18 SEP2019
corporations/Associations/Others vijayawada-andhra pradesh
Ref. No : 16525342
13-09-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap -Wooden Scrap Wooden Furniture, Cop Irom Submersible Pumps And Motors, Bearing Scrap Con.Rod And Main Brgsu/S, Scrap Eng.Mount Pads And Rubber Buffers, Cop Iron Scrap Ele Power Capacitor, Iron Scrap Meters And Guages, Copper Iron Scrap Amplifier, Iron Scrap Master And Wheel Cylinders, Scrap Tv, Anti Roll Bars U/S, Iron Scrap Air Tanks, Iron Scrapbattery Charging Machine, Cast Iron Alu Scrap Sla Cyl W/Alu P, Iron Scrap Water Cooler, Scrap Vaccum Cleaner, Plastic Iron Scrap Air Coolers, Rubber Scrap Oil Seals, Iron Scrap Empty 30 Ltr Tins, Wheel Disc Grinding Machines, Speakers U/S, Iron Scrap Water Purifirer U/S, Cast Iron Scrap Grinding Machine, Damaged One Side Open Barrels, Plastic Scrap Empty 60 Ltr Tins, Plastic Scrap Empty Barrel W/O Lid, Tape Recorders U/S Dvd U/S, Computer Line Drivers U/S, Electrical Blower U/S, Mega Phones U/S, Telephone Scrap Phones U/S, Used Deluxe 2 Seat Assy, Scrap Empty 25 Ltrs Tins, Old Computer Terminals U/S, Weighing Scale U/S, Iron Alu Scrap Drilling Machines, Scrap Fax Machine, C.J.Rubber Pad With Metal Bush, Iron Cop Plastic Cash Count Machine, Plastic Scrap Empty 20 Ltr Tins, Scrap Gas Regulators, U/S Relay Valve, Scrap Clocks All Types, Microscope Medical Item U/S, Ir Sc Refregerator W/O Stabilizer, Plastic Timing Tester W/Cables U/S, Table Fans Us, Plastic Scrap Breath Analyser Us, Calculators Scrap Calculators, Cast Iron Scrap - Grinding Machine, Stel Mlt Scrap Steel Water Container

