16 MAR2020
  State Government
State Government aligarh-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 17861163
15-02-2020 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Auction Sale Of Condemned Items - Step Down Transformer, Glass Blowing Set, Wolf Machine, Cycle Pump, Model Of Siran, Bhagona Aiminium, Wooden Plank, Vernier Calliper, Vantilation Apparatus, Slide Box, Bar Magnet, Magnetic Wheel Toy, Aeroter Pump, Bar Laws Wheel, Reostate, Selenium Rectifier, Hand Centrifuge Machine, Spring Balance, Cork Borer Set, Cork Pressure, Hand Pump Model Wooden, Magnetic Wheel Toy, Engine House Apparatus, Magdeburg Hemispheres, Model Of Aeroplane, Dissecting Box With Accessories, Sound Propagation Apparatus, Inclined Plane, Conductivity Of Heat Apparatus, Battery Hydrometers Recheck, Radiation Of Heat Apparatus, Optical Bench Wooden, Flookes Law Apparatus, Heating Effect Current Apparatus, Tangent Galvanometer, Metal Rods Different, Magnetic Field Apparatus, Gold Leaf Apparatus, Deflagrating Spoon, Test Tube Holder, Spirit Lamp, Clips Burette, Kipps Apparatus, Tong Iron, Pollys Apparatus, Electric Board, Hopes Apparatus, Ball Ring Apparatus, Dissecting Box, Battery Charger, Rectilinear Propagation Of Light, Slide Warming Eliding Table, Cycle Dynamo, Ram & Sita Toy, Foot Ball Pump, Center Of Gravity Toy, Rock Chisel Iron, Dissecting Tray, Nicolsons Hydrometer, Spherometer, Beehive Shelves, Ant Rearing Cage, Aquarium, Relaxing Box, Insect Box, Insect Cage, Vasiculum Tin, Trovall Iron, Force Pump Model, Lift Pump Model, Vacum Exhaution Pump, Fortins Barometers, Nicolas Hydro Meters, Hopes Apparatus, Bar Breaking Apparatus, Compound Bar Of Iron, Linear Expansion Apparatus, Colorimeter, Latent Heat Apparatus, Matal Strip, Boiling Point Apparatus, Boiling Steam Generators, Dipping Circle, Demonstration Telephone, Steam Engine Model, Blowpipe, Mohrs Clip, Gas Pipe Iron, Photography Camera, Cornato 3D Camera, Expansion Of Liquid Apparatus, Cinema Projector, Kerosene Oil Stove, Epidiascope, Thermos Flask, Slide Projector, Projector Screen Physical Balance Or Chemical Balance, Blow Pipe, Pully Wooden, Camera, Sliding Weight Beam Balance, Hand Pump Modelwooden

1 JAN2020
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector bhopal-madhya pradesh
Ref. No : 17316981
17-12-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : 8.50 Crore 85000000.00 Sector : Air Transport

Sale Of State Aeroplane Ska B-200 Vtmpt, Serial No. Bb1775 Its Spares And Spare Engine Serial No. Pce Pj 0537

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