24 AUG2019
  State Government
State Government chandrapur-maharashtra
Ref. No : 16208010
05-08-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : 22.12 Lacs 2212179.00 Sector : Power Plant

Supply Of Laboratory Fine Chemical, Glass Wares, Plastic Wares & Analytical Instrument At Wtp-Ii Cspts

17 JUN2019
  State Government
State Government hyderabad-telangana
Ref. No : 15696517
20-05-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Animal And Animal Feeds

Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Laboratory Instruments/Equipment At In House Lab Facility - Rt Pcr Machine, Thermal Cycler Pcr, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer With Graphite Furnace, Binary/Quaternary Gradient Hplc With Photodiode Array Fluorescence And Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors, Gc-Ms-Ms General Purpose Instrument, High Speed Floor Model Centrifuge, Hplc-Icp-Ms, Hr Gc Ms/Ms, Icp-Ms, Lc-Ms-Ms, Spectrofluorometer, Table Top Microfuge Refrigerated And Non Refrigerated, Temperature Controlled Orbital Water Bath Shakers, Uv-Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometer, Water Purification System Element Analysis Grade, Multimode Elisa Reader And Plate Washer, Carbon Di Oxide Incubator, Laminar Air Flow, Nano-Drop Spectrophotometer, Gel Doc Unit, Dna Sequencer, De Freezer, Analytical Balances, Auto Pipettes, Auto Titrators, Autoclaves, Bottle Dispensers, Centrifuges, Conductivity Meters, Desiccators, Electric Heaters, Frost Free Double Door Refrigerators, Fume Hoods, Hand Held Refractometer, , Heating Mantles, Hot Plate Cum Stirrers, Multichannel Pipettes, Incubators, Laboratory Blender, Magnetic Stirrer, Microwave Digester, Muffle Furnace, Oven – For Glassware Drying, Oven – Moisture, Oven – Moisture, Ph Meters, Sample Shakers, Solvent Dispensers - Organic & Acids –, Soxhlet Apparatus, Sulphur-Di-Oxide Apparatus, Tds Meter, Temperature Controlled Water Baths, Toluene Distillation Set, Upright Freezers, Vacuum Oven, Vortex Mixers, Waring Blender/Grinding Mill, Water Distillation Set, Automated Liquid Handling System, Automated Nitrogen Evaporators, Automated Solid Phase Extractor, Automatic Flash Point Tester, Wireless Real Time Lab Monitoring System, Automated Amino Acid Analyzer, Butyrorefractometer, Clean Bench Systems Biosafety Cabinets, Fiber Analyzer, Fully Automated Kjeldhal Analyzer, Microwave Digester, Tintometer, Rotary Evaporator, Sonic Water-Bath, Tintometercolour /Reflectance, Viscometer, Video Microscope, Anaerobic Jar, Autoclave Vertical, Automated Culture Media Preparator With Pourer Stacker, Automated Glassware Washer, Binocular Microscope, Bio Safety Cabinet Class Ii Type B2 Total Exhaust, Bod Incubator, Digital Colony Counter, Fumigator, Hot Air Oven, Howard Mold Counter, Incubators, Lab Blender Paddle Type, Micro Filtration Assembly With Oil Free Vacuum Pump, Sonic Water Bath, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Trinocular Microscope, Upright Frost Free Vertical Deep Freezer -25 °C, Uv Viewing Chamber, Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer, Do Meter, Oven, Table Top Flame Photometer, Multiparameter Water Analysis Kit For 100 Tests, Computer With Printer, Microwave, Cyclo-Mixer, Compound Microscope With Imaging, Sedgewick Rafter Cell, Hot Air Oven, Uv Chamber, Tissue Homogenizer, Ice Flaking Machine, Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus With Power Pack Micro-Centrifuge

