23 SEP2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector pondicherry-puducherry
Ref. No : 16467833
06-09-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Purchase Of Medical Equipment, Multichannel Monitor – 07 Nos. Medical Oncology 4 Nos. And Ems 3 Nos, Portable Defibrillator With Battery Backup – 03 Nos., Portable Ventilator – 01 No., Triple Para Monitor Multi Parameter Monitor- Basic- Spo2, Nibp, Ecg – 10 Nos., Video Laryngoscope – 02 Nos., Full Mannequin With Memory With Printer For Cpr Simulation -01 No., Adult Airway Trainer - 02 Nos., Handheld Doppler Machine – 01 No., Portable Ultrasound Machine – 01 No., Heavy Duty Power Drill For Ortho – 02 Nos., Neuro Power System – 02 Nos., C Arm Image Intensifier – 01 No., Binocular Operating Microscope With Camera Inbuilt And Recoding System– 01 No., Mechanized Cleaning Equipment – 01 No., Microwave Disinfection Machine Of Capacity – 60 Litres – 01 No., Gamma Probe For Sentinel Node Imaging – 01 No., Ultra Sound For Thyroid And Musculoskeletal Imaging – 01 No., Ultrasound With Neuro-Navigationcompatible With Stealth S7 And Trans Cranial Doppler Probe And Esophageal Doppler– 01 No., Neurosurgical Operating Table – 01 No., Operating Chair – 01 No., Live Cell Imaging System – 01 No., Flow Cytometer – 01 No., Ophthalmic Surgical Operating Microscope – 01No., Humpphery Automated Perimetry– 01 No., Ophthalmic Surgical Simulator– 01 No., Ten Headed Microscope – 01 No., Fully Automated Microtome – 02 Nos., Cryostat – 02 Nos., Trinocular Microsocope With Camera – 15 Nos., Binocular Microscope For Technicians – 10 Nos., Electrotherapy Unit With 2 And 4 Poles, 2 Channels Completely Independent – 01 No., Cognitive Evaluation Kit – 01 No., Virtual Reality Inertractive System For Rehabilitation Of Neuromoter Pathologies– 01 No., Spirometer –01 No., Treadmill Trainer With Support Of Giat Training Stand – 01 No., Ergometer Bi-Cycle – 01 No., Continuous Passive Mobiliser Cpm Lower Limb – 02 Nos., Elliptical Trainer – 01 No., Cryotherapy Unit – 02 Nos., Water Bath For Low Temperature Thermoplastic Sheet – 01 No., Grinder Machine With Publisher– 01 No., Infrared Oven– 01 No., Electric Plaster Saw And Electric Plaster Mixer With Accessories – 01 No., Drape Disk With Drape Table With Suction Unit, 01 No., Hand Tutor Right And Left – 01 No., Fret Saw Machine Cycle Type – 02 Nos., Class Champs Gym Indoor Gym For Children With Rope Ladder Soft Top Platform Swing, Net Swing, Sling Seat And Sew-Saw– 01 No., Exercise Cycle – 02 Nos., Evaluation System –01 No., Exercise Unit – 01 No., Positioning Equipments – 01 No., Binocular Microscope – 50 Nos., Vapour Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tank – 01 No., Biosafety Cabinet Class Ii Bi - 03 Nos., Anaerobic Culture System – 01 No., Biosafety Cabinet Class Ii Type A2 - 03 Nos. One Unit Each For Microbiology, Anatomy And Physiology Departments, -20 Deg C Deep Freezer - Vertical Model - 04 Nos., Two Units For Microbiology, And One Unit Each, Clinical Immunology And Physiology Departments, C-Arm Image Intensifier System – 01 No., Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy System -01 No., Swl Combining Ultrasound And Fluroscopic Imaging For Renal And Ureteral Stone Management, 01 No., Mini-Nephroscope/ Minimaally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy Consisting, Miniature Nephroscope With Compatible Sheaths, 01 No., Turner Warwick Urethroplasty