8 MAY2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector siliguri-west bengal
Ref. No : 15639105
06-05-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : 34.00 Lacs 3400000.00 Sector : Road Work

Supply Of Cat A Spares - Angle Drive, Rotary Shaft Seal

9 MAY2019
Co-operative kolhapur-maharashtra
Ref. No : 15617833
01-05-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Sugar

Supply Of A Equipment - 1. Heavy Duty Special Design Single Shaft Bagasse Bailing Press Machine, 2. New Mud Mixer For Vaccum Filter, No 5. Dismantling Of Existing Mud Mixer Vacuum Filter No. 5 And Re Erection And Commissioning Of Same For Vacuum Filter 3. Sugar Grader 4. Plain Tray Hopper, And Multi Tray Hoppers With Drive Unit. 5. Sugar Belt Bucket Elevator 6. Food Grade Belt Conveyor Suitable To Handle Sugar, 7. 1C/F Machine With Pug Mile And Its Accessories. 8. Pitless Fully Electronic Weigh Bridge 9. Magnetic Separator For Chute, 10.Scrapper For Bagasse Belt Conveyor 11. Soot Blower System For Economiser Of 75 Tph Boiler 12. Trough Type Bagasse Belt Conveyor 13. Auto Duplex Sugar Weighing, Bagging And Automatic Stitching Machine With Conveying System, 14. Second Hand Dg Set, 15. Indoor Type Ht Vacuum Circuit Breaker Bus Coupler 16. Digicon Digital Controller, 17. Batliboi Make Impeller, B Supply Items – 1. Truck Chassis Suitable For Transporting 20 Kl Of Bulk Petroleum Products, 2. Ms Tank And Ms Cabin, 3. High Pressure Cold Water Jet Machine, 4. Tools And Tackles, 5. Three Screw Oil Pumps, 6. Monoblock Pump Sets, 7. Safety Valve, 8. Mill And Other Machinery Spares, 9. Boiler Quality Tiles And Bricks, 10. Ibr Approved Bank Tubes, 11. Dumping Grate, Stroker Links And Pulsating Grate Bars, 12. Refractory Material, 13. Knives, 14. Stationery Flange, 15. Rakes, 16. Idler Roller Assembly, 17. Ms Simplex Sprockets, 18. Transmission Chain And Chain Spares, 19. Ksb Make Boiler Feed Pump Spares, 20. Ksb Make Pump Spares, 21. Spares For Kirloskar Make Pumps, 22. Spares For Psp Make Pump, 23. Spares For Sintech Make Pump 24. Spares For Mather And Platt Make Pump, 25. Spares For Gita Make Pump. 26. Spares For Hp And Lp Dosing Pump, 27. Spares For Stork Make Pump, 28. Spares For Pneumatic Ash Handling System, 29. Spares For Thyseen Krupp Make Kc 30. Spares For Air Compressor, 31. Spares For Atlas Copco Make Air Compressor 32. Gear Box, 33. Spares For Gear Box, 34. Ms Slates, 35. Polymerr Runner, 36. Food Grade Quality Plastic Bucket, 37. Spares For Alfa Laval Make Phe Of Clear Juice Heater, 38. Spares For Energy Tech Make Plough Blade Discharger Of Krupp Make, 39. Abb Make Drive Spares, 40. Spares For Shree Equipment And Control Make Sulphur Burner And Heat Recovery Unit, 41. Thermowell For Steam And Water Piping, 42 . Spares For Micro Bubble Tubular Membrane, 43 . Gm Juice Distribution Valve Body And Wear Plates, 44. Mechanical Seals And Spares 45. Ci Coupling And Rubber Stare Tyres, 46. Skf Make Bearings, 47. Fag Make Bearing, 48. Bearing Sleeves And Pedestals, 49. Ms And Ci Pipes, 50. Ms Fabricated Pipes, 51. Pvc Pipe And Fittings, 52. Ms And Ss Pipe, 53. Frp Pipe And Four Ways, 54. Ss Plate, Flat Bar And Pipe, 55. Pressure And Temperature Gaugem 56. Spares For Pk Make Control Valve, 57. Spares For Dembla Make Control Valve, 58. Spares For Festo Make Control Valve And Silo System. 59. Ms Fabricated Valve, 60. Ci Valves 61. Gm Valves, 62 Ci Butterfly Valve, 63. Ci Strainer, Ball Valves, Sounder Valves And Plate Type Valves, 64. Epdm H Rubber Seat, 65. Gun Metal Ingots, 66. General Hardware Materials, 67. Bailer Twine, 68. Ms Platform Grate, 69. Nut Bolts, 70 Ms And High Tensil Nut Bolts, 71. Jointing Materials, 72. Teadit Make Gland Packing, 73 Klinger / Iimadur Make Gauge Glass, 74. Steel Material. 