9 MAY2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 15564143
17-04-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Auction Sale Of Condemnation Of E - Waste Item - 8 Refrigerator Kelvinator -20° Deepfreezer Photocopy Machine Computer, Cpu, Keyboard, U.P.S1.5 Kv Computer System Samsung Documentation System Monitor Mouse Uv Stratalinker1800 Stratagene Old Camera Of Gel Documentation Photocopier, Canon-Ir2022n Cd Writer Laptopblack & White, Panasonic Lcd Projector Infocus Hpscanjet 2400 Scanner Stabilizer Stabilizer Stabilizer Stabilizer Servo Voltage 3 Kva Laserjet 6L Pro Printer Hp Color Printer 2550 Stabilizer 1 Kvcybex Ups Compuline Computer Samsung Monitor, Keyboard, Cpu, Mouse Cd Writer Computer Hp Make Fax Machine, 365 Scanner, Scanjet 2400 C Computer P-Iii Monitor, With Laserjet, 6 L Goldhp Computer, Semtel Microscope Olympus Model Computer P-Iv With Printer Computer P-Iv Without Printer Photocopy Machine Toshiba Printer Hp Laserjet 1000 Generator, Honda. 5 Kva Computer Hp 7540 Ohp Projector Photophone Slide Projector Water Cooler Sidwal Coolstar Refrigerator Kelvinator Elisa Reader, Model No. Printer Stablizer Sarvo Photo Copy Machine, Canon Refrigerator, Gem Computer, Hcl With Printer Venus Canon Digital Fax Machine Printer Hp-1200 Canon Icmf Sr. No. 05750 Mobile Phone Bb-Pearl 8100 Digital Copier With Printer Toshiba Photocopier ‘Toshiba’ E-Studio Dlp Projector Refrigerator Gem Fax Machine Panasonic Crt Monitor Cpu Tft Monitor Wipro Voltage Stabilizer Water Dispenser Ups Dot Matrix Printer Printer Hp Deskjet 840 Laserjet Printer Hp 61 Pro Type Writer Server Desktop Switch Ohp Projector Printer Lbp 3500 Canon Electronic Type Writer Polfx- Blackberry Mobile Phones Rat42gw Dell Laptops Sony Laptops Toshiba Notebook Printer Hplaserjet 1015 11 Hot Case Water Cooler Sr-40 Desktop Monitor Computer P4 Cpu Desktop Computer Hp Desktop Computer Hcl Xerox Work Centre Photocopier Laptop Sony Laptop Dell Desktop Computer Hcl Desktop Computer Hp Ups Batteries Refrigerator Godrej 1 Fluorescent Microscope Olympus And Camera 48/6 Photocopier Toshiba Electronic Balance Compound Microscope Compound Microscope 48/5 Analytical Balance Dhona Compound Microscope Reichardjung Microscope Focus Toshiba Photocopy Machine Monitor Key Board Monitor, Goldstar Monitor, Hcl 12 Monitor, Hewlett Monitor, Microtek Monitor, Compaq Cpu, Compaq Cpu, Wipro Cpu, Zenith Cpu, Acer Fax Machine, Canon Computer Keyboard Printer, Canon Ups, Nexus Ups, Uniline Photo Copy Machine, Canon Stethoscope B P Instrument Laptop Compaq And Toshiba Scanner Ups Cpu Printer Hp Photocopy Machine Computers With Accessories Printer Deep Freezer -800C, Make – Spencer, 085 Deep Freezer -200C, Make-Blue Star Deep Freezer -200C, Make-Blue Star Keyboard & Mouse 1 & 1 Cpu, Make-Compaq Photocopier Machine, Make- Stabilizer Fax Machine