16 JUL2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector chennai-tamil nadu
Ref. No : 15863110
20-06-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Shipping Transport

Sale Of Condemned, Surplus Tugs Sekkizhar And Sundaranar - Gear For Cam Shaftclock Metal For Piston Pinpart Connecting Rod Assy.Part Bushing For L.O Pumppart Shaft Assy. For C.W Pumpp Bolt & Nut For Cylinder H Spring For Needle Valve P O Ring For F.O Injectio Seal Ring For F.O Injecti Round Chord Ringpart No.1 Round Chord Ringpart No.4 O-Ring 1260 X 5, P.No.1 O-Ring 248 X 5, P.No.14 O-Ring 315 X 5, P.No. 1 O-Ring 300 X 8, P.No. 1 O-Ring 65 X 5 P.No. 155 O-Ring 980 X 10, P.No. Shaft Seal Ring Ak880 X Shaft Seal Ring Adck 400 O-Ring 8 X 2.5, P.No. 2 Rotary Shaft Seal P.No. 4 Bearing Ring 140 X 125 X Articulated Joint Bearing Duse2 P.No.0567504 Duchse Kpl P.No.0725074 Gear Pump Voith Model No Auxilary Relay Main Engin Power Relay Part No.Omron Service Kit 1 Part No.970 Service Kit 2 Part No.970 Service Kit 3 Part No. 97 Nozzle Ring Part No.56001 Turbine Shaft Part No.210 Damping Pad Part No.81136 O Ring 830 X 7 P.No.2220 Stud, Boltcylinder Head O Ring1a P30 24311-0003 Nut, Cylinder Head Cap Bol Connecting Pipe, Cooling O Ring 4 D P21, 24316-0 O Ring 4 D P24 24316-0 Connecting Piece, Valve R O Ring, 152633-01810 O Ring 1A P9 P.No. 2431 Dry Brush 31 X 15, 24550- Packing/Gasket, Head Inle Exhaust Valve, Cr Plating Valve Seat Suction, 1476 Seat, Exhaust Valve, 147 O Ring, 141616-11061 O Ring Exhv. Seat P.No. Guide Valve, 147673-11160 Seal, Valve Stem P.No.141 Cotter, Valve P.No. 27310 Spring A, Valve, 145610-1 Spring B Valve, 145610-11 Guide, Valve Bridge, 1416 Sleeve, Nozzle, 147673-11 Packing/Gasket P.No. 1466 Gasket P.No.137600-53091/ Gasket/Packing Cover P.No V.Rocker Arm Suc Assy 1 Driving Plug 4 X 6 P.No.2 Retainercontact Piece P Adjusting Screw P.No. 739 Retainer, 138623-11350 Nut M16, Lock, 26772-1600 V.Rocker Arm Exh Assy P Rocker Arm Shaft Assy., 1 Retaining Ring, C Type 45 Valve Bridge Assy/Bridge Adjusting Screw P.No.1396 Bonnet Comp P.No.147673-1 Packing, Bonnet, 147673-1 Circlip 20, 22242-000200 Head Assy, Cylinder P.No. Connecting Pipe, Cooling O-Ring 1A P35 P.No.2431 O-Ring 4D P44 P.No.24316- Lock Nut M14 P.No.26696-1 Gasket Coppr P.No.23414- Valve Rotator Assy/Rotati Ball, V. Rotator 27326-14 Spring, V.Rotator 27323-1 Circlip, V.Rotator P.No.2 Spring, V.Rotator, 27325- Valve, Rod Type P.No.1536 Indicator Cock, 746673-15 Gasket 12, Round, 23414-1 Seat, Push Rod/Tappet Seat Push Rod Assy, Compl P.No Seat, Upper/Retainer P.No Seat, Lower/Retainer P.No. Packing P.No.147673-01410 Expansion Pipe Joint P.No Rubber Ring, Upper/Packin Rubber Ring, Lower P.No. 1 Gasket, Cylinder Head, 1 Protection Ring, 147673-0 Main Metal Assy Std- L Parallel Pin 6 X 12 P.No. Packing, 147873-18630 Zinc, Anti Corrisive, 272 Gasket Exh.Manifold P.No. Packing, 147873-18640 Gasket, Cylinder Head Out Gasket Turbo Charger Inle V-Ring, Air Cooler Inlet Bolt M12 X 30 P.No.26206- Gear Ring, Starter 146673 Gasket Cw Pump P.No.14767 Gasket P.No.147673-01581 Piston P.No.147673-22453- Ring No. 3 Piston, 147673 Ring No.2, Piston, 147673 Ring Compression Oil, 147 Ring No.1, Piston, 147673 Retaining Ring, C Type 90 Connecting Rod Bolt/Bolt Nut P.No.147673-23212147 Lubricating Oil Pump Assy Bush, 133970-32100 Bush 16X12, Dry, 24550-0 Header, Inlet Side P.No.1 Header, Outer Side P.No.14 O Ring Ia P-55, 24311-0 Packing P.No.147673-39130 Oil Pressure Regulating V Spring Valve P.No.139653- Valve Pressure Regulating Relief Valve Assy. P.No.7 Gasket Round P.No.23438-0 Gasket P.No.137800-33380 