75. Nickel Screen, 76. Brass Liner And Ss Wire Netting, 77. Rubber Goods, Oil Seals, Bushing, 78. Steam And Water Hose Pipes, 79. V Belts, 80 Tube Cleaning Materials, 81. Decorative And Chemicals Paints, 82. Painting Brush, 8. Oxygen And Acetylene Gas Cylinder, 84. Special Purpose Welding Rods, 85. Ms Welding Rods, 86. Welding Accessories, 87. Anti Seize Compound 88. Oil And Lubricants, 89. Special Purpose Grease, 90. Special Purpose Grease, 91. Rolgard Brand High Temperature Grease, 92. Universal Ep Grease 93. Computer Stationery, 94. Computer Peripherals, 95. Switch Gear Materials, 96. Mds Leagrand / Equivalent Make Electric Material, 97. Copper Carbon Brushes, 98. General Electrical Material, 99. Lt 3 Phase Capacitor Bank, 100 Lt / Control Armoured Aluminium / Copper Cabling, 101. Electric Motor, 102. Fertilisers, 103. Water Soluble Fertilser, 104. Multi Micro And Multi Macro Nutrient Liquid Fertilizer. 105. Tag And Dhencheya Seeds, 106 Pesticides And Wedicides, 107.Liquid Spraying Fertilizer 108. Combi Pack, 109. Agribor Micro Nutrient Fertilizer, 110. Cultures For Preparation Of Humifor Fertilizer, 111. Rock Phosphate, 112. Bullock Carts Spares, 113. Tyre Tube, 114. Bamboo Mats, 115. Chive, 116. Cane Harvesting Knives, 117. Steel And Nylon Wire Rope,, 118. Mango And Babul Wood Cutting, 119. Wooden Yoke Bars And Flat Strips, 120. Lab Apparatus And Chemicals, 121. Imported / India Lime 122. Imported / Indian Sulphur 123.. Ortho Phosphoric Acid, 124. Hydrogen Peroxide, 125. Turnkey Red Oil, Deformar, 126. Commercial Hydrochloric Acid, 127. Defomer For Spary Pond, 128. Washing Soda, 129. Caustic Soda Flex, 130. Biogical Src Micro Nutrient Culture, 131. Subac A And Subac An, 132. Biometric Finger Print Reader, 133. Garden Play Equipment. C Job Works - 1. Remelting And Moulding Of Gun Metal Scrap, 2. Repairing Of Fibrizer Disc Assembly, 3.Profile Cutting Of Ms Plate. 4. Chevron Groove Cutting Of Mill Rollers, 5. Annual Maintenance Contract For Mill Centralized Lubrication System, 6. Overhauling, Servicing And Repairing Of Lubricators, 7. Overhauling, Servicing, Testing And Charging Of Hydraulic Cylinders, 8. Modification Of Existing Pan Discharge Valve Hydraulic Cylinders, 9. Re Boring, Supply And Fitting New Ss, 304 Bush For Mill Head Stock, 10. Fabrication Of Rakes, 11. Machining Of Turn Beam Chair, 12. Dismantling, Shifting, Erection And Commissioning Of Cane Kicker With Drive Motor And Gear Box, 13 Modification, Supply Of New Hubs, Erection And Commissioning Of Cane Chopper Assembly, 14. Increasing The Power Rating Of Elecon Make Drive Gear Box, 15. Overhauling, Servicing And Repairing Of Drive Gear Boxes, 16. Re Tubing Of Oil Coolers, 17. Repairing Of Hydraulic Cap Liner And Ram, 18. Alignment Of Head Stock And Gear Train, 19. Transportation Of Mill Roller And Fibrizer Disk Assembly, 20. Various Civil Construction Work, 21. Cleaning And Painting Of Boiler And Chimneys, 22. Annual Maintenance Contract For Atlas Copco Make Compressor, 23. Dismantling And Re Fitting Of Rear Wall Jacket Plates And Outer, Casing Plates, 24. Providing And Fixing Of Insulation And Aluminium Cladding, 25. Overhauling, Servicing, Calibration And Setting Of Servo Motor, 26. Fabrication, Erection And Commissioning Of Gantry With Traveling Monorail, 27. Dismantling, Checking, Overhauling, Record Keeping, And Fitting Of Existing Gear Box, 28. Reconditioning Of Oliver Filters, 29. Repairing Of Fabricated Right Angle Valve, 30. Dismantling, Fabrication