Printer Hp Laserjet 1010 Hp Laserjet 6L Pro Zerox 332St Photocopier Toshiba Studio 450 Photocopier Vertical Deep Freezer-70° Vertical Deep Freezer-70° Ultra Deep Freezer-70°C Photocopy Machine Canon Cpu Unit Acer Printer Page Pro Old Batteries Chloride Superpower Key Boards Hp Optical Mouse For Computer Toshiba Photocopy Machine Cif020033 Monitor Cpu Samsung Printer Hp Laserjet P 1505 Keyboard Ups Mouse Pentium 4 Computer Compaq Computer Photocopier Hp Printer Sharp Fax Beanstalk Computer Modem Adapter Voltage Stablizer Laptop Lenovo Laptop Lenovo Laptop Dell Laptop Dell Laptop Dell Laptop Dell Laptop Hp Laptop Toshiba Printer-Canon Lbp 3460 Printer Hp- Color2600n Printer-Hp Laserjet2550l 15 Printer-Hplaserjet 1160 Printer-Canon Lbp 3460 Printer-Canon Lbp 3460 Printer-Hplaserjet 1160 Printer-Hplaserjet 1150 Printer-Hplaserjet 2100M Printer-Hplaserjet 3005Dn Printer-Canon Lbp 3460 Printer-Hplaserjet 3005Dn Printer-Canon Lbp 3460 Cpu-3076A4036471 Cpu-Ina8150pgm Cpu-Ina80909kj Cpu-Ina81209jm Cpu-2083A1320912 Cpu-1074A2290608 Cpu-3073A1403259 Cpu-Ini347007m Cpu-3076A4041989 Cpu-Ini51701rt Cpu-In21102442 Cpu- 3076A4041964 Cpu-1074A2290621 Cpucpu-Ini5170157 Cpucpu-Ini51701tm Cpu-Ina80909n8 Cpu-3076A4036446 Cpu- Assembled Cpu-Ina80909nv Cpu-Ina8150pht Monitor Compaq 14”Crt Monitor Hp 14”Crt Monitor -Digisync14”Crt Monitor Wipro Crt Monitor Compaq Crt Monitor -Hp Monitor Crt14 Monitor Compaq Crt Monitor Sparetft Monitor -Simmtronicstft Scanner -Hpscanjet 5590 Scanner -Hpscanjet 5590 Photocopier-Ricoh Aficio 2035 Canon Fax-Canon Fax

22 MAR2019
  State Government
State Government panchkula-haryana
Ref. No : 15295498
26-02-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Non Diversified

Supply Of Adult Weighing Machine, Blood Bag Weight Balance, Hot Plate, Sterilizer, Water Bath, Autoclave, Needle Destroyer, Elisa Strip Reader, Refrigerator Jove, Refrigerator Deep Cooling, Centrifuge 1 Remi 1Hitachi, Microscope, Dressing Drum, Stabilizer, Surgical Tray, Opthalmic Chair, Nd Yag Laser, Auto Refract Meter, Bp Apparatus Mercury, Iron Bed, Small Almirah, 6 Cabin Almirah, Iron Rack, Tailioring Seccessior, Dressing Trolley, Nebulizer, Bp Apparatus Digital, Iv Stand, Cardiace Table, Linen Trolley Stand, 02 Flow Meter, Suction Apparatus, Room Heater, Hub Cutter, Revolving Stool, Telephone Set, Big Drum, Small Drum, Needle Destroyer, Gsco Spaculum, Chittle Forceps, Tooth Forceps, Stich Remover Scessior, Artery Forceps, Sponge Holder, Ss Tray 10X12, Fumigation Machine, Bed Side Locker, Oxyzen Concentretor, Caining Chair, Back Rost, Pulse Oxymeter Moniter, Crash Cart Trolly, Iron Screen, Stethescope, Triplate Chair, Foot Step Iron, Wheel Chair, Operation Table, Patient Shifting Trolly, Iron Bed, Cardiec Table, Electric Cardiace Bed, Nebulizer, Refrigerator, Bp Apparatus, Iv Stand, Needle Destroyer, Induction Chullaha, Peads Stetho Old, Computer Adepetor, Oxyzen Hood, High Chair Old, Extension, Spo2 Probe, Weight Machine, Skin Probe, Nebulizer, Bp Cuff &Cable, Blood Gas Analyzer Abg, Boki, Computer Chair Revolving, Central Patient Moniter With Accessories, Ecg Cable, Syringe Infusion Pump, Printer, Fumigation