29 APR2019
  State Government
State Government hyderabad-telangana
Ref. No : 15567494
4/18/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Power Plant

Implementation Of 31.12 Mwp Grid Tide Solar Rooftop Power Plants For Hmws And Sb At Various Locations Of Pump Houses, Reserviors And Stp

24 APR2019
corporations/Associations/Others kathua-jammu and kashmir
Ref. No : 15568778
4/18/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap - Manual Parabolic Dish Antenna Etc, 30 Meter Self Supporting, Solar Photo Voltaic Charge System., Lead Acid Battery Banks Make Gnb 24 V, Power Supply Unit 24V, 25Amp.

25 APR2019
corporations/Associations/Others mandi (hp)-himachal pradesh
Ref. No : 15568952
4/18/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap - Power Supply Unit 24V/25A, Lead Acid Batteries Cells, Each Cell 2 Volt, Tvro Rf Cable, Solar Panel Modules, Self Suported Mast 30, Regional Switching Control Unit

22 APR2019
corporations/Associations/Others lucknow-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 15569375
4/18/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 39.12 Lacs 3912127.00 Sector : Power Plant

Supply Of Remaining Material - Isi Ppc Cement, Coasre Sand, Stone Ballast, Fine Sand, Bitumen 85/25, First Class Bricks, Stone Gritt Nominal Size 12-20Mm, Tmt Tor Steel Bars Of Varios Dia, Dpc Compound, Cement Primer Of Brand Burger, J&N, Asian Paint Or Shalimaar, Oil Bound Distemper Of Brand Burger, J&N, Asian Paint Or Shalimaar, Snowcem, White Cement Of Brand Birla, Jk, Steel, Wood Primer, Enamel Paint, Steel Work In Built Up Tubular Round, Square Or Rectangular Hollow Tubes Etc. Trusses Etc, High Impact Polypropylene Reinforced Cement 6 Mm Thick Corrugated Sheets, Glass Strips In Joints Of Terrazo/ Cement Concrete Floors A 40 Mm Wide And 4 Mm Thick., Mild Steel Or Iron Work Of Small Sizes And Sections Such As Holding Down Bolts, Hold Fast Tierods, Gratings Etc.Door/Windows/Angel Iron Door Chaukhats., Ball Bearing For Rollong Shutters., Glass Panes With Atul Or Equivalent Isi Marked Quality Putty, Brads, And Spriings Complete Including Cost Of Materials, Etc. : 3.8 To 4.7 Mm Thick, Isi Marked Oxidised M.S. Sliding Door Bolts With Nuts And Screws Etc. Complete : 250X16 Mm., Isi Marked Oxidised M.S. Tower Bolt Black Finish, Barrel Type With Necessary Screws Etc. Complete : A 200 Mm X 10Mm, Isi Marked Oxidised M.S. Handles Conforming To Is:4992 With Necessary Screws Etc. Complete : 125 Mm, Bright Finished Brass Hanging Type Floor Door Stopper With Necessary Screws, Etc. Complete., 200Mm Dia Plain Rigid Pvc Casing Pipe, 10 Kg./Sqcm Pressure Rating And Accessories., 150Mm Dia Plain Rigid Pvc Slotted Pipe And Accessories., Nylon Jali Around The Slotted Pipes Complete As Required., Coarse Sand/Pea Gravel Around The Pipe., 100Mm Dia Johnson Screen., 3 H.P. A.C. Solar Submersible Pump With Control Panel, Support Wire Etc. Complete., 3 Core 2.5 Sqmm Pvc Insulated Copper Conductor Submersible Cable. From Pump Panel To Submersible Pump, 50 Mm Dia G.I. Pipe Complete With Fitting And Clamps Including Cutting And Making Good The Wall Etc. From Submersible Pump To Ground Level, 50 Mm Dia G.I. Pipe Complete With Fitting And Clamps Including Cutting And Making Good The Wall Etc. From Submersible Pump To Ground Level, Tube Well Accessories I.E. Well Cap, Clips, Clamps, Etc. To Complete The Job In All Respect., 10 K.L.Tank On Terrace Dsr-18.48/1.04, Wiring Points For Light With 1 Sqmm.Fr Pvc Insulated Multistrand Single Core Copper Condutor Cable In Pvc Conduit Pipe Partly Concealed In Wall And Partly Laid In Slab Along With The Reinforcement Before Concreting, Complete With 1.5 Sqmm.Fr Pvc Insulated Multistrand Copper Conductor Cable As Earth Continuity Wire And Piano Type Switch Etc. Complete In All Respects., Recess/Surface/Pendent Mounting Round 10 To 15 Watt Led Down Lighter Having Powder Coated Die Cast Aluminium Coated Housing With Heat Sink Difuser/Reflector And Driver Set Complete In All Respect. Cat-A, Brass Nickle Plated Compression Gland For Pvc Insulated & Armoured Served Sheathed, Underground Cable Including Rubber Ring Etc. Complete In All Respects. The Armouring Of The Cable Shall Be Properly Connected With The Earth As Per Direction 10 Sqmm 4 Core, Palm / Pin Type Copper Tin Plated Cables Sockets Lugs To The Cable Leads, Insuslating With Tape And Making Of Connections Etc. Complete In All Respects As Per Direction Of Engineer-Incharge. 10 Sq.Mm, Led Tube Light With Batten Suitable For Up To 1X22 Watt Led Tube Light Fitting Including Tube On Suraface Complete In All Respect. Cat-Aaa A 1X22 Watt, Supply And Fixing Of 6 Amp To 32 Amp Dp Mcb10kac Curve 25 Amp. Dp Mcb10ka C Curve-Cat. A, Recess Distribution Board Of All Sizes Including Cutting Of Brick Work Providing Lintel Of Suitable Size & Thickness Plastering Etc. With All Materials, Labours, T & P Etc. Required For Proper Completion Of Work. 480X480x200 Mm. Size, Factory Fabricated M.S. Box In Existing Sunk With Godrej Type Almirah Cover With Handle Etc. Fabricated From 18 Swg M.S. Sheet Duly Painted With Red Oxide Primer Followed By Two Coats Of Synthetic Enamel Paint Complete With Necessary Conduit Entry And Dp/Tpn; Fixing Arrangement And Provision For Compartment For Loose Wires, Openable Housing On The Top And Hold Fast Etc. Including All Material, Labour And T & P Etc. Required For Proper Completion Of The Work. 480X480x200 Mm. Size, Flush/Surface Mounting Distribution Boards With Additional Metal Door Without Mcb Complete In All Respects. 