23 SEP2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector pondicherry-puducherry
Ref. No : 16467833
06-09-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Purchase Of Medical Equipment, Multichannel Monitor – 07 Nos. Medical Oncology 4 Nos. And Ems 3 Nos, Portable Defibrillator With Battery Backup – 03 Nos., Portable Ventilator – 01 No., Triple Para Monitor Multi Parameter Monitor- Basic- Spo2, Nibp, Ecg – 10 Nos., Video Laryngoscope – 02 Nos., Full Mannequin With Memory With Printer For Cpr Simulation -01 No., Adult Airway Trainer - 02 Nos., Handheld Doppler Machine – 01 No., Portable Ultrasound Machine – 01 No., Heavy Duty Power Drill For Ortho – 02 Nos., Neuro Power System – 02 Nos., C Arm Image Intensifier – 01 No., Binocular Operating Microscope With Camera Inbuilt And Recoding System– 01 No., Mechanized Cleaning Equipment – 01 No., Microwave Disinfection Machine Of Capacity – 60 Litres – 01 No., Gamma Probe For Sentinel Node Imaging – 01 No., Ultra Sound For Thyroid And Musculoskeletal Imaging – 01 No., Ultrasound With Neuro-Navigationcompatible With Stealth S7 And Trans Cranial Doppler Probe And Esophageal Doppler– 01 No., Neurosurgical Operating Table – 01 No., Operating Chair – 01 No., Live Cell Imaging System – 01 No., Flow Cytometer – 01 No., Ophthalmic Surgical Operating Microscope – 01No., Humpphery Automated Perimetry– 01 No., Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator– 01 No., Ten Headed Microscope – 01 No., Fully Automated Microtome – 02 Nos., Cryostat – 02 Nos., Trinocular Microsocope With Camera – 15 Nos., Binocular Microscope For Technicians – 10 Nos., Electrotherapy Unit With 2 And 4 Poles, 2 Channels Completely Independent – 01 No., Cognitive Evaluation Kit – 01 No., Virtual Reality Inertractive System For Rehabilitation Of Neuromoter Pathologies– 01 No., Spirometer –01 No., Treadmill Trainer With Support Of Giat Training Stand – 01 No., Ergometer Bi-Cycle – 01 No., Continuous Passive Mobiliser Cpm Lower Limb – 02 Nos., Elliptical Trainer – 01 No., Cryotherapy Unit – 02 Nos., Water Bath For Low Temperature Thermoplastic Sheet – 01 No., Grinder Machine With Publisher– 01 No., Infrared Oven– 01 No., Electric Plaster Saw And Electric Plaster Mixer With Accessories – 01 No., Drape Disk With Drape Table With Suction Unit, 01 No., Hand Tutor Right And Left – 01 No., Fret Saw Machine Cycle Type – 02 Nos., Class Champs Gym Indoor Gym For Children With Rope Ladder Soft Top Platform Swing, Net Swing, Sling Seat And Sew-Saw– 01 No., Exercise Cycle – 02 Nos., Evaluation System –01 No., Exercise Unit – 01 No., Positioning Equipments – 01 No., Binocular Microscope – 50 Nos., Vapour Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tank – 01 No., Biosafety Cabinet Class Ii Bi - 03 Nos., Anaerobic Culture System – 01 No., Biosafety Cabinet Class Ii Type A2 - 03 Nos. One Unit Each For Microbiology, Anatomy And Physiology Departments, -20 Deg C Deep Freezer - Vertical Model - 04 Nos., Two Units For Microbiology, And One Unit Each, Clinical Immunology And Physiology Departments, C-Arm Image Intensifier System – 01 No., Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy System -01 No., Swl Combining Ultrasound And Fluroscopic Imaging For Renal And Ureteral Stone Management, 01 No., Mini-Nephroscope/ Minimaally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy Consisting, Miniature Nephroscope With Compatible Sheaths, 01 