Machine, Refrigerator, Infusion Pump Volumatric, Bp Apparatus, Stool Revolving, Icu Bed, Ventilator, Iron Stool, Paper Weight, Amalgam Carrier, Electric Sterlizer, Air Rotor Handpiece, Straight Handpiece, Ultrasonic Scaler, Air Scaler, Glass Bead Sterlizer, Devloper Box, Light Cure Unit, Bed Side Dockees, Stainless Steel Tank, Stainless Steel Master Tank, Safe Light X-Ray, Uv Sterlizer, Plastic Drum 200L, Wooden Table Big, Plastic Can 40L, Mouth Mirrior Handle, Small Dental Compressor, Opg Machine, Needle Destroyer Manual, Needle Destroyer Electrical, Hametology Analyzer Qbc, Centrifuge 2Remi + 2 Hitachi, Hot Air Oven, Incubetor, Binoculer Microscope, Water Bath, Clorimeter, Fully Automatic Microtome, Automatic Knife Sharpner, Hot Plate, Ilr, Immulite Analyzer Siemens, Revolving Chair/Office Chair, P. H. Meter, Spirit Lamp, Semi Automatic Coagulation Analyzer, Side Tray, Scisscer, Table Wooden, Microtome Blade, Sponge Hol, Der Single Pan Electrice Balance Esr Stand, Steel Rack, Needle Destroye, R Big Iron Stool, Surgical Drum Midium/Small, Basin, Steel, Kouch, Glucometer, Tube Rack, Token System, Microppi, Ttess Printer, Analytical Balance, Refrigerator, Fully Automatic Elisa Reder & Washer Trivtron, Office Chair, Autoclave, Allis Forceps, Plain Forceps, Artery Forceps, Forceps Small, Portable Ot Light, Electrohydyrlic, Vilasign Bed Side Patient Moniter, Extension Board, Pulse Oxymeter, Tourniquite Cuff, Trocar Canaula, Ent Head Light With, Hook Electrode Laparascope, Heat Contector, Height Measuring Scale, Xenon Bulb -300W15volt, Light Source Only, Laryngeal Mask Airway Lma, Laryangescope Adultpead, Phaco Handpiece, Maryland Laparascope Insturment, Laparascope Insturment /Scissor/Bowl, Ambu Bag, Electrice Drill, Laryngoscope Pead, Electric Plaster Cutting Saw, Fiber Optic Head Light Cable, Fiber Optic Head Light Ent, Formalin Chamber, Spatula Laparascope, Lead Appron, Oxygean Cylinder Key, Dressing Drum Small/Large/Medium, Corbondioxide Cylinder, Battery Operated Drill Machine, Generator Birla Yamaha, Hudrulic Operation Table, Portable O.T. Light, 4&7 Refeclators Celling O.T. Light, Electric Cautry Machine/ Cautry Plate, Bipolar Maryland With Cable, Cord Knife Laparascopic Insturment, Carbondioxide Tubing, Clip Applicator, Ureteroscopic Forceps, Bed Stand, Bed Side Screen, Padestal Fan, Chair Plastic, Bp Apparatus Merury, Dressing Drum, Chair Of Eye Opd Revolving, Clockwise Bp Apparatus, Dresssing Tray, Room Heater, Alfa Bed, Bp Apparatus, Bp Apparatus Led, Bp Apparatus Clockwise, Dressing Drum Big, Dressing Trolly, 02 Flow Meter, Heat Piller, Heater Small, Heater Maharaja, Iv Stand, Linen Trolley, Needle Destroyer, Manual Needle Destroyer, Nebulizer, Phototherapy, Stretcher Patient Trolley, Stethoscope, Wrench, Medicine Trolly, Bowl, Ampoul Cutter, Big Tailoring Scissor, Usion Pump, Fly Killer, Weight Machine, Bed Side Lockers, Foot Suction Machine, Mike, Infusion Pump, Doppler, Tourch, Emergency Light, Help Desk Counter, Invertor, Examination Table, Office Chair, Digital Sinage Player, Tooth Forceps, Cervical Punch Biopsy, Catheter Tray, Epigiotomy Scissior, Fetal Doppler, Needle