8Way Spn Cat. A, Aluminium Conducter, Pvc Insulated Armoured, Served, Sheeted Cable 1000 Bolts Grade At A Depth Of 750Mm Below Ground Level Over A Cushion Of 75Mm Thick Sand Alround And Protected With Burnt Bricks On Sides And Top On Surface, The Cable Run Shall Be Fixed On M.S. Clamps Etc. Of Suitable Size. Or As Directed By The Engineer-Incharge, Complete In All Respect. The Armouring Of The Cable Shall Be Properly Connected With The Earth Conductor By Clamps Etc. 10 Sqmm 2 Coresingle Wall Bracket On Matching M.D.F.E.G. Board Base Etc. Complete In All Required., Fancy Type Round Ceiling Fitting Made Of Polycarbonate For And With 1X 15/18 Watt Cfl Complete In All Respects., Flush/Surface Mounting Distribution Boards With Additional Metal Door Without Mcb Complete In All Respects. 12Way Spn Cat. A, Power Plug With 15A/250 V Flush Type Switch And 3 Pin 15 A/250V Flush Type Socket In Suitable M.S. Box Of 175Mmx100x50mm Size Switch Bakellite Sheet Cover 3Mm Thick Fixed With Brass Machine Screws And Cup Washer., Ceiling Fan And Regulator For Room Height Upto 3.5Mts. Including 3Mm Thick G.I. Down Rod 19Mm Dia Duly Painted, Complete In All Respects., Exhaust Fan On The Exhisting Hole With Suitable Size Of Rag Bolts Nuts And Washers Etc. Complete In All Respects., 16 Gauge M.S.Drum Duly Painted Including Making Hole In The Wall For Exhaust Fan And Finishing Properly Etc. Complete As Required., Hexagonal Fan Box With Hexagonal Side, Ac 1200Mm Sweep, 230/250 Volts, 50 Hz Ceilling Fan With Regulater Standar Down Rod, Blades Including Connection Etc. Complete As Required -Make: Usha Cat No.Sonata Max, Ac 230/250 Volts, 50 Hz Exhaust Fans Including Providing Nuts, Bolts, Mounting Frame And Other Accessories Including Connections Etc. Complete As Required-Make: Usha Cat No. Turbo Jet Dlx 300Mm Sweep., G.I. Pipes Complete With G.I. Fittings & Clamps Including Cutting & Making Good The Walls Etc. Internal Work Exposed On Wall A 25Mm Dia Nominal Bore Medium Duty, Concealed Pipe Including Painting With Anticorrosive Bitumatic Paint, Cutting Chases And Making Good The Wall. B 15Mm Dia Nominal Bore, C 20Mm Dia Nominal Bore, Painting G.I. Pipes And Fittings With Synthetic Enamel White Paint Over A Ready Mixed Priming Coat, Both Of Approved Quality For New Work. A 15Mm Dia Nominal Bore., B 20Mm Dia Nominal Bore., C 25Mm Dia Nominal Bore., Gun Metal Gate Valve With Wheel Of Approved Quality. A 20Mm Dia Nominal Bore, A 25Mm Dia Nominal Bore, A 32Mm Dia Nominal Bore, Brass Stop Cock Of Approved Quality. A 15 Mm Nominal Bore, White Vitreous China Orissa Pattern W.C. Pan Of Size 580X440 Mm With Integral Type Foot Rests, Same As Above But For European Type W.C. Pan With White Plastic Seat And Lid.Make- Cera, Hindware., White Vitreous China Flat Back Wash Basin Size 550X 400 Mm With Single 15 Mm C.P. Brass Pillar Tappillar Tap., Flexible P.V.C. Waste Pipe For Sink Or Wash Basin Including Pvc Waste Fittings Complete. Felxible Pipe A 32Mm Dia, B 40Mm Dia, Soil, Waste And Vent Pipes. A 100Mm Dia Centrifugally Cast Iron S & S Pipe., B 75Mm Dia Centrifugally Cast Iron S & S Pipe., Lead Caulked Joints To Sand Cast Iron/Centrifugally Cast Spun Iron Pipes & Fitting Of Diameters. A 100Mm, B 75Mm, M.S. Holder Bat Clamps Of Approved Design To Sand Cast Iron/Centrifugally Cast Spun Iron S & S Pipe Embeded In & Including Cement Concrete Blocks 10X10x10cm. Of 1:2:4 Mix 1 Cement : 2 Coarse : 4 Graded Stone Aggregate 20Mm Nominal Size. Including Cost Of Cutting Holes & Making Good The Walls Etc. A For 100Mm Dia Pipe., B For 75Mm Dia Pipe., Cast Iron Trap Of Self Cleansing Design With Or Without Ventarm Complete, Including Cost Of Cutting & Making Good The Walls & Floors. A 100Mm Inlet & 75Mm Outlet., Cast Iron Coller. A 100Mm Dia., B 75Mm Dia., Plain Cast Iron S & S Sanitary Bend. A 100Mm, B 75Mm, Bend Of Required Degree With Access Door, Insertion Rubber Washer 3Mm Thick, Bolts And Nuts Complete. A 100Mm, B 75Mm, Centrifugaly Cast Iron Single Equal Plain Junction Of Required Degree. A 100X100x100mm, B 75X75x75mm, Rigid Pvc Rain Water Pipes Conforming To Is : 13592 Type A Including Jointing With Seal Ring Conforming To Is : 5382 Leaving 10 Mm Gap For Thermal Expansion . I Single Socketed Pipes. A 110Mm Diameter, Unplasticised -Pvc Pipe Clips Of Approved Design To Unplasticised - Pvc Rain Water Pipes By Means Of 50X50x50mm Hard Wood Plugs, Screwed With M.S. Screws Of Required Length Including Cutting Brick Work And Fixing In Cement Mortar 1:4 1 Cement : 4 Coarse Sand And Making Good The Wall Etc. Complete. A 110Mm, Inlet Mouth Of Rain Water Pipe Cast Iron Grating 15 Cm Diameter And Weighing Not Less Than 440 Grams., 45 Cm Long Unplasticised Pvc Connection Pipe With Brass Unions. A 15Mm Nominal Bore, Cp Brass Bib Cock Of Approved Quality Conforming To Is 8931 A 15Mm Nominal Bore.