No., Turner Warwick Urethroplasty Ring Retractor With Set Of Six Blades Made Of Titanium – 01 No., Body Plethesmography With Pft / Dlco - 1 No., Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure Bipap - 06 Nos., 4 Nos. For Pulmonary Medicine & 02 Nos. For Ems., High End 4D Usg Machine – 01No., Automated Sperm Quality Analyser – 01No., Deep Freezer -40 Degree – 02 Nos. One, Physiology And One For Biochemistry Departments, Deep Freezer -80 Degree – 04 Nos. One Each, Microbiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Transfusion Medicine And Biochemistry Departments, Heavy Duty Centrifuges – 02 Nos., High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge – 04 Nos. Two Units For Biochemistry And One Unit Each For Physiology, And, Pathology, Departments, Analytical Laboratory Refrigerator – 05 Nos. One For Anatomy And Four For Biochemistry Departments, Laboratory Shaker With Incubator – 01 No., Nano Spectrophotometer – 02 No. 1 Unit Each For Biochemistry And Physiology Departments, Fluorescence Reader With Automatic Washer And Shaker -01 No., Walk In Cooler Cold Room – 02 Nos., Vacuum Cleaner For Autopsy Saw Hb 740 Kugel Medical – 01 No., Portable X-Ray Computerized Radiography – 01 No., Bench Top Centrifuge – 01 No., Digital Camera And Video Cam Corder – 01 No., Elisa Reader & Washer – 03 No. One Each For The Clinical Immunology, Physiology And Transfusion Medicine Departments, Liquid Nitrogen Storage Cans-Size 50, 35, 15 Liters And Transport Cylinder Of 35 Liters Capacity – 01 Set, Nailfold Capillaroscope – 01 No, . Polarising Microscope – 01 No. Survey Meter – 01 No., Real Time Pcr – 01 No., 3D Hd Monitor Medical Gradewith Suitable Connector To Robotic Vision Cart For Patient Side Assistant – 01 No., Ultrasound Machine With Abdominal, Intraoperative Laparoscopic, And Transrectal Transducers – 01 No., Revolving Chair For Console Surgeon With Cushions, Adjustable Height And Suitable Arm Rests – 02 Nos., 3D Hd Video Recorder With Suitable Connector To Da Vinci™ Surgical Robot System Vision Cart –, 01 No., Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – 01 No., Finger Plethysmograph – 01 No., Body Box/Body Plethysmography – 01 No., Polysomnography – 01 No., Platelet Aggregometer – 01 No., Data Acquisition System – 01 No., Bicycle Ergometer– 01 No, Mobile Ot Light – 01 No., Patient Warmer – 03 Nos., 2 Nos. For Surgical Gastro & 1 No. For Nephrology, Electric Icu Cot – 7 Nos., Neurosurgery - 2 Nos, Nephrology - 2 Nos, Surgical Oncology 2 Nos., Clinical Immunology - 1 No., Operation Theatre Table – 01 No., Automated Karyotyping Workstation Upright Brightfield/Fluorescent/Phase Contrast Light Source And Objectives Trinocular Microscope Semi-Motorized With Live Imaging System - Ccd And Camera Attached With Software For Automated, Karyotyping And Fish - 01No., Mandibular Distraction Set – 01 No., Dental Digital Radiography System – 01 No., Portable Operating Head Light – 04 Nos., Hydrosolder Units – 01 No., Electropolisher Units – 01 No., Maxillofacial-Surgical Saw System – 01 No., Surgical Physiodispenser With Surgical Hand Pieces And Attachments – 02 Nos., Surgical Diathermy/Electrocautery Machine With Irrigation – 02 Nos., Surgical Diathermy/Electrocautery Machine Without Irrigation – 02 Nos., Spine Osteotomy Set – 01 No., Patient Warmer Polymer Fibre Technology Adult + Paediatrics – 04 Nos., Surgical Loupe With Headlight – 03 Nos., Rapid