1 JAN2019
  State Government
State Government pune-maharashtra
Ref. No : 14800505
20-12-2018 00:00:00 Tender Value : 2.00 Crore 20000000.00 Sector : Animal And Animal Feeds

Rate Contract For Supply And Installation Of Laboratory Freezing Machine, Thermal Specimen Labeling System For Laboratory Usage, Oocyte/ Embryo/ Semen Transfer Incubator, Inverted Microscope, Autoclave, Temperature Control Unit, Bench Top Incubator, Non Refrigerated Centrifuge, Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Workstation, Dh / Dhd Invitrocell Automatic Co2 Incubator, Digital Dry Block Heaters, Bright-Line Hemacytometer Set, Place Push-Button Counter, Hand Tally Counter, Hot Plate Stirrer, Convection Oven, Vaccum Pressure Pump, Vortex Mixer, Instrument/Pipette Sterilizing Pan, Bi-Metallic Oven Thermometer, Slide Warmer / Dryer, Micro Centrifuge, Streozoom Binocular Microscope, Streozoom Trinocular Microscope, Millipore Water Ultra Purification System, Heated Incubator, Analytical Balance, Anti Vibration Table, Bead Bath With Beads, Laminar Air Flow, Large Animal Ultrasound Machine, Ovum Pick Up Opu Unit, Squeeze Chute For Restraining Cattle, Mounting Brackets Hd Load Bars, Weigh Scale, Working Alley Frame, Universal Alley Stop, Headgate, Headgate Stand, Premier Panels, Wishbone Carriage, Calf Table, Stainless Steel Test Weight Set, Co2/ O2 Analyzer, Co2 Repair Kit, Modular Incubator Chamber, Co2 Meter / Transmitter, Anprolene Box, Undercounter Lab Refrigerator, Co2 Gas Cylinder And Accessories, Micro Pippettes, Glassware, Plasticwarefor Moet/Ivf Lab

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