Holder, Sponge Holder, S.S. Bowl, Straight Koha, Needle Destroyer, Suction Machine, Linen Trolley, Wheel Chair, Bp Apparatus, Triplate Chair, Vacuum Capture With Corner, 500Ma X-Ray Machine, Ct Scan Machine, Bmd Machine, Ecg Machine With Accessories, Shortwave Diathermy, Needle Holder, Sponge Holder, Allis Forceps, Mosquito Forceps, Scissors Small, Flow Meter, Steel Dressing Drum, Artery Forceps, Dressing Drum Small, Dressing Drum Big, Bp Handle, Scissors Suture Cutting, Disscuting Plain Forceps, Disscuting Tooth Forceps, Tooth Forceps Big, Cheatle Forceps, Kiney Tray, Instrument Trolley, Cardiace Table, Iv Stand, Bed Side Screen &Clothes, Triplate Chair, Iron Box, Instrument Sterilizer, Steel Bowl Kalori, Bp Handle Small, Instrument Drum, Sinus Forceps, Trey Medium, Emergency Light, Plaster Cutter Manman, Plaster Spreader, Tailoring Scissor, Needle Destroyer, Kocker Forceps, Autoclave 90 Ltr., Ot Light Double Dome, Fumigation Machine

1 JAN2019
  State Government
State Government pune-maharashtra
Ref. No : 14800505
20-12-2018 00:00:00 Tender Value : 2.00 Crore 20000000.00 Sector : Animal And Animal Feeds

Rate Contract For Supply And Installation Of Laboratory Freezing Machine, Thermal Specimen Labeling System For Laboratory Usage, Oocyte/ Embryo/ Semen Transfer Incubator, Inverted Microscope, Autoclave, Temperature Control Unit, Bench Top Incubator, Non Refrigerated Centrifuge, Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Workstation, Dh / Dhd Invitrocell Automatic Co2 Incubator, Digital Dry Block Heaters, Bright-Line Hemacytometer Set, Place Push-Button Counter, Hand Tally Counter, Hot Plate Stirrer, Convection Oven, Vaccum Pressure Pump, Vortex Mixer, Instrument/Pipette Sterilizing Pan, Bi-Metallic Oven Thermometer, Slide Warmer / Dryer, Micro Centrifuge, Streozoom Binocular Microscope, Streozoom Trinocular Microscope, Millipore Water Ultra Purification System, Heated Incubator, Analytical Balance, Anti Vibration Table, Bead Bath With Beads, Laminar Air Flow, Large Animal Ultrasound Machine, Ovum Pick Up Opu Unit, Squeeze Chute For Restraining Cattle, Mounting Brackets Hd Load Bars, Weigh Scale, Working Alley Frame, Universal Alley Stop, Headgate, Headgate Stand, Premier Panels, Wishbone Carriage, Calf Table, Stainless Steel Test Weight Set, Co2/ O2 Analyzer, Co2 Repair Kit, Modular Incubator Chamber, Co2 Meter / Transmitter, Anprolene Box, Undercounter Lab Refrigerator, Co2 Gas Cylinder And Accessories, Micro Pippettes, Glassware, Plasticwarefor Moet/Ivf Lab

27 FEB2019
  State Government
State Government coochbehar-west bengal
Ref. No : 15239380
21-02-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Equipment, Instrument - Hot Plate 2 Feet X 3 Feet, Hot Plate Ss Body With Ss Top 18’’X 24’’, Rotary Shaker, Digestion Chamber Hooded, Stainless Steel Make, Flame Photometer, Hot Air Oven, Infrared Thermometer With Inbuilt Display, Round Brass Mesh Sieve, Brass Soil Thermometer, Brass Soil Thermometer, Handheld Green Seeker With Inbuilt Display, Square Cuvettes, Hulling Machine Rubber, Mortar And Pestle, Rice Testing Mill Rice Polisher With Timer, Groundnut Decorticator, Weighing Balance 1000 - 5000 G Plastic Made, Bench Top Ph Meter, Bench Top Conductivity Meter, Kjeldahl Digestion Tube250ml, Root Analyzer, Trays For Growing Paddy Seedling, Tube Auger, Tensiometer 24”, Automatic Soxhlet Equipment, Automatic Fiberanalyzer Equipment, Automatic Digestion Equipment Along With Acid Neutralization Unit, Automatic Distillation System, Urine Analyzer, Salinity Meter, Portable Colorimeterete For Aquaculture Water Analysis, Thermometer For Tank, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Rotary Microtome, Single Beam Visible Sectrophotomet Er, Submersible Pump, Aquaguard Along With Iron Guard, Stand Fan, Elisa Reader, Incubator Shaker, Ultrasonicator, Benchtop Chiller, Flame Photometer, Shaker Incubator, Horizontal And Rotary Shakers, Soil Tensiometer, Soil Compaction Meter/ Penetrometer, Plant Growth Chamber, Bod Incubator Shaker Combined High & Low Temperature, Laminar Air Flowall Stainless Steel Body, Sequential Ac Timer, Light Timer Controller, Autoclave Imported 80 L 1 No., Hot Air Oven, Bench Top Ph Meter, Analytical Balance : 0.1Mg- 220Gms, Nonrefrigerated Table Top Centrifuge, Water Bath, Pcr Machine, Dual Mini Vertical Sds Page Unit + Power Pack, Horizontal Electrophoresis Unit With Power Supply, Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer, Vortex Mixer, Slide Callipers, Rice Polisher, Rice De Husker, Analytical Balance : 0.1Mg- 220Gms, Stereo Zoom Microscope With Camera And Compatible Accessories, Dslr Camera, Bod Incubator, Autoclave And Accessories, Deep Freez, Hot Air Oven, Slide Warmer, Berlese Funnel, Slide Box, Different Insect Traps, Analytical Balance : 0.1Mg- 220Gms, Digital Top Loading Precision Balance, Digital Top Loading Balance, Single Distillation Unit, Lcd Projector With Projector Screen, Autoclave And Accessories, Hot Air Oven, Bod Incubator, Refrigerator, Centrifuge 3000 Rpm, Deep Freezer, Single Beam Visible Sectrophotomet Er, Ro Water Purifier, Laboratory Tabletop Centrifuge, Pressure Chamber/Leaf Water Potential System, Data Logging Universal Handy Moisture Testing Machine, Digital Soil Moisture Meter, Refrigerated Cooling Centrifuge, Pulse Modulated Chlorophyll Fluorometer, Water Bath Shaker, Photocopier, A.C.Machine, Lcd Projector With Projector Screen, Digital Audiorecording Console With Dedicated Computer System, Sound System And Other Accessories Including Editing Software, Dslr Camera With Accessories, Installation Of Cctv At Different Point Of F/Ag Building, Water Purifier Cum Cooler, Lcd Projector With Projector Screen, Photo Copier Machine, Video Camera Along With Tripod, Lapel / Tie- Microphone, Mobile Tracker, Laser Pointer, Sound System, Lawn Mower, Road/Corridor Sweeping Machine, Dslr Camera With Accessories, A.C. Machine, Bod Incubator For Microbial Culture, Electronic Balance, Electronic Balance, Multi Parameter For Measuring Ph, Conductivity, Ion, Orp And Dissolved Oxygen Bench Top Meters With Multi Parameters

16 JAN2019
corporations/Associations/Others kolkata-west bengal
Ref. No : 14833300