Ring Retractor With Set Of Six Blades Made Of Titanium – 01 No., Body Plethesmography With Pft / Dlco - 1 No., Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure Bipap - 06 Nos., 4 Nos. For Pulmonary Medicine & 02 Nos. For Ems., High End 4D Usg Machine – 01No., Automated Sperm Quality Analyser – 01No., Deep Freezer -40 Degree – 02 Nos. One, Physiology And One For Biochemistry Departments, Deep Freezer -80 Degree – 04 Nos. One Each, Microbiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Transfusion Medicine And Biochemistry Departments, Heavy Duty Centrifuges – 02 Nos., High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge – 04 Nos. Two Units For Biochemistry And One Unit Each For Physiology, And, Pathology, Departments, Analytical Laboratory Refrigerator – 05 Nos. One For Anatomy And Four For Biochemistry Departments, Laboratory Shaker With Incubator – 01 No., Nano Spectrophotometer – 02 No. 1 Unit Each For Biochemistry And Physiology Departments, Fluorescence Reader With Automatic Washer And Shaker -01 No., Walk In Cooler Cold Room – 02 Nos., Vacuum Cleaner For Autopsy Saw Hb 740 Kugel Medical – 01 No., Portable X-Ray Computerized Radiography – 01 No., Bench Top Centrifuge – 01 No., Digital Camera And Video Cam Corder – 01 No., Elisa Reader & Washer – 03 No. One Each For The Clinical Immunology, Physiology And Transfusion Medicine Departments, Liquid Nitrogen Storage Cans-Size 50, 35, 15 Liters And Transport Cylinder Of 35 Liters Capacity – 01 Set, Nailfold Capillaroscope – 01 No, . Polarising Microscope – 01 No. Survey Meter – 01 No., Real Time Pcr – 01 No., 3D Hd Monitor Medical Gradewith Suitable Connector To Robotic Vision Cart For Patient Side Assistant – 01 No., Ultrasound Machine With Abdominal, Intraoperative Laparoscopic, And Transrectal Transducers – 01 No., Revolving Chair For Console Surgeon With Cushions, Adjustable Height And Suitable Arm Rests – 02 Nos., 3D Hd Video Recorder With Suitable Connector To Da Vinci™ Surgical Robot System Vision Cart –, 01 No., Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – 01 No., Finger Plethysmograph – 01 No., Body Box/Body Plethysmography – 01 No., Polysomnography – 01 No., Platelet Aggregometer – 01 No., Data Acquisition System – 01 No., Bicycle Ergometer– 01 No, Mobile Ot Light – 01 No., Patient Warmer – 03 Nos., 2 Nos. For Surgical Gastro & 1 No. For Nephrology, Electric Icu Cot – 7 Nos., Neurosurgery - 2 Nos, Nephrology - 2 Nos, Surgical Oncology 2 Nos., Clinical Immunology - 1 No., Operation Theatre Table – 01 No., Automated Karyotyping Workstation Upright Brightfield/Fluorescent/Phase Contrast Light Source And Objectives Trinocular Microscope Semi-Motorized With Live Imaging System - Ccd And Camera Attached With Software For Automated, Karyotyping And Fish - 01No., Mandibular Distraction Set – 01 No., Dental Digital Radiography System – 01 No., Portable Operating Head Light – 04 Nos., Hydrosolder Units – 01 No., Electropolisher Units – 01 No., Maxillofacial-Surgical Saw System – 01 No., Surgical Physiodispenser With Surgical Hand Pieces And Attachments – 02 Nos., Surgical Diathermy/Electrocautery Machine With Irrigation – 02 Nos., Surgical Diathermy/Electrocautery Machine Without Irrigation – 02 Nos., Spine Osteotomy Set – 01 No., Patient Warmer Polymer Fibre Technology Adult + Paediatrics – 04 Nos., Surgical Loupe With Headlight – 03 Nos., Rapid Fluid Warmer – 03 Nos., Patient Warmer Air