Fluid Warmer – 03 Nos., Patient Warmer Air Warming Technology Adult +Paediatrics – 04 Nos., Bone Mill – 01No., Low Energy Linear Accelerator Linac – 01 No., Arc-Based Pretreatment Fluence Verification System For Imrt And Vmat Treatment – 01 No., Daily Qa Checker For Energy, Output, Symmetry, Flatness Consistency Checks – 02 Nos., Two Reference Class Calibrated Secondary Standard, Tld In-Vivo Dosimetry System – 01 No., Rando Phantom Tbi, Tset And Other Accessories – 01 No., Radiation Survey Meter Ion Chamber – 01 No., Radiation Survey Meter Gm With Contamination, 01 No., Evoked Potential/ Electromyography / Nerve Conduction Study System – 01 No. Power Assisted Liposuction System – 01 No. Operating Microscope For Super-Microsurgery – 01 No. Battery Operated Vehicle – 04 Nos. Ultrasonography Machine – 05 Nos. Advanced Anesthesia Workstations – 08 Nos. Advanced Anesthesia Workstations Mid Range -07 Nos. Standalone End Tidal Co2 Monitors – 04 Nos. Table Top Stand Alone Pulse Oximeter With Motion And Low Perfusion Detection Technology - 06 Nos. 02 Nos. For Anesthesiology And 04 Nos. For Clinical Immunology Transport Trolley With Provision For Attaching Oxygen Cylinder - 7 Nos. 3 Nos For Anesthesiology And 4 Nos For Nephrology Flexible Bronchoscope With Monitor Paediatric – 01 No. Thromboelastogram One Channeled - 01 No. Lumbar Puncture Simulator - 01 No. Cpr Manikin With Feedback Device - 04 Nos. Blood Fluid Warmer Device - 13 Nos. Orthopedics 03 Nos. & Anaesthesiology 10 Nos. Forced Air Warming Devices - 35 Nos. Surgical Gastroenterology 01 No., Dentistry 02 Nos., Cardiology 01 No., Orthopedic Surgery 04 Nos., Anaesthesiology &Cc 20 Nos., Pediatrics 03 Nos., Emsd 02 Nos. And Em&T 2 Nos., High Flow Nasal Oxygen Delivery Device - 02 Nos., Target Controlled Infusion Pump Tci - 1 No., Pediatric Flexible Fibroptic Bronchoscope - 03 Nos., Infrared Vein Finder - 01 No., Near Infrared Spectroscopy Tissue Oxygen Monitor – 01 No., Adult Videolaryngoscope Resusable - 03 Nos., Desflurane Vaporizer – 01 No.,, Pediatric Videolaryngoscape Reusable - 02 Nos., Interactive White Board – 01 No., Document Camera - 01 No., Temporary Epimyocardial Pacemaker For – 04 Nos., Defibrillator With Internal And External Paddles - 02 Nos., Ultrasonic Cleaner For General & Fine Surgical Instruments – 01 No., Ultrasonic Washer For Robotic Surgical Instruments- 1 Nos., Icu Monitor With Eeg Channels – 02 Nos., Hot Air Oven - 02 Nos., Vdrl Shaker - 02 Nos., Blood Bag Weighing Scale - Double Pan - 02 Nos., Blood Transportation Box Extended Cold Life - 02 Nos., Centrifuge & Incubator For Column Agglutination Technology Gel Card In Blood Banks - 2 Nos., Cryoprecipitate Bath - 1 No., Dielectric Table Top Tube Sealer - 2 Nos., Inverted Phase Contract Microscope - 1 No., Plasma Thawing Bath - 2 Nos., Electronic Sevoflurane Vaporizer Compatible With Aisys Workstation - 01No., Rf Generator - 01No., Sequential Compression Devices – 05 Nos. Ems For 02, Surgery For 02, Surgical Gastroenterology For 01No., Hd Video Endoscope System – 01 No., Radiofrequency Abalation System – 01 No., Electrical Blanket For Patient Cover – 01 No, Operating Head Light For High End Modular Ot - 02 Nos., High End High Resolution Surgical Operating Magnification Loupe With Portable Head Light - 1 No., Surgical Operating Magnification Loupes With Head Light - 1 No., Multiparameter Monitor - 10 Nos., Ambulatory Bp Monitor – 03 Units,

