25 APR2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector gwalior-madhya pradesh
Ref. No : 15520028
06-04-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : 10.00 Lacs 1000000.00 Sector : Security Services

Repair Of Medical Equipments- Alpha Bed Apparatus Oxygen Concentrator Provides 95% O2 Purity At 5 Lpm Non Invasive Cpap Ventilator Pulse Oxy Meter Table Top Pulse Oxy Meter Hand Held App Anesthetic Basic Non In Vasune Blood Pressure Monotor Apparatus Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrator Model Lk A 9050 Tourus Nebuliser Electric Pulse Oximeter Hand Held Nebuliser Electric Pulse Oximeter Hand Held Multifunctional Patient Monitor With Accessories Difficult Airway Managlment Set With Ten Comp Accessories As Per At Non Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor With Neo-Natal, Paediatric And Adult Cuffs Neonotal Open Care System Activ Warning System Model Recovery Systemadult Oxygen Concentrator Model Nikek With Humidifier Bottle Oxygen Councentrator Modal Inva Care Portable Oxygen Analyer Portable Neo Natal Radiant Warmer Bp Apparatus Bty Operated Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoriuy System Diathermy Bipolar Accesssories Hot Oven Multipurpose Oven With Timer And Digital Mobile Air Ascepticizer Model Am-100.Vv Automatic Automser For Mobile Air Ascepti Cizer Diathermy Bipolar Laryngoscope Operating Adult Size 18 Cm, Medium Child Size 15 Cm Operating Microscopeent Model Universa 300 With Acessories As Per At A Scan Model Scan Plus Complete Accessories As Per At Operating Microscope Ophthalmic Model Leica Mzzo With Accessories And Including Of 01 Led Light And 24 Fuse Autorefractometer Model Rm 8800 With Moterised Tube Model Deo 872 Slit Lamp With Accessories Micro Surgical Instrument Set Eye Model Ovation Make With Accessories As Per List Digital Fundus Camera With Accessories Opthalmoscope, Binocular, Indirect Complete With 6V/220V Tranformer With Small And Large Selecral Depressor Thimbles, Teaching Mirror, Cobolt Blue/Red Free Filters In Carrying Case Surgical Instrument Opthalmology Axis Feuder Onaddaxis Microscope And Slit Lamp Test Type Revolving Drum Ultrasound, Ocular, A-Scan With Biometry Probe Capable Of Measuring Arial Length With Built In Iol Power Calculation Ststem Gynalcological Instrument Set Total 119 Items As Per List Cardiographic Machine 20Mhz Ultrasound Trasducer Wave Input With Patient Event Marker Cryo Supper Aa-4 Unit With One Probe Pv-0910Spare O Rings And Washers Video Colposcope With Imagine System Accessories As Per Crv Two Body Mortuary Cabinet With 7.5 Kva Voltage Stabilizar Phacoemulcification Unit, With All Accessories Inel Ups With Cvt Conpressor Model Galloxy Open Care Syrtem Machine Sno 0701124 Non Contact Tonometer Model At-555 Asi Space Saver Ls -611 Refraction Unit Model Den -785 Cryosurgical Console System Model Erbkryo-12 Cardiotocography Machine With Ultrasound Transducer Wave Unit With Patient Event Marker Assembly Model-Sonicaid Lensometer, For Checking Of Power Of Spectacles Anterior Segment Digital Imaging Cabinet Roller Motorised Test Type With Duocrome Test, Worth-4 Dot Test, Spot Light Blood Gas And Electrolyte Analyser Elis Reader Elisa Plate Washer Semi Automatic Electronic Adult Weighing Machine Semi Auto Analyser For Biochemistry Colorimeter Photo Electric, Direct Reading 220 Volts, 50 Cycles Ac Complete Cabinet Mild Steel, Size 122 Cm High X 91.44 Cm Wide X 38.10 Cm Deep To Hold 10000 Microscope Slides Complete With 50 Trays Plus Two Extra Drawers For Keeping Index Cards. Electrolyte Analyser Plectrode Based Semi Auto Analyser Semi Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyser With Built In Printer Model Erba Chem 5 Semi Automated Bio Chemistry Analyser Model-Prietest Touch Apparatus Shortwave Diathermy Therapeutic Complet App. Ultrasonic Therapy Unit Complete, Sr No 12Urr 00170. Ups 2 Kva 30 Minutes Back Up With Maintenance Free Batteries Phototherapy Double Surface Neonate Computerised Ecg Machine Model 8408 With Accessories Ecg Machine Cardiart 108T Mk-Vii Portable Light Wight Computerised Multi Channel Ecg Machine With Capability Of Accuring 12 Lead S Complete S No 06Am000048 Mobile Spot Light With Bty Back-Up Bed Side Monitor, Bpl Double Channel With Standard Accessories Cardiac Monitor With Defibeilator Model Lo-P-20 Nebuliser Ophtalmic Refractory System Code No-11720 Nebuliser Model Acat No 50202 Cardiac Monitor Defibeilator Cum Non Invasive Pacemaker Sno 80309Cm Trauscutancous Bilirubin Analyser Computerised Ultrasouond Stectrothirapy Combination Appararor Bed Side Monitor, Double Channel Complete Dc Defibrilator Cum Monitor Complete Ecg Machine Single Channel Complete Ecg Nibp/Sp02/Temp Monitor T Piece Resuccitafor Ecg Machine Syringe Infusion Pump Modele Sp 102 Fully Automated Blood Culture System Mobile X-Ray Machine & Accessories App X-Ray Mobile 60Ma At 100Kvp App X-Rayunidor 15Ma Portable Portable Hand Held Vascular Doppler Box Viewing Negative With A Pair Of Straight Flourescent Tube Complete. Box Viewing Negative Apalescant Screen For Glass Apaleseant 43Cmx35.5Cmx0.32 Voltage Stabilizer Automatic Servo Type Single Phase Input 175-260 Volts, Output 230 V, Voltage Protection Portable Ultra Sound Machine Logiq 100 Logiq K 100 With Integrated 7 Monitor And One No 3.5 Mhz Convex Transducer Addiotinal 9 Monitor And Thermal Printer Usg Machine With Sector Linear And Tvs Probe 3.5/5Mh2 Model Logiq C2 General Purpose Ultrasound E Model - Logico-3Pro Complete Accessories A Per At Order Semi Automatic Bluchemistry Analyser Combination Theraphy Unit With Ikt And Ultrasound Theraphy Usg Machine With Sector Linear And Tvs Probe 3.5Mhz Model Mindray Dp 8500 Syringe Infusion Pump Advanced Intermediate Place Emulsification Machine Accepted Modal Infiniti Vision System Mfd By Alcon Laboratories Frequency Doubled Solid State 532Mm Yag Laser Green Laser Volumetric Infusion Pump Ent Diagnostic And Theraputic Unit Set Model Modula Europa Complete Unit Configuration With Accesssories Drill Micro Motor With Straight And Angled Hand Piece Impedence Audiometer Model-Gsi-38 Flexible Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoscope With Fiber Optic Light Cable Complete With Accessories Retractiometerfocimeter Functional Endoscopic Sinus Sugery Fibroptic Telescope Wide Range Forward Oblique 30 Degree Diameter 04Mm Rigid Bronchoscope With Cold Light Nd Yag Laser Headlight Cold Light Illumination With Fibreoptic Light Cable With Angled Plug With Heavy Duty Adjustable Head Band And Cold Light Source. Impedance Audiometer Model Zodiac 901 With Inbuilt Printer Including Std Accessories With Adult Head Set With Tdh, Hl Oto Aucostic Emission Scanner Tonometer Without Weight Incase

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