings Solution B Ammonium Hydrate Powder, Lr Sodium Acetate Powder, Lr Buffer Tablets Ph 4.0 Buffer Tablets Ph 7.0 Penciline Injection, Impluse40 Lac Ph Meter Digital With Combined Electrode. Ph Range 0-14 Temperature 20-80° C. Portable Beaume Spindle S Hydrometer, Bross, Gdr Make, Range 0-10 Pan Sample Checking Glass Size- 50 Mm X 75 Mm X 5 Mm Plain Glass Sugar Dust Collector Digital Moisture Analyzer For Bagasse High-Efficiency Flooring Hef Colour Black, Thickness 1.1 Mm Floor Size 70M X 30M . Rate Per Square Metre Refilable Parmanent Marker Colour-Black Or Blue Rohs & Elv Compliant Ink Conforms To En17/3, Non Toxic Bamboo Mat For Sugar Godown Floor Size- 70X30 Meter, Rate Per Square Meter Cemical Dosing Pump Capacity-0-30 Lph, Working Temp.- 5-100 ºc, Working Pressure Max. - 3Kg/Cm², Stroke Frequency-400 Spm, Double Ball Nrv Sight Glass Size-120Mm Dia X 12 Mm Thk. For Max. Temp 500°C Condensate Receiver Sight Glass Strip Small As Per Sample Pan & Evap. Light & Sight Glass Size Ø 200X20mm Strip, As Per Sample

4 OCT2018
  State Government
State Government new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 14136181
9/7/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 30.00 Lacs 3000000.00 Sector : Construction

Supply Of Store, Sanitation And Stationery Items- Photo State Paper, File Tags Cotton, File Board, Correction Fluid Pen, Philips Electric Cattle, Register, Short Hand Note Book, Cello Freeflo Gel Ink Roller Pen, Sketch Pen, Ball Point Pen Reynolds, Stamp Pad Ink, Note Sheet Pad, Dak Pad, Pencil Black, Eraser Non-Dust, Sharpener, High Lighter, Wiper, Permanent Marker, Gum Bottle, White Board Magnetic Duster, Cello Tape, Fevi Stick, Packaging Tape, Tape Dispenser, Self Sticker, Post It Flages Three Colour, Page Slip, Attendance Register, Scale Plastic, Stapler Pin, Stapler, Punching Machine, Poker Wooden Handle, Envelop, Pin Cushion, Coloured U Clip, Drawing Pin, All Pin, Battery Cell, Meeting Schedule Stand, Broom Phool, Duster, Pocha, Phenyle, Napthelen Ball, Cleaning Powder, Acid Bottle, Colin, Harpic, Lizol, Finit Pump, Amonia Paper Roll, Amonia Liquid 1 Ltr. Sealing Wax Glass Tumbler Room Freshner Carbon Paper Blue Typing Paper F/S Pen Stand 4 Hole With Pen Pen Stand 02 Hole With Pen Candle Lock 65 Mm Battery Cell Big Battery Cell Small Aa Full Plate Bon China Half Plate Bon China Bamboo Jhadu With Handle Bowl Medium Bon China Tea Thurmos Cup Plate Bon China Spoon Steel Size 6” Jug Plastic 2 Ltr. Dustbin All Out / Night Queen Machine With Refill All Out / Night Queen Refill Towel Superior 27” X 54” Towel Superior White 30” X 60” Towel Hand Diary Register Dispatch Register Peon Book/Dak Book Computer Paper 15 X 12 X 1 Computer Paper 15 X 12 X 2 Service Tray Big Service Tray Medium Service Tray Small Tumbler Coaster Tissue Paper Hit Spray Dettol Liquid Soap Dettol Liquid Soap Pouch / Refill Paper Weight Paper Cutter Odonil Tumbler Glass Borosil Pen Drive 32 Gb Hp Pen Drive 16 Gb Hp Pen Drive 8 Gb Hp Washing Soap 555 Or Naulakha Scissor Big Wall Clock Ajanta Tourch 03 Cell Brass / Plastic.

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