30 SEP2019
corporations/Associations/Others kolkata-west bengal
Ref. No : 16463673
05-09-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap - E Waste - Air Conditioner, Almirah, Chair Etc, Fan, Stabilizer Etc, Machine, Typewriter, Water Cooler, Refridgerator Etc.

30 SEP2019
corporations/Associations/Others kolkata-west bengal
Ref. No : 16465292
05-09-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap - E Waste - Air Conditioner, Fan, Sofa, Table Etc, Weighing Machine, Stabilizer, Water Cooler

5 SEP2019
  State Government
State Government new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 16430936
02-09-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Auction Of Unusable Electrical Goods Such As Air-Conditioners, Desert Cooler, Washing Machine Etc

23 SEP2019
corporations/Associations/Others khandwa-madhya pradesh
Ref. No : 16365976
26-08-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : 37.73 Lacs 3773031.00 Sector : Power Plant

Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of Different Solar Electrical Electronic Equipments Ie Solar Water Geyser Water Purifier Water Cooler Air Cooler Roti Chapatti Making Machine High Mast And Cctv System At Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyala

13 SEP2019
  Private Sector
Private Sector pune-maharashtra
Ref. No : 16359348
24-08-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Non Diversified

Sale Of Variety Of Scrap On An As Is Where Is Basis Wet, Dry Or Rusty Condition, Old Used Various Cranes Consisting As Below: I Electra Lift Crane 734-11 Crane No 734-11, Kv Cylinder Block-1 No, Ii 1/2 Ton Cap. Underslung Cranes-1 No, Iii Supreme 10 Ton Electric Hoist-1 No, Iv 3 Ton Single Girder Eot Crane- General Stores-1 No, Total 4 Nos 1 Lot, Old Used Various Machineries & Equipments Consisting As Below: I Sunnen Krossgrinding System Model Cgm 5000 Si 187033 Grr 3407- Barrel Finish Honing Machine-1 No, Ii Zoller Tool Presetter Of Pegard Machine- 1 No, Iii Cooper Horizontal Machining Centre Model Hb-800 Sr. No. 7730013-1 No, Iv Block Cylinder P.No.3171417-H1 Drg.No.A64329 Tr.No.18137-1 No, V Schaublin 33 Cnc Milling M/C 185/315050-1 No, Vi N77228295201- Burn Test Equipment For Camshaft Grr48810-1 No, Vii Rumbling Machine-1 No, Total 7 Nos 1 Lot, Old Used Various Equipments Consisting As Below: A 1 Karl Stroz Flexoscope For Performance Engineering Section-1 No 2 Tvse Hd-6595 Printer-2 Nos B 3 Tr Multisplit Air Conditioner C Side Storage Unit O/L Size 900X450x750 Keyboard & Shutters-Grr 1019006 -5 Nos Total 10 Nos 1 Lot, Old Used Dg Set Consisting As Below: 1 Cummins Engine Kta-2300-G With Alternator Sr. No.25216344, 2 L.T. Distribution Panel, 3 Electrification Of Dg Set, Old Used Various Mechanical Equipments As Per Attached List Annexure-A, Old Used Various Separators & Other Equipments Consisting As Below: A Washing Machine For Kv12/16 Cylinder Block B 1 Alfa Laval Centrifugal Separator, 2 Alfa Laval Centrifugal Separator 3 Lub Oil Centrifugal Separator With 36Kw Direct Heater Model Mab 4 N77cent7770011- Centrifugal Separator, Model Mab206 5 Used Engine Oil Purifier Model Mab-206 Grr-118756 C 1 Kmi Tensile Testing Machine M/C No3417 Ppi 2 Abrasive Belt Grinder Model Sp 2018 3 Struers Make Polishing Machine Rotopol 2 D 3229622-D3 Adaptor Oil Pan Kv 12/Kv 16 2. Hsg Oil Cooler 210915-D2 - Fixture E Hold. Fixt. K7 Hsg Fw On Vtc/Deawoo Tr 20361 Drawing - A64866 3063814-H1 2. Adaptor Oil Pan P No 3233482-H1 Tr No 18031 Drg.No.A-64308 -Fixture F Fuel Pump Test Stand Hartridge Total 14 Nos 1 Lot, Old Used Various Canteen Equipments & Chairs Consisting As Below: Canteen Equipments And Chairs A 1 Farnaz Industrial Bulk Cooker- Canteen 2 Computer Shred - 4 Model Paper Shredder Pilot-4000 3 Refrigerator-Rvs 4 Refrigerator - R D G 5 Electric Bulk Cooker 6 Steel Top Dinning Table - Si 196901 Grr 1027811 -Only 4 Qty Disposed 7 Lg Make Refrigerator Model 242 Gpc - Si 206718 Grr 1601329. 8 Revolving Chair Model No. 902 Si 48324 Grr 1071502. 9 Lpg Operated Bulk Fryer Made 100 Liter Capacity-Grr-70315 10 Chag. For P/F Medium Conference Chairs Of Approved Type, And Syncro-Grr- 68819 11 Battery Operated Walk Behind Auto Scrubber Drier Model Ct B 40-50 B Grr 100702 12 Cleanfloor Make Industrial Scrubbing Machine Model - Trilos-Grr-Im1-207467 13 Cleanfloor Make Industrial Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner Model-Grr-Im1- 207467, B 1 Grinder For Canteen-15 Ltr Si 90654 Grr 1072584. 2 Stainless Steel Body Electrically Operated Potato Peeler -Grr-70315 3 Stainless Steel Lpg Operated Bulk Cooker.160 Liters, -Grr-70315 4 Stainless Steel Body Electrically Operated Vegetable Cutting Machine. - Grr-70315 5 Recold Make 15 Ltrs 230V Water Boiler For Hr Tea Room. Grr-117821 6 American Lunch Thali Wipping Table One Under Shelfs-Grr-Im1-221334 7 Philips Mixer Model 1643-Grr-Im1- 217090, Old Used Various Chairs Zeb Mid Back Gas Lift Height Adjust, Low Back Chair With Foam And Pushback, N79chair-Chair -Medium Back Rolling, With Hydraulic Adjuster, Sofa Two Seater And Chair Etc. Approx.229 Nos 1 Lot, Old Used Various Stainless Steel Dining Tables Size 96 X 36X30 Approx.40 Nos 1 Lot, Ms Miscellaneous Process Scrap, Mechanical, Electrical Items Consisting As Angles, Channels, Racks, Trolleys, Gi Sheet/Ducting, Jali, Platforms, Hand Pallet Trucks, Conveyors, Assorted Valves, Fans, Tool Holders, Electrical Motors Etc,

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