Erection And Commissioning Of Bottom Plates, Clear Juice Coils And Mud Pipe, 31. Modification, Re Alignment, Overhauling, Servicing And Repairing Of Pan Mechanical Circulator Assembly, 32. Hire Charge For Mt Cap, Crane, 33. Overhauling, Servicing And Repairing Of Kpt Make Various Blowers, 34. Conditioning Monitoring Program, Of Various Rotating Equipment, 35. Computerized Dynamic Balancing Of Various Equipment, 36. Dismantling, Fabrication And Erection Of Various Platforms, 37. Dismantling, Erection And Commissioning Of Ms Fabricated Pipes, 38. Dismantling Fabrication And Erection Of Ms Structural Material, And Ms Pipes, 39. Dismantling And Re Erection Of Various Ms Fabricated Valves, 40. Repairing Of Chain Pully Blocks, 41. Checking, Testing And Certification Of Equipment, Pressure, Parts, Vessesls Tools And Tackles, 42 Overhauling, Servicing And Repairing Of Weight And Measurement, 43. Servicing, Testing And Calibration Of Various Types Of Protection Relays, 44. Servicing, Testing And Calibration Of Various Types Of Siemens Make Air Circuit Breakers, 45. Servicing, Testing And Calibration Of Abb Make Indoor Type Ht Gas Circuit Breakers, 46. Servicing, Testing And Calibration Of Various Type Of L And T Make Air Circuit Breakers, 47. Overhauling, Servicing, Testing, Calibration, Tuning And Re Commissioning Of Abb Avr, Unitrol, 48. Overhauling, Calibration And Re Commissioning For Shree Equipment And Controlls Make Auto Ph Control System, 49. Amc For Dg Sets 50. Amc For Siemens Make Vfd, 51. Amc For Air Conditioner And Supply Of New Spares, 52. Filtration Of Transformer Oil, 53 Electric Motor Rewinding 54. Modification In Aluminium Busbar With Flexible Link, 55. Routine Environmental Monitoring Service For Season 2019-20. 56. Amc For Servicing, Calibration And Re Commissioning Of Online Continuous Stack Emission And Effluent Monitoring System, 57. Overhauling, Servicing, Calibration And Re Commissioning Of Eumag Make Electromegnetic Flow Meter, 58. Overhauling Servicing, Calibration And Re Commissioning Manas Make Electromegnetic Flow Meter, 59. Providing And Applying Of A Polyurethane, Coating Chemicals Coating, 60. Overhauling, Servicing And Repairing Of Swel Make Compact Metering Pump, 61. Cleaning Of Coach Make Membranes Of Ultras Filter Unit. 62. Removing Of Filter Media, Cleaning Of Bed And Refitting Of Filter Media, 63. Removing And Transportation Of Sludge, 64. Supply Of Cow Dung And Preparation Of Slurry From Cow Dung, 65. Transportation Of Lime, Lime Khar And Chemical And Preparing Of Lime Nivali. 66. Providing And Fixing Of Reflective Tape For Truck Tractor And Bullock Carts, 67. Preparatio Of Phasco Compost Fertilizer, 68. Annual Service Maintenance Contract For Computers, Printers, Scanners, Ups, Weigh Bridge Electronic Parts Network Accessories And Projector. D Replacement Work 1. Rotary Welded Wedges Bar Screen, 2. Replacement Of C Type Hook Of Juice Heater, 3. Replacement Of Taper Portion Of Pan, 4. Replacement Of Air Heater Tubes, 5. Dismantling Of Existing Fixed Stacker And Installation Of Belt Conveyor For Sugar Bag, 6. Replacement Of Calendria Of Existing Semi Kestner, 7. Replacement Of Top Body Flanges, E Ibr Work Only Labour Work - 1. Replacement Of Main Steam Stop Valve And Nrv Of Tph Boiler, 2. Replacement Of Economiser Coil, 3. Replacement Of Various Ibr Piping Like Dain, Vent, Soot Blower, Of Boiler And Turbine 4. Replacement Of Thermowells 5. Replacement Of Rear Wall Tubes With Bottom Header Stubs 6. Replacement Of Drums To Drum Tubes Of 75 Tph Boiler.

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