30 APR2019
corporations/Associations/Others thiruvananthapuram-kerala
Ref. No : 15563906
4/17/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 50.00 Lacs 5000000.00 Sector : Electronics

Rate Contract On Per Watt Basis For The Supply Of Installation Material And Installation Work For Solar Power Plants

22 APR2019
  State Government
State Government bhopal-madhya pradesh
Ref. No : 15565144
4/17/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 1.48 Lacs 148990.00 Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply And Installation Of Mild Steel Base Solar Power Tree At Iiser

2 MAY2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector itanagar-arunachal pradesh
Ref. No : 15554944
4/15/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 14.34 Lacs 1434300.00 Sector : Security Services

Providing And Installation Of 05 Kwp Solar Power Plant At Tadadege Bop 20 Th Bn Itbp

20 APR2019
  Central Government / Public Sector
Central Government / Public Sector new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 15548006
4/13/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 20.42 Lacs 2042422.00 Sector : Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels

Construction Of 20Kw Solar Power System At Bijwasan Terminal Road

1 MAY2019
  State Government
State Government hyderabad-andhra pradesh
Ref. No : 15550508
4/13/2019 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Power Plant

Procurement Of Flexible, Schedulable Power On Long-Term Basis I.E. 25 Years, From Wind-Solar Hybrid Project With Energy Storage Technologies For Contracted Capacity Of 600 Mw With Supply Of 8.64 Mu Per Day

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