2 SEP2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector patiala-punjab
Ref. No : 16388296
28-08-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Injection Ondansetron

9 SEP2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector thiruvananthapuram-kerala
Ref. No : 16333693
21-08-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Supply Of Pharmaceutical And Surgical Products - Atracurium Besylate 10Mg/Ml, Atropine Sulphate 600Mcg/Ml, Atropine Sulphate 1Mg/Ml, Bupivocaine Hcl 0.5%, Bupivocaine Heavy 20M/4Ml, Dobutamine 250Mg/20Ml, Dopamine Hcl 40Mg/Ml, Etamidate 2Mg/Ml Injection, Halothane Vials, Isoflutone Vials, Lignocaine Hydrochloride 2% Remicaine, Lignocaine Hydrochloride 1% Remicard, Phenylephine 10Mg/Ml, Propafol Injection 10Mg/Ml 1%, Suxamethonium Chloride 50Mg/Ml, Vecuranium 10Mg/Ml Injection, Neosligmine 2.5Mg/Ml, Paracetamol 500Mg Tablets, Paracetamol 10Mg/Ml Injections, Paracetamol 125Mg Suppositories, Paracetamol 250Mg Suppositories, Voltaren 50Mg Supps Novartis, Metoclopramide 5Mg/Ml Inj, Prochlorperazine 12.5Mg/Ml Inj, Promethazine 25Mg/Ml Inj, Biscodyl 5Mg Tablets, Bismuth Subgallate With 1% Hydracortisone, Glycerine Suppositories Paed, Glycerine Suppositories Adults, Magnesium Triscillate Tablets, Magnesium Triscillate Suspension, Omeprazole 20Mg Tabs, Ranilidine 150Mg Injections, Ranilidine 150Mg Tabs, Esomerprazole 40Mg Inj, Ondansetrom 8Mg/4Ml Inj Generic, Ondansetron/ Zofron 8Mg Tablets, Allapurinal 100Mg Tablets, Colchicine Tablets, Indomethacin 100Mg Suppositories, Diclofenac 50Mg Suppositories, Cardio Aspirin, Celecoxib 100Mg, Naproxen 250Mg, Ibuprofen 50Mg/5Ml Suspension, Ampicillin 500Mg Inj, Benzylpencillin 5Mega, Cettriaxone 250Mg Injection, Gentamycin Inj 40Mg/Ml, Chloramphenical 1G Injection, Cloxacilin 1000Mg Inj, Cloxacilin 500Mg Inj, Eriapenem 1G Inj, Ganciclovir 500Mg, Clindamycin 600Mg/4Ml Inj, Amphotericin 50Mg Inj, Lubricating Jelly Kj Jelly Tube, Amikocin500mg Inj, Meropenem/ Meronem 500Mg, Meropenem 1G Injection, Imipenem + Clastatin 500Mg, Cetolaxime 1G Inj, Pipracine/Tazobactum, 4.5Mg Injection Vancomycin 500Mg Inj, 3/0 Monocryl On Cutting 17-19Mm, 4/0 Monocryl On Cutting 16Mm, 3/0 Monocryl On Cutting 30Mm, 4/0 Monocryl On Cutting 30Mm, 5/0 Monocryl On 12-13Mm Cutting

28 AUG2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector jalpaiguri-west bengal
Ref. No : 16326172
21-08-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Domperidone 10 Mg Tablet In Strip

16 AUG2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector mughalsarai-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 16227847
07-08-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Tablet Ondansetron 8 Mg In Al/Blister Pack

19 AUG2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector ahmedabad-gujarat
Ref. No : 16159211
30-07-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Tablet Ondansetron 4 Mg

12 AUG2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector perambalur-tamil nadu
Ref. No : 16102373
23-07-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Ondansetron 8 Mg Unit:Tablet

22 JUL2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector bhopal-madhya pradesh
Ref. No : 16012379
11-07-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Injection Ondansetron 2 Mg Per Ml 2 Ml

16 JUL2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector kapurthala-punjab
Ref. No : 15959006
03-07-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Ondansetron 2 Mg /Ml In 2Ml Ampoule For Injection

11 JUL2019
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector chennai-tamil nadu
Ref. No : 15863012
20-06-2019 00:00:00 Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Shipping Transport

Supply Of 265 Items Of Generic Medicines - Acarbose Tab/Cap 50Mg Acenocoumarol Tab/Cap 1 Mg Alprazolam Tab/Cap 0.25Mg Alprazolam Tab/Cap 0.5Mg Ambroxol Hcl Tab/Cap 30 Mg Amikacin Inj 500Mg Amiloride 40Mg & Frusemide 5Mg Tab/Cap Amiodarone Tab/Cap 200Mg Amitryptyline 25Mg +Chlordiazepoxide 10Mg Tab/Cap Amitryptylline Tab/Cap 10Mg Amitryptyline Tab/Cap 25Mg Amlodipine Tab/Cap 5Mg Amox + Clavanic Tab/Cap 625Mg 500+125Mg Amoxycillin Cap 250Mg Antacid Gel With Simithicone 170- 200Ml Anti Rabies Vaccine Inj 2.5 Iu / 0.5 Ml Aspirin Tab/Cap 75 Mg B1 + B6 + B12 2 To 3 Ml 1000 Mcg. Inj Baclofen Tab/Cap 10Mg Betahistine Tab 8 Mg Bisacodyl Tab/Cap 5Mg Camphor, Eucalyptol, Menthol & Terpineol Inhaler Capsules 25+125+55+120Mg Carvedilol Tab/Cap 12.5Mg Carvedilol Tab 6.25 Mg Cefdinir Cap/Tab 300 Mg Cefoperazone + Sulbactum Inj 1 Gm Vial Cefotaxime Injection 1Gm Ceftriaxone Injection 1Gm Cefexime Tab/Cap 200Mg Chloroquine- Tab/Cap250mg Chymotrypsin Tab 100000 Iu Cinnarizine Tab 25Mg Ciprofloxacin Eye Drops 5Ml 0.3% W/V Ciprofloxacin Infusion 200Mg 100Ml Clobetasol Cream 0.5 W/W 15Gm Tube Clonazepam Tab/Cap 0.5 Mg Clopidogrel 75Mg +Asprin 75Mg Tab/Cap Clotrimazole Oint 1% 15Gm Tube Cough Expectorant Syrup Cough Sedative Syrup 100 Ml Diclo +Chlorzoxazone + Paracetamol Tab /Cap 50 Mg Diclofenac Injection 25Mg Digoxin Tab 0.25 Mg. Diltiazem 90Mg– Tab/Cap Diosmin / Synthetic Diosmin / Flavanoids Tab/Cap 500Mg Disulfiram Tab/Cap 250Mg Domperidone 10Mg + Paracetamol 325Mg Tab/Cap Domperidone Tab/Cap 10 Mg Dothiepin Tab/Cap 25 Mg Doxycycline Tab/Cap 100 Mg Enalapril Tab/Cap 5Mg Ethamsylate Injection 125 Mg / 2 Ml Ethambutol Tab/Cap 800Mg. Flavoxate Tab/Cap 200Mg Fluconazole Cap 150Mg Furosemide Injection 40Mg/2Ml Furosemide Tab/Cap 40Mg Glimepride Tab/Cap 2Mg Mucolytic Cough Preparations Syrup 100Ml Haloperidol Injection 5Mg / Ml L-Ornitine L-Aspartate 5Gms / 10Ml Inj Hydroquinone 2% W/W Cream 25 Gms Tube Pack Hyoscine Butyl Bromide Injection 20Mg Hyoscine Butyl Bromide Tab/Cap 10Mg I.V.Fluids Dextrose With Normal Saline 5% - 500Ml - Plastic Bottle I.V.Fluids Electrolytes E - 500Mlplastic Bottle I.V.Fluids Normal Saline 0.9% - 500Ml-Plastic Bottle I.V.Fluids Ringer Lactate - 500Ml - Plastic Bottle Ibuprofen 400Mg+Paracetamol 325Mg Tab/Cap Indapamide Tab/Cap 2.5Mg Indapamide Sr Tab/Cap 1.5Mg Ispaghulla Powder 65% W/W - 100Gm Pack Isoniazid Tab/Cap 300Mg Itopride Tab/Cap 50Mg Itraconazole Tab/Cap 100Mg Lactobacillus Spores + B-Complex Tab/Cap Lactulose Syrup 100Ml 667Mg/Ml Lignocaine Injection 30Ml 2% Lignocaine Injection 50Ml 4% L-Ornitine L Aspartate + Pancreatine Tab/Cap 150Mg+100Mg Mebendazole Tab/Cap 100Mg. Methyl Salicylate, Oleresin, Capsicum, Diclofenac Sodium Oint 30Gms Metformin Tab/Cap 500Mg Methotrexate 2.5Mg - Tab/Cap Methoxsalen Tab/Cap 10Mg Methylcobalamin Amp Inj. 500 Mg / 1 Ml Metoprolol Succinate Tab/Cap 25Mg Metronidazole I V Injectionpoly 100Ml Montelukast Sodium Tab 10Mg Mupirocin Oint 5Gm Oint 2% W/W Nicorandil Tab/Cap 5Mg Nifidepin Cap 20Mg Retard Nifidepin Tab 10Mg Retard Nitrazepam Tab/Cap 10Mg Nitroglycerine Cap 2.5Mg Norfloxacin W/V - 5Ml Pack Eye/Ear Drops Olanzepine Tab/Cap 10Mg Olanzepine - Tab/Cap 2.5Mg Olanzepine Tab/Cap 5Mg Omega -3 Fatty Acids Cap Ondansetron Inj.4 Mg/2Ml Orciprenaline Tab/Cap 10Mg Paracetamol Injection 150Mg Paracetamol Tab/Cap 500Mg Pentathol Sodium Injection 1Gm Pentoxifyllin Tab/Cap 400Mg Phenytoin Tab /Cap 100 Mg Piracetam Tab / Cap 400 Mg. Piroxicam Disperable Tab/Cap 20 Mg. Polyvinyl Alcohol Drops Povidone Iodine Oint 5%.W/V. 15G Povidone Iodine Sol 5% V/V 500Ml Bot Prazosin Xl Tab/Cap 2.5Mg Prednisolone Tab/Cap 5Mg. Prima Quine Tab/Cap 7.5Mg Propranalol Tab/Cap 10 Mg Propranalol Tab/Cap 40 Mg. Pyrazinamide Tab/Cap 750Mg Rifampicin Cap 450Mg Risperidone Tab/Cap 2 Mg. Salbutamol P Dpi 200Mcg Dry Powder Inhaler Salbutamol Mdi 100 Mcg Metered Doses Inhaler Serratiopeptidase Cap/Tab 10 Mg Silver Sulfadiazine Oint1% W/W 10Gms Sodium Valproate Syr 200 Mg/100Ml Sodium Valproate Tab/Cap 500 Mg Chrono Sucralfate Syr 200Ml Tetanus Vaccine Injection 0.5Ml Theophyllin + Etophylline Inj 169.4+50.6Mg/2Ml Amp Thyroxine Tab 100 Mcg Tramadol Injection 50Mg - 2Ml Pack Tranexamic Acid Inj 500Mg/5Ml. Tropicamide Drops 0.01% Urea With Lactic Acid Combinations Moisturising Cream 25Gms Pack Ursodeoxycholic Acid Tab 150Mg Water For Injection 5Ml Bisoprolol 5Mg Tab/Cap Carnitine 330Mg Tab/Cap Cefuroxime Inj 1.5Gm Topiramate 25Mg Tab/Cap Topiramate 50Mg Tab/Cap Sensorcaine 0.5 % 20Ml Injection Methylcobalamin Forte Tab/Cap 1500 Mcg Haematinic Preparations With Zinc Combination Tab/Cap Ferrous Fumerate 300Mg Minimum With Folic Acid 1.5Mg Atorvastatin Tab 20 Mg. Anal Ointment With Steroids Ointment 20Gms Metoprolol 50 Mg Tab/Cap Aceclofenac Tab 100 Mg Betamethasone Dipropionate 0.05% With Moisturising Cream 20 Gms Nebivolol Tab/Cap 5 Mg. Bethahistine Tab/Cap 16Mg Prednisolone Tab/Cap 10Mg Ab Phyllin 100Mg Tab/Cap Telmisartan 40Mg Tab/Cap Rosuvastatin 5Mg Tab/Cap Pregabalin 75Mg Tab/Cap V. Fluids 0.45% Normal Saline - 500Ml Lorazepam Injection 2Mg/ 2Ml Naproxen Hcl Tab/Cap 250Mg Levocetrizine D1 Hydrochloride 5Mg+ Montelukast 10Mg Tab/Cap Zinc Chloride 1%+ Cetrimide 1% + Tannic Acid 2% Gum Paint 15Ml Pack Betamethasone Dipropionate + Salicylic Acid + Zinc Oxide Oint 15G Pack Carmellose Sodium 0.5% Eye Drops 10Ml Pack Insulin Lispro Injection 100 Iu/Ml 3Ml Penfill Liquid Paraffin 100 Ml Tacrolimus 0.03% Ointment 10Gms Robinirole 0.25Tab/Cap Amantadine Tab/Cap 100Mg Cilostazol Tab/Cap 50Mg Furosemide 20Mg +Spironolactone 50Mg Tab/Cap Sertraline 50Mg Tab/Cap Salazopyrin 500Mg Tab/Cap Cetrizine 5Mg + Ambroxol 10Mg Tab/Cap Calcitriol Tab/Cap 0.25Mcg Methyl Prednisolone Tab/Cap 4Mg Zolpidem Tab/Cap 10Mg Torsemide Tab/Cap 10Mg Sodium Bicarbonate Tab/Cap 500Mg Bromofenac 0.09% Eye Drops 5Ml Olapatadine Hcl 0.1% Eye Drops 5 Ml Chlor Hexidine Liq Mouth Wash 100Ml Torsemide 10Mg + Spironolactone 50Mg Tab/Cap Diltiazem Gel 30Gms Magnesium Citrate 375Mg/5Ml+ Pottasium Citrate 110Mg/5Ml-450Ml Or 500Ml Tobramycin Eye Drops 0.3% 5Ml Moxifloxacin 0.5% + Dexamethasone 0.1% Eye Drops 5Ml Prednisolone Eye Drops 10Ml Moxifloxacin 0.5% Eye Ointment 5 Gms Sodium Chloride 0.65% Nasal Drops 15Ml Wax Solvents Methotrexate 7.5Mg Tab/Cap Bisoprolol 1.25Mg Tab/Cap Sildenafil 25Mg Tab/Cap Colchicine 0.5Mg Tab/Cap Dobutamine 5Ml Inj. 250Mg/Ml Levocarnitine Inj. 1Gm/5Ml Normal Saline Iv 3% 500Ml Inj. Levosalbutamol Sulphate 2.5Mg+Ipratrotium Bromide 500Mg Respules Piracetam Inj. Infusion 200Mg/60Ml Adrenaline Injection Atropine Injection 0.6Mg/Ml Pheniramine Maleate Inj. 2Ml Diazepam Injection 2Ml Dopamine Injection 200Mg/5Ml Drotaverine 20Mg/2Ml Inj. Hydrocortisone Injection 100Mg/Vial Multivitamin Injection 10Ml Styptochrome Injection 2Ml Isolyte M Iv Injection 500Ml Isolyte P Iv Injection 500Ml Citicoline Inj. 2Ml Inj. Methoxy Polyetheylene 50Mg Lapatinib 250Mg Cetrizine D1 Hcl 5Mg + Phenylephrine Hcl 10Mg + Paracetamol 325Mg Tiotropium Bromide 9Mcg Inhaler Tranexamic Acid Tab/ Cap 650 Mg Theophylline 35Mg + Etophylline 115Mg Tab/Cap 150Mg Retard Paracetamol Syrup 250Mg/Ml - 60Ml Pack Clotrimazole +Beclomethasone 1% Ointment 15Gm Per Tube Isosorbide Dinitrate 5Mg Tab/Cap Isophane Regular Monocomponent Human Insulin 40Iu/Ml - 10Ml Vial Biphasic Isophane Human Insulin 30/70 40Iu/Ml - 10Ml Vial Isophane Nph Monocomponent Human Insulin 40Iu/Ml - 10Ml Vial Ribavarin 200Mg Tab / Cap Megestrol 160Mg Tab / Cap Interferon Beta 1A 30Mcg Injection Divalproex Sodium 500Mg Tab/Cap Levodopa100mg+Carbidopa10mg Isophane Regular Monocomponent Human Insulin 100Iu/Ml Recombinant Dna Origin 5Ml Vial Isophane Nph Monocomponent Human Insulin 100Iu/Ml Recombinant Dna Origin - 5Ml Vial Dutasteride 0.5Mg Tab / Cap Sildenafil 50Mg Tab/Cap Donepezil 10Mg Tab/Cap Mometasone Furoate Lotion 30Ml 0.1% W/V 15Ml Gliclazide Xr 60 Tab/Cap Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose 0.3% Oph Solution 2Ml Mirtazepine 7.5Mg Tab/Cap Mirtazepine 30Mg Tab/Cap Rifaximine 400Mg Tab/Cap Nitrofurantoin 100Mg Tab/Cap Brimonidine Tartarate 1.5Mg/Ml With Timolol Maleate Eye Drops 5Mg/ 5Ml Drops Amisulpuride 100Mg Tab/Cap Aripiprazole 5Mg Tab/Cap Tramadol 37.5Mg + Paracetamol 325Mg Tab/Cap Divalproex Sodium 250Mg Tab/Cap Salicylic Acid 16.7% + Lactic Acid 16.7% W/V Paint 10Ml Hydroquinone, Tretinoin And Flucinolone Acetonide Cream 15Gms Omeprazole 20Mg+Tinidazole 500Mg+Amoxcillin 750Mg Tab/Cap Sodium Valproate + Valproic Acid 500Mg Tab/Cap Sustained Release / Chrono Quetiapine Fumarate 25Mg Tab/Cap Quetiapine Fumarate 100Mg Tab/Cap Darifenacin 7.5Mg Tab/Cap Ketorolac 0.5% +Moxifloxacin 0.5% W/V Eye Drops 5Ml Desvenlafaxine 100Mg Tab/Cap Desvenlafaxine 50Mg Tab/Cap Eplerenone 25Mg Tab/Cap Ranolazine 500Mg Tab/Cap Prasugrel 10Mg Tab/Cap Pancreatin 10000 Units Tab/Cap Pancreatin 25000 Units Tab/Cap Indacaterol 110Mcg + Glycopyrrolate 50Mcg Inh Pioglitazone 15Mg Tab/Cap Bosentan 125Mg Tab/Cap Artesunate Inj. 60 Mg Alfuzosin 10Mg Tab/Cap

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