Zinc, Anti-Corrosion 40 X Packing P.No.148616-35130 Filter Element P.No. 1466 Gasket P.No.146673-35160 O-Ring, Body P.No.148616- O Ring, 148616-35570 O-Ring 1 A G:105.0 P.No.2 O-Ring1a P11 P.No.24311 Impeller P.No.147674-4222 O Ring 220G, 24321-002200 Oil Seal P.No.24421-35551 Retaining Ring, C Type P. Nut P.No.146673-42200 Washer 24 Polished P.No.2 Mechanical, Seal P.No. 148 O-Ring 1A G40.0 P.No.2432 Shaft, 133614-42080 Nut, 141616-42200 Fuel Inj.Pump Assy.P.No.7 Spring Plunger P.No.15167 Plunger Assy. P.No. 14767 Deflector Protector P.N O-Ring P.No.159646-51271/ Delivery Valve, 146673-51 Spring, 146673-51331 Shim, 146673-51350 Ball 3/6, 24190-060003 Spring, Return Valve, 146 O-Ring P.No.146673-51812/ O Ring, 146673-51821/5182 O Ring, 146673-51831/5183 Parallel Pin 6 X 12 Fuel Inj.Pipe Assy.P.No. Stopper-D P.No.146673-513 Pinion P.No.146673-51510 Fuel Inj.Valve Assy.P.No. O-Ring P.No.151673-51381 Nozzle Assy.P.No. 147673- Parallel Pin 3.6 X 8, 138 Spring Nozzle, 146673-532 O Ring P42, 146673-53900 O-Ring 2030 P.No.128633-1 Fuel Pressure Regulation Spacer Needle V / V Part Fuel Feed Pump Assy, P.No. Thermometer Exhaust P.No. Thermometer Exhaust Cyl.P Thermometer P.No.28571-50 Thermometer P.No.228552-0 Thermometer P.No.28551-03 Thermometer 100 P.No.2855 Pressure Gauge P.No.28886 Pressure Gauge P.No.28886 Rpm Meter Tachometer P. O Ring 4D G130, 24326-001 Wire Gauge, 100 Mesh/Strai Packing P.No.137600-55930 Gasket P.No.137600-55910 Joint, High Pressure, Pipe Element Assy.P.No.138613- Washer P.No.146673-59240 Packing P.No.146673-59020 Packing P.No.146673-59250 Flange, Oval P.No.146673-5 Cap Nut, Fo.Inject.Pi P.N Packing P.No.146673-59220 Pressure Reducing Valve P Safety Valve P.No.83255-1 Shoe Spring P.No.43255-10 Retainer P.No.43255-10306 Tdi Over Haul Kit Part No Tdi Turbine Assy Repair K Tdi Gearbox Assy Repair K Tdi Stage 1 Assy Repair K Tdi Stage 2 Assy Repair K Tdi O Ring Kit P.No.4519 Tdi Bearing/Seal Kit P.No Tdi Spool Valve P.No.2250 Tdi Nozzle, Valve, Rh-10 Tdi Male Elbow, 90 Deg Pa Tdi Hose Assembly Part No Tdi Elbow 90 Deg Part No. Tdi Split Ring P.No.22341 Tdi Spring Compression Pa Tdi Plate Retainer Part N Tdi Shaft, Turbine Part N Tdi Carrier/Output Shaft Tdi Drive, Pre-Engaged, R O Ring, 146673-77120 Packing Liner 01320 Releif Valvepart No.34010 Rearing L.O Pumppart No.16120 Packing Acooler Part No.18791 Packing Liner Part No.1330 O Ring For Cyl Head Bolt, 300 O Ring For Lo Pump Part No.750 O Ring Del.Valve 24316-000440 O Ringfuel Inj P/P Pno.350 O Ringcylinder Block P.850 O Ring L.O Cooler Part No.2000 O Ring C.W Pump Part No.2200 O Ring, 51830 O Ring, 53910 Oil Sealf.O P/P Part No.52660 Thermometer For Lo & Suc Air Seal Ringpart No.1331 Round Chord Ringpart No.1711 Round Chord Ringpart No.1717 Round Chord Ringpart No.1729 Shaft Seal Ringpart No.1736 Round Chord Ringpart No.1755 Packing Ringpart No.1211 Set Of Ring Blade Unit Round Chord Ringpart No.1545 Nut M36x3 Stud M36 Hexagonal Nut, M20x3 Stud M20 Blade Ringpart No. Connecter C 164 639F 5S10 Stud With Nut Ball Bearing 6208 M/E Fw P/P Coupling Bush Oil Seal M/E Fo Feed P/P O Ring Fo Feed P/P O Ring P.22 M/E Fo Feed P/P O Ring Lo Pr.P/P Spring Ball Bearing 6308 Me Fw P/P Ball Bearing 6202 M/Efo P/P Mechanical Seal Coupling Bush, M132 Ball Bearing 6208 M/E Sw P/P Grand Packing Coupling Bush M/E Sw P/P Ball Bearing 6205Zz Lo Pr P/P Coupling Bush M74 Feed P/P Oil Seal Lo Priming P/P O Ring O Ring Lo Priming P/P G40 O Ring Lo Priming P/P Spring Timerpart No.Omron H3cr Timer Omron H3yn - 2 Dc24v Timer Omron H3yn4 Dc24v Fuse Fusecello -Lite-Nc-05A Diode Fujielec . Erb112-01 Unit Card Part No.Hansin Ele.A O Ring1a P30 24311-000300 Pipe 153605-01351/147676-01400 R/A Con.Piecep.No.146673-01720 O Ring, 152633-01810 O Ring, 24311-000090 Bush 31 X 15, 24550-031150 Suction Valve, 147673-11100 V/V Seat Suction, 147673-11081 Seat, Exh147673-11090 O Ring, 141616-11061 O Ring Exv/V Seat 146673-11810 Guide Valve, 147673-11160 Cotter 27310-140001/140000 Spring A, Valve, 145610-11121 Guidvalve Bridge, 141616-11550 Sleeve, Nozzle, 147673-11860 Gasket P.No. 146673-11870 Gasket P.No.137600-53091/53090 Gasket.P/Cover 138613-11660 Bush, 147673-11220 Contact Piece 139653-11390 Adj.739653-11261139653-11261 Nut M16 Lock, 26772-160002 R/A147673- 11241147673-11240 Ret.Ring/ Circlip 22242-000450 Brdge141616-11520/141616-11500 Adj.Screw 139653-11580 Pipe 153605-01351/147676-01410 O-Ring, 24316-000350 Packing P.No.147673-18221 O Ring, 24316-000440 Stud Bolt Set, 746673-15900 Tappet Seat P.No.139653-14210 Push Rod Assy 146673-14550 Retainer P.No.139653-14410 Retainer P.No.139653-14420 Rubber Ring, 147673-01320 Protection Ring, 147673-01130 Main Brg147673-02120/02130 Thrust Metal, 138613-02142 Gasket T/C Inlet 147883-13250 Bolt M14x35, 26293-140352 Gasket 146678-18890 Packing Suc Duct 147673-18740 Washer-12, 22137-120000 Gasket, 146673-18821 Packing P.No.147673-01470 Packing Cover 147673-01880 Gasket Cwp 147673-42300 Packing P.No.147673-48020 Gasket, 138673-01990 Piston P.No.147673-22453-C Connecting Rod747673-23700C Bush, Piston Pin, 147673-23160 Connecting Pin, 147673-11750 Bush, 133970-32100 Lo P/P Bush, 133970-32100 O Ring, 24321-002000 O Ring Ia P-55, 24311-000550 Flange, 137800-33371 Gasket P.No.137800-33380 Packing, 132310-09330 Nut M10, 26706-100002 Stud M10 X 25. 26216-100252 O Ring Ia P 53, 24311-000530 146673-35181 Lo Filter Element Gasket P.No.146673-35160 O-Ring, Body P.No.148616-35220 O Ring, 148616-35570 Cap Nut P.No.146673-35260 O-Ring P.No.X4x0201052 O Ring, X4x0201053 Implr147674-42220/147673-42221 Shaft, 146673-42210 O Ring 220G, 24321-002200 Collar P.No.147673-42260 Bearing, 24101-063074 Ball Bearing, 24102-062074 Retaining Circlip 22252-000800 Washer 16 P.No.22133-160000 Nut M24 P.26736-240002 Washer 24, 22137-240000 Seal Mechanical, 137610-42492 Seal 148620-42330/547673-42490 O Ring, 24326-000650 Bend Washer P.No.141616-42270 Key, 7X30, 22512-070302 Impeller Xl, 141616-42192 Fo Pump Assy.P.No.747673-51206 O Ring, 151673-51381 Fo Inj Pipe Assy 147673-59231 Pad Rubber, 137600-91023 Nozzle Asy 147673-53200/53040 O Rg 128633-11880/146673-53910 Spacer Needle V 146673 - 53230 Fo Feed P/P 747873-52020 Oil Seal Tcn, 141646-52660 Gasket P.No.137600-52490 Pr.Gauge 28886-100000 O Ring 4D G130, 24326-001300 Strainer, 42430-003470 Packing P.No.137600-55930 Gasket P.No.137600-55910 Packing, 137600-55900 Packing 146673-59020 Vibration Prf, 41411-000290 O Ring, 146673-77110

2 MAY2019
corporations/Associations/Others trivandrum-kerala
Ref. No : 15609176
29-04-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap - Small Units Old, Brass Scrap, M S Turnings, Electrical Scrap, Diesel Tanks, Air Tanks - Un Serviceable, Electrical Machines, Wheel Disc With And Without Lock Rings

9 APR2019
corporations/Associations/Others trivandrum-kerala
Ref. No : 15497366
01-04-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap - Small Units Old, Brass Scrap, Miscellaneous, Propeller Shafts, Fire Extinguisher, M.S Turnings, Spring Cut Pieces, Electrical Scrap, Diesel Tanks, Air Tanks - Un Serviceable, Electrical Machines, Wheel Disc With And Without Lock Rings .

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