25-12-2018 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Planning, Design And Construction Of 4 Government Medical Colleges Alongwith Supply Of Medical Equipment And Furniture- Ph Meter Needle And Syringe Destroyer Instrument Steriliser Tissue Cassettes, Metal & Plastic Leukarts L Plate, Brass Metal & Plastic Moulds For Embedding Microscopics Slide Cabinet Horizontal Manner Aluminum Slide Trays Haemacytometers With Red And White Pipettes Urinometers Mercury Based Instruments To Be Replaced With Other Alternatives Pipettes Of Various Sizes With Disposal Tips Haemoglobinometer Albuminometer Centrifuge Tube Graduated Cytocentrifuge Three Part Fully Automated Cell Counter Grossing Station - Stainless Steel, With Control Panel, Air Filtration System, Track Mounted Adjustable Computer Arm With Articulation, Led Lights That Are Color And Intensity, Dedicated Usb Ports For Camera Control And Data Transfer Adjustable, Integrated Pathology Camera System, Instrument Set High Quality Height Adjustable Stainless Steel Chairs With Split Ac Of Appropriate Capacity Cold Plate For Modular Tissue Embedding System Single Pan Analytical Balance Water Bath Tissue Floatation Stop Watch Pupillometer Sherrington Starling Kymograph Electrically Driven Starlings Long Extension Kymographs With Time Markers The Ideal Respiration Pump 500Cc. Cap Refrigerators Automatic Electric Recording Drums Colorimeters Canulas Different Types Smoking Burners Palmer A-291 And A-265 Tracheal Canula Metal Palmer E-76 Animal Weighing Machine For Small Animals Like Rats And Gunea Pig Dissection Instruments Distillation Apparatus Chemical Balance-Ordinary Apothecary?S Chemical Balance-Sensitive Actophotometer Animal Cage Digital Ph Meter Digital Plethysmometer Antihistamine Chamber With Manometer Disection Instrument Set Plethysmograph Assorted 4 Pneumograph Palmer E 1 Piston Recorder Palmer C.51 1 Tambours Mareys Palmer C.5 & C.11 4 Tetanus Set Palmer H2o 1 Stop Watches Jacquets 12 Oxygen Cylinders With Trolleys 20 Cu.Ft 4 Carbon-Di-Oxide Cylinder 2 Operating Lamps-Phillips 4 Animal Trolley With 12 Cages Digital Sphygmomanometer Critical Flicker Fusion Apparatus Bicycle Ergometer Dales Isolated Organ Bath Rotarod Assembly Cooks Pole Climbing Apparatus Electro-Convulsiometer Water Bath Phacoscope Hand Grip Dynamometer Tuning Fork – 128 Hz Tuning Fork- 256 Hz Tuning Fork- 512 Hz Animal Weighing Scale Double Demonstration Eye Piece Maddox Rod Marey’ Tambour Schematic Eye Newton’S Colour Wheel Stage Incubator Colorimeter Anaesthesia Instruments Dale’S Bath For Internal Organs Sahli Sahli- Adams Haemoglobinometer Or Haemometer Smoke Out Fit With Fume Cupboard Vernishing Outfit Compass Aesthesiometer Water Distillation Unit Plant All Glass Distillation Apparatus Double Stage Mosses Ergograph Knee Hammer Venus And Arterial Canula Surgical Instrument For Operative Procedure Douglas Bag Instrument Trolley Stethograph Electric Time Marker 100/Sec Bicycle Ergometer Nasal Field Olfactometer Edridge-Green Colour Perception Lantern Digital Stopwatch Refrigerator Voltage Stabilizer Stepdown Transformer Laptop Photocopier Basal Metabolism Apparatus Opthalmoscope Spirometer Ordinary

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