Warming Technology Adult +Paediatrics – 04 Nos., Bone Mill – 01No., Low Energy Linear Accelerator Linac – 01 No., Arc-Based Pretreatment Fluence Verification System For Imrt And Vmat Treatment – 01 No., Daily Qa Checker For Energy, Output, Symmetry, Flatness Consistency Checks – 02 Nos., Two Reference Class Calibrated Secondary Standard, Tld In-Vivo Dosimetry System – 01 No., Rando Phantom Tbi, Tset And Other Accessories – 01 No., Radiation Survey Meter Ion Chamber – 01 No., Radiation Survey Meter Gm With Contamination, 01 No., Evoked Potential/ Electromyography / Nerve Conduction Study System – 01 No. Power Assisted Liposuction System – 01 No. Operating Microscope For Super-Microsurgery – 01 No. Battery Operated Vehicle – 04 Nos. Ultrasonography Machine – 05 Nos. Advanced Anesthesia Workstations – 08 Nos. Advanced Anesthesia Workstations Mid Range -07 Nos. Standalone End Tidal Co2 Monitors – 04 Nos. Table Top Stand Alone Pulse Oximeter With Motion And Low Perfusion Detection Technology - 06 Nos. 02 Nos. For Anesthesiology And 04 Nos. For Clinical Immunology Transport Trolley With Provision For Attaching Oxygen Cylinder - 7 Nos. 3 Nos For Anesthesiology And 4 Nos For Nephrology Flexible Bronchoscope With Monitor Paediatric – 01 No. Thromboelastogram One Channeled - 01 No. Lumbar Puncture Simulator - 01 No. Cpr Manikin With Feedback Device - 04 Nos. Blood Fluid Warmer Device - 13 Nos. Orthopedics 03 Nos. & Anaesthesiology 10 Nos. Forced Air Warming Devices - 35 Nos. Surgical Gastroenterology 01 No., Dentistry 02 Nos., Cardiology 01 No., Orthopedic Surgery 04 Nos., Anaesthesiology &Cc 20 Nos., Pediatrics 03 Nos., Emsd 02 Nos. And Em&T 2 Nos., High Flow Nasal Oxygen Delivery Device - 02 Nos., Target Controlled Infusion Pump Tci - 1 No., Pediatric Flexible Fibroptic Bronchoscope - 03 Nos., Infrared Vein Finder - 01 No., Near Infrared Spectroscopy Tissue Oxygen Monitor – 01 No., Adult Videolaryngoscope Resusable - 03 Nos., Desflurane Vaporizer – 01 No.,, Pediatric Videolaryngoscape Reusable - 02 Nos., Interactive White Board – 01 No., Document Camera - 01 No., Temporary Epimyocardial Pacemaker For – 04 Nos., Defibrillator With Internal And External Paddles - 02 Nos., Ultrasonic Cleaner For General & Fine Surgical Instruments – 01 No., Ultrasonic Washer For Robotic Surgical Instruments- 1 Nos., Icu Monitor With Eeg Channels – 02 Nos., Hot Air Oven - 02 Nos., Vdrl Shaker - 02 Nos., Blood Bag Weighing Scale - Double Pan - 02 Nos., Blood Transportation Box Extended Cold Life - 02 Nos., Centrifuge & Incubator For Column Agglutination Technology Gel Card In Blood Banks - 2 Nos., Cryoprecipitate Bath - 1 No., Dielectric Table Top Tube Sealer - 2 Nos., Inverted Phase Contract Microscope - 1 No., Plasma Thawing Bath - 2 Nos., Electronic Sevoflurane Vaporizer Compatible With Aisys Workstation - 01No., Rf Generator - 01No., Sequential Compression Devices – 05 Nos. Ems For 02, Surgery For 02, Surgical Gastroenterology For 01No., Hd Video Endoscope System – 01 No., Radiofrequency Abalation System – 01 No., Electrical Blanket For Patient Cover – 01 No, Operating Head Light For High End Modular Ot - 02 Nos., High End High Resolution Surgical Operating Magnification Loupe With Portable Head Light - 1 No., Surgical Operating Magnification Loupes With Head Light - 1 No., Multiparameter Monitor - 10 Nos., Ambulatory Bp Monitor – 03 Units,

21 JAN2019
  Private Sector
Private Sector bangalore-karnataka
Ref. No : 14909817
07-01-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : 5.00 Lacs 500000.00 Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Co2 Euthanasia Device For Mice - Qty. 1 No. Table Top Anesthesia Machine For Mice Isoflurane - 1No

18 JAN2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector palamu-jharkhand
Ref. No : 14890298
03-01-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Supply Of 2 Cardiac Equipments, Ecg Machine Computerized, Ecg Machine Ordinary, 12 Channel Stress Ecg Test Equipments Tread Mill Cardiac Mointor, Cardiac Mointor With Defibrillator, Ventilators Adult, Ventilators Paediatrics, Pulse Oxymeter, Infusion Pump, B.P. Apparatus Table Model, B.P. Apparatus Stand Model, Stethoscope, Teaching Equipments, Over Head Projector Ohp, Screen, White/Colors Boards, Lcd Projectors With Laptop, Computer With Modem With Ups, Printer With Internet Connection, Xerox Machine Sharp, Refrigeration & Ac, Refrigerator 165 Literes, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Ilr, Deep Freezer, Spare Ice Pack Box, Outpatient Rooms, Digital Weight Machine, Height Machine, Thermometer, Hospital Plants, Generator 43/50 Kv, Generator 75 Kv, Generator 125 Kv Portable 2.5 Kv Solar Water Heater, Incinerator, Central Supply Of O2 N2o, Vaccuum, Cold Storage For Mortuary, 5Kva Generator, Gyne Ot + Labour Room, Straight Kocher Cord Clamp, Curve Kocher Clamp, Small Hole Sponge Holder, Uterine Sound, Kidney Tray Big, Mtp Set, Autoclave Single Drum, Autoclave Double Drum, Speculum, Kelys Forceps, Valsellum, Foetal Doppler, Tray Big, Focus Light, Curretor, Suction Machine, O2 Regulater, Boiler Big Electronic, Airway, O2 Mask Adult, O2 Mask Paediatic, Gas Burner Big, Drum Big S.S, Drum Small S.S, Steal Bowl Big For Boiled Water, Bowl Stand, Iv Stand, Pulse Oxymeter, B - T- Set, Iv Set Adult, Foleys Catheter, Uro Bag, Sanitary Pad, Hypore 1, Gauge Than 18 Meterx90cm Schedule F-Ii Cotton 400 Gram Net. Plain Thread Disposable Mask Disposable Cap Shoe Cover Plastic Apron Iv Set Peadiatric Rubber Set Green Cloth For Gown Lobour Ward & Neo Natal Equipments Baby Incubators Phototherapy Unit Emergency Resuscitation Kit - Baby Standard Weighing Scale Newborn Care Equipments Double-Outlet Oxygen Concentrator Radiant Warmer Room Warmer Foetal Doppler Cardio Toco Graph Ctg Monitor Delivery Kit Episiotomy Kit Forceps Delivery Kit Craniotomy Silastic Vaccum Extractor Pulse Oximeter Baby & Adult Cardiac Monitor Baby Nebulizer Baby Weighing Machine Adult Weighing Machine Infant Ilr & Df With Stabilizer Spare Ice Pack Box Room Heater/ Cooler For Immunization Clinic With Electrical Fittings Waste Disposal Twin Bucket, Freeze Tag Thermometers Alcohol Stem Almirah For Vaccine Logistics Immunization Table Chair Plastic Cello Stools For Immunization Room Bench For Waiting Area Dustbin With Lid Water Container Hub Cutters Ear Nose Throat Euipments Head Light Ordinary Boyle Davis Otoscope Eye Equipments Cryo Surgery Unit Ophthalmoscope Direct Slit Lamp Retino Scope Perimeter Binomags Distant Vision Charts Foreign Body Spud And Needle Lacrimal Cannula And Probes Lid Retractors Desmarres Near Vision Charts Punctum Dilator Rotating Visual Acuity Drum Torch Light 4 Cell Eveready Trial Frame Adult / Children Trial Lens Set Iol Operation Set Laser Photocoagulometer Operating Microscope A- Scan Biometer Keratometer Auto Refractometer Flash Autoclave Applanation Tonometer Dental Equipments Air Rotor Dental Unit With Motor For Dental Op Dental Chair Dental Kit Operation Theatre Equipment Auto Clave Hp Horizontal Auto Clave Hp Vertical 2 Bin Operation Table Ordinary Paediatric Operation Table Hydraulic Major Operation Table Non-Hydraulic Field Type Operating Table Orthopedic Autoclave With Burners 2 Bin Autoclave Vertical Single Bin Shadow Less Lamp Ceiling Type Major Shadow Less Lamp Ceiling Type Minor Shadow Less Lamp Stand Model Focus Lamp Ordinary Sterilizer Big Instrument Sterilizer Medium Instrument Sterilizer Small Instrument Bowl Sterilizer Big Bowl Sterilizer Medium Diathermy Machine Electric Cautery Suction Apparatus - Electrical Suction Apparatus Foot Operated Dehumidifier Ultra Violet Lamp Philips Model 4 Feet Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Microwave Sterilizer Loboratory Equipments Binocular Microscope Balance Electrical Monopam Surgical Equipment Sets P.S Set Mtp Set Biopsy Cervical Set D & C Set I.U.C.D Kit Lscs Set Mva Kit Vaginal Hysterectomy Big Vaginal Hysterectomy M Proctoscopy Set Small Proctoscopy Set M Proctoscopy Set Big P.V Tray Abdominal Hysterectomy Set Big Abdominal Hysterectomy Set M Laparotomy Set Small Laparotomy Set Big Formalin Dispenser Solution Kick Bucket General Surgical Instrument Set Piles, Fistula, Fissure Small General Surgical Instrument Set Piles, Fistula, Fissure Medium General Surgical Instrument Set Piles, Fistula, Fissure Big Knee Hammer Big Knee Hammer Medium Varicosevein Set Gynae Electric Cautery Vaginal Examination Set Suturing Set Mtp Suction Apparatus Thoractomy Set Neuro Surgery Carniotomy Set I M Nailing Kit Sp Nailing Compression Plating Kit Am Prosthesis Dislocation Hip Screw Fixation Small Dislocation Hip Screw Fixation M Dislocation Hip Screw Fixation Big Fixation Fracture Hip Small Fixation Fracture Hip M Fixation Fracture Hip Big Spinal Column Bacm Operation Set Thomas Splint Small Thomas Splint M Thomas Splint Big Paediatric Surgery Set Small Mini Surgery Set M Urology Kit Small Urology Kit M Urology Kit Big Surgical Package For Cholecystectomy Big Sugical Package For Cholecystectomy M Surgical Package For Thyroid Gi Operation Set Appendicectomy Set Small Appendicectomy Set M Appendicectomy Set Big L.P Tray Big L.P Tray M Uretheral Dilator Set Small Uretheral Dilator Set M Uretheral Dilator Set Big Turp Resectoscope Haemodialysis Machine Amputation Set Small Amputation Set M Amputation Set Big Universal Bone Drill M Universal Bone Drill Big Crammer Wire Splints M Crammer Wire Splints Big Colposcope Cryoprobe Pmr Equipments Desirable Skeleton Traction Set Small Skeleton Traction Set Medium Skeleton Traction Set Big Interferential Therapy Unit Short Wave Diathermy Hot Packs & Hydro Collator Exercise Table Static Cycle Medicine Ball Quadriceps Exerciser Coordination Board Hand Grip Strength Measurement Board Kit For Neuro - Development Assessment Cbr Manual Adl Kit & Hand Exerciser Multi Gym Exerciser Self Help Devices Wheel Chair Crutches/ Mobility Device Sets Hot Air Gun Grinder Sander Router Power Drill Band Saw Vacuum Forming Apparatus Lathe Welding Machine Buffing & Polishing Machine Work Table - 2 Nos Tools And Raw Material Endoscopy Equipments Anaeshesia Equipments Small Anaeshesia Equipments Medium Anaeshesia Equipments Big Anaesthetic - Laryngoscope Magills With Four Blades Small Anaesthetic - Laryngoscope Magills With Four Baldes Medium Anaesthetic - Laryngoscope Magills With Four Baldes Big Endo Tracheal Tubes Sets 4 No Endo Tracheal Tubes Sets 5 No Endo Tracheal Tubes Sets 6 No Endo Tracheal Tubes Sets 7 No Endo Tracheal Tubes Sets 8 No Magills Forceps Two Sizes Connector Set Of Six For Ett Tubes Connecting For E.T.T Air Way Female Small Air Way Female Medium Air Way Female Big Air Way Male Small Air Way Male Medium Air Way Male Big Mouth Prop Tongue Depressors O2 Cylyinder For Boyles Medium N20 Cylinder For Boyles Medium Co2 Cylinder For Laparoscope M Pulmonary Function Text Pft Machine Anesthesia Work Station Medium Exchange Transfusion Sets Post Mortem Equipments Mortuary Table Stainless Stell P.M Equipments As Per List Weighing Machines Organs Measuring Glasses Liquids Aprons P.M Gloves Pairs Rubber Sheets Lens Spot Lights Cold Box For Preserving Dead Bodies Furniture& Hospital Accessories As Per Need Doctors Chair Doctors Table Duty Table For Nurses Table For Sterilization Use Medium Long Benches 6. 1/2 X 1 .1/2 Stools Wooden Stools Revolving Racks - Steel - Wooden Patients Waiting Chairs Moulded Office Chairs Officer Table Foot Stools Filing Cabinets For Records Ortho Facture Table Back Rest Dressing Trolley Ss Medicine Almirah Bed Side Screen Ss- Case Sheet Holders With Clip Ss Bed Side Lockers Ss Instrument Trolley Wheel Chair Ss Stretcher/ Patient Trolley Ss Delivery Table Ss Full Saline Stand Ss Bed Pan Ss Urinal Male And Female Stores Almirah Bucket Plastic Ambu Bags Needle Cutter And Melter Cheatles Forceps Assorted Wax Bath Enema Set Ceiling Fans Linen Bed Sheets Doctors Overcoat Towels Abdominal Sheets For Ot Pereneal Sheets For Ot Blankets Red And Blue Table Cloth Hospital Worker Ot Coat Pillows Pillows Covers Mattress Foam Adult Paediatric Matterss Uniform/Apron Mortuary Sheet Mats Nylon Apron For Cook Room Heater/ Cooler For Immunization With Electrical Fittings Coolers Air Conditioners Cardiology Diagnostics Ecg Machine Tmt With Blue Tooth Crash Cart With Defib Eye & Other Diagnostic A Scan Biometer B Scan Usg Indirect Ophthalmoscope Incubator Hot Air Oven Water Bath Small Water/Air Baths Large Blood Culture System Fully Automated Random Access Biochemistry Analyser Automated Urine Analyser Linac, Brachytherapy & Chemotherapy Minor Ot Table Ot Light Instrument Set Delivery Table Delivery Room Light Volumetric Infusion Pump Foetal Monitoring System Inpatient Nurse Stations Infusion Pumps Ortho & Neruo Ot Anthroscopy Instruments Set Strker With Hand Held Insturments Smith Neptew Hand Drill & Saw With Hand Instuments Manman With Flexible Reamer Set Hip Replacement Instrument Set Spine Instrument Set Pfn A2 Instrument Set Dhs/Dcs Instumentation Set Modular Bipolar Cemented/Uncemented Antibiotic Bone Cement 40Gms Femur Interlockin Instrumentation Set Will All Sizes Nails Titanium - Mri Compatible Tibia Interlocking Instrumentation In All Sizes Titanium Instruments Set For 4.5 Locking Plates Dcp & Lcddp Titanuim Instruments Set For 3.5 Locking Plates Dcp/Lcdcp 3.5 Titanium Humerus Interlocking Nail Instrument Set With Nails Flexible Reamer Set For Forerarm Nails Square Nail With Instruments 21 Tens Titanium He22rbert Scewrs With Instruments Set Tita23nium Cc Scre24ws Set Titanium 4Mm & 6.5 Mm/7Mm Phillos Titanium 4/5/7 Hole With Instrument Set Extraarticular Humerus Plates Titanium With Instrument Set Sizes Holes - 7/8/9/11 Distal Humerus Medial & Lateral/Posterolateral Plates Anatomical Plates Holes - 3, 5, 7 Holes - Titanium Proximal Femoral Lcp Sizes 7, 9, 11 28 Proimal Tibia Raft Plates - La29teral 6/8/9 Holes Medi3oal4, 6, 8 Holes Poste Promedial Plates Distal Tibial Medial Plate Low Profile Holes - 6, 8, 10 Distal Fibula Anatomical Plates Holes 4/6/8 Holes Ss Wire 16, 18, 20, 22 G K Wire 1.2 Mm To 3 Mm K Wire Instrument Set Tension Band Wiring Set Chromic Catgut 2/0 No. Chromic Catgut 1/0 No. Chromic Catgut 1 No. Chromic Catgut 2 No Vicryl 2/0 No Vicryl 3/0 No Vicryl 1/0 No Vicryl 1/0 No Prolene Sutures 3/0 No Prolene Sutures 2/0 No Prolene Sutures 1/0 No Prolene Sutures 1 No Pds Suture 1 No Mersilk 2/0 No Merslik 3/0 No Mersilk Roll Prolene Mesh 5X3 Prolene Mesh 6X6 Ot Table With Accessories Operating Microscope Head Light Arthroscope Motorized Articulated Ot Pendent With Anaesthesia W/S & Ventilator Defibrillator Multipara Monitor Transport Monitor Slave Monitor Diathermy Hd Camera Set Retractors Periosteal Elevators, Screws Surgical Instrument Set Anaesthesia Machine With Ventilator Omnibed Phototherapy Unit Ventilator Nebulizer Vicryl Suture 5-0 Vicryl Suture6-0 Suturenylon 10-0 Chromic Catgut 2 No With Needle Chromic Catgut 1 No With Needle Vicryl 1 No With Needle Mersilk Suture 2-0 Kitkath 18 No Foley Cathter Curved Needle Round Body 1.5 Curved Needle Cuting Needle 1.5 Liquid Hand Scrub Iv Set Disposable Leucoplast Roll 4 Ng Tube 8 Ng Tube 10 Ng Tube 12 Ng Tube 14 Kitkath 24 Kitkath 22 Kitkath 20 Cpda Blood Bag Single Cpda Blood Bag Single Cpda Blood Bag Pediartic Cpda Blood Bag Pediartic Saline Set Hiv Rapid Hbsag Rapid Hcv Rapid M.P Rapid Pf + Pv Para Hit Total Mp R.P.R Kit Distil Water Rectified Spirit Blood Group Kit Abd 10Ml Blood Group Kit Abd 5 Ml Anti Ab 10Ml Anti Ab 5Ml Anti Human Globulin 10 Ml Anti Human Globulin 5Ml 22% Bovine Albumin 10Ml 22% Bovine Albumin 5Ml Anti A 1 10Ml Anti H 10Ml Glass Slide Khan Test Tube Khan Test Tube Brush Plain Vial Disposable Gloves Glycrine Micro Tips Cotton 400Gm Copper Sulphate Crystal Hcl Cone Lancet Tissu Paper Syringe With Needle Absolute Alcohal Pumping Ball Betadine Solution Oxygen Cylinder With Mask Disposable Syringe 50 Ml Disposable Syringe 10 Ml Disposabel Syringe 20 Ml Disposable Syringe 5 Ml Disposable Syringe 2 Ml Disposable Syringe 1 Ml Catheter - 6 - No. Catheter - 8 - No. X - Ray Film 12 X 15 Green Base X - Ray Film 10 X 12 Grenn Base X - Ray Film 8 X 10 Grenn Base Lead Apron Lead Devider X - Ray Cassete With Intensified Screen 12 X 15 X - Ray Cassete With Intensified Screen 10 X 12 X - Ray Cassete With Intensified Screen 8 X 10 Film Hanger 12X 15 Film Hanger 10X 12 Film Hanger 8X 10 Fixer 13.5 Ltr. Developer 13.5 Ltr. Stainless Steal Tank 13.5 Ltr. Staniless Steal Tank 22.5 Ltr. Lead Figure 0 -9 . A To Z X - Ray Envelope 12 X 15 X - Ray Envelope 10 X 12 X - Ray Envelope 8 X 10 Safe Light Centrifuge Machine Colori Meter C - Colorimeter Micropipette Fixed - 20 Micropipette Fixed - 50 Micropipette Fixed - 100 Micropipette Fixed - 200 Micropipette Varibale 20 -200 Glass Slide Staining Rack Esr Stand Esr Tube Filter Paper Cover Slip Capilary Tube Graduated Measuring Pipette 0.1 Ml Graduated Measuring Pipette 1 Ml Graduated Measuring Pipette 2 Ml Graduated Measuring Pipette 5 Ml Measuring Pipette Bulb Test Tube Handle Borosil Test Tube 15 Mm X 125 Mm Spirit Lamp Glass Slide Hb Set / Sahli Haemoglobin Meter Square Hb Tube Square Plastic Drop Bottles Dimond Marker Sodium Citrate Soln Ab Solute Alohol/ Iso Propyl Alcohol N/H Hcl Leishman Stain Litmus Paper Red & Blue Distilled Water 5 Lt Lancet 200 Pc/ Pkt Edta Power 50 Gm Sodium Hypochlonic 5 Lt Glacial Acetic Acid Cedarwood Oil 25 Ml Jsb Stain I & Ii Drabkins Soln With Standard Benedicts Reagent Drabkins Soln With Standard Blood Sugar Kit Blood Urea Sgpt Sgot Bilirubin Cholestrol Triglyceride Cholestrol Ldl Creatinine Glucometer Dr. Morpen Glucometer Strip Uri Strip Glucosef Protein Pregnancy Test Strip Para Hit Total Pregnancy Test Strip R.P.R Kit Strip Hbs Ay Rapid Kit Edta Vail Plain Vail Cell Countar Blood 5 Keys Khan Test Tube Test Tube Brush Microtips 200 Ul Tissue Paper Widal Test Kit Uric Acid Kit Alk Phosp. Floride Power 25 Gm Cell Countar Reageut Corneal Scissors Conjuctival Scissors Vannas Scissors Mcpherson Forceps Corneal Forceps Mosquito Forceps Small Mosquito Forceps Medium Lens Dialer Phaco Chopper Simcoe Cannula Irrigation & Aspiration Cannula Irrigating Vectis Three Way Cannula Plain Forceps Suture Tying Curve Forceps Suture Tying Chalazion Clamp Chalazion Scoop Curve Cutting Needle 13/14 No. Superior Rectus Forceps Capsulorexis Utrata Forceps J - Shape Cannula Tooks Knife Keratometer Operative Microscope Slit Lamp Electric Bipolar Cautery Wet Filed Ot Table For Eye Surgery Ot Trolley B - T- Set O2 Mask Paediatic Hipore 1 Big Size B.P Blade 15 No. Crescent Blade Keratome Blade Lance Tip Blade Spinal Needle Lengan Beck Retractors Small Czerney Retractors Skin Hook Single Skin Hook Double Lid Retractor Cats Paw Fine Jolls Retractor Thyriod Retractor Foreign Body Spud Needle Holder Big 9 Needle Holder Small 6 Fine Tooth Forceps Fine Non Tooth Forceps Tooth Forcep 6 Non Tooth Forceps Plain Med - 6 Curette Medium Staple Remover Scissors Mayos 7 & 9 Scissors Suture Cutting 7 & 9 Fine Scissors 4 Sinus Forceps Nasal Packing Forceps Ear Packing Forceps Butter Fly Probe Bowl Holding Forceps Cheattle Forceps Varicose Vein Strippers Clip Applicators 9 & 12 Fine Suction Tip Cannula Bone Cutter 9 & 6 Self Retaining Abdominal Retractors Medium And Large Thyroid Dissector Humbys Knife Bone Nibbuler Bone File Bone Saw Periosteum Elevator Bull Dog Clamp 3 Lengenback Retractors Large Deavers Abdominal Retractor Small, Deavers Abdominal Retractor Medium Russians Forceps B.P Handle No. 7 B.P Handle No. 4 B.P Handle No. 3 Intra Ocular Lens Iol Black Glass Hipore 1 Big Size B.P Blade 15 No. Crescent Blade Keratome Blade Lance Tip Blade Surgical Spirit 500Ml Scissors 8 Kidney Tray Small Toothed Forceps Rack For Keeping Sleepers/ Shoe Covers Outside Labour Room Side Locker Bed Sheets Blankets Office Table Examination Table Mugs Chairs For Waiting Area Three In One Set Steel Leucoband 4 Inch Leucoband 6 Inch Leucocrap 4 Inch Leucocrap 6 Inch Leucoplast T 4 Inch Leucoplast 6 Inch S.S Wire 1.6 Mm S.S Wire 1.88 Mm S.S Wire 2.2 Mm Savlon 1 Ltr. Scanner Needle 26 No. Needle Curve, Straight Needle Spinal Stainless Set Of 4 No. Bandage 4 Bandage 6 A4 Size Paper Legal Size Paper Register 50 No. Register 40 No. Register 30 No. Register 20 No. Fancy Register Gum 500 Ml Tag Hard Broom Soft Broom Push Broom Hand Broom Dari 20 /30 Flyleaf, Cover File, Led Bulb Philips 20 W, Cfl 23W Anchor, Pen Stand Phenol Black, Harpic, Hand Wash Liquid Dettol, Opd Slip Per 1000, In Door Slip Per 1000, Discharge Slip Per 1000, Steplar With Pin Big Size Anchor